Monday, 22 September 2014

Affer the success of the iconic Amethyst , Lalique is launching Amethyst Éclat

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to be invited by Lalique to the presentation of their new perfumes.
First of all  I have to say that the boutique in Talstrasse, Zurich is amazing! If you like me are a fan of interior decorating you will love the place , as it is superbly decorated throughout!

Amethyst and the new Amethyst Éclat

I had the pleasure to meet Ms. Barret, communications manager of Art & Fragrance for Lalique who kindly took the time to show me around the boutique and told me all about the new products!
The first exciting news is coming in the perfumes, after the enormous success of Amethyst  since its launch in 2007 , which has become a true iconic perfume now Lalique is launching Amethyst Éclat.
Both the fragrance and the bottle were inspired by the "Épines" bathroom accessory collection created in 1913 by Renè Lalique.
So seven years after the launch of Amethyst the saga goes on with Amethyst Éclat, seven certainly being a magic number, like the seven wonders of the world, the seven colors of the rainbow or the seven capital sins.
In Amethyst Éclat the Peony takes centre stage, it is in full blossom, radiant and majestic, in China is the queen flower, symbol of wealth, prestige and love.
Amethyst Éclat sparkles with the pure, bright, exhilarating scent of peony.
Nathalie Lorson who authored both Amethyst and Amethyst Éclat explained that she plucked the radiant peony from a luscious garden to light up the new fragrance and that rasperry, blackcurrant and blackberry run like a red thread.
This vibrant peony is softened by lemony accents of magnolia and rosebuds, with a final touch of violet.
Violet thanks to its powdery fragrance lends its facets to rose and raspberry and binds the fruity floral accords to the sensuality of the wood, vanilla and musk.  I had chance to try the perfume and I loved it from the start, it is really a sophisticated perfume and nevertheless the bottle is absolutely gorgeous! Elegant peonies are added to the signature silver hot-stamping for the 50 and 100 ml when in the 30 ml  the small cubic bottle is made precious by the motifs engraved on the silver metal plaque that crowns the top of the cap.
For me Amethyst Éclat is already a must have for Fall!

The  gorgeous  bottle of the new Amethyst Éclat

Amethyst Éclat 30 ml bottle

While at the boutique I had the oppurtunity to discover some of the other wonderful Lalique's Perfumes such as L'Amour de Lalique and Lalique for Bentley. L 'Amour de Lalique has a gorgeous trinket edition which looks so pretty and would make a wonderful gift.

L'Amour de Lalique

Lalique for Bentley

I also had the privilege to see Lalique Limited Edition crystal perfum bottle for 2015 and it is from the work of René Lalique that Lalique has drawn motifs inspired by the gracefulness of birds..While the original bottle features tiny rosemary leaves the 2015 edition is adorned with a lavish plumage which covers the body and softly rounded shoulders of the bottle.
The bottle's shape , reminiscent of the curved silhouette of turtledoves, is echoed in the stopper's motif. Two of these birds which stands for constancy and harmony since they mate for life, adorn the heart of a rosette formed delicately ribbed palm leaves.
As a final touch to this handcrafted piece the baudruchage seal and gold thread are added to the signed and numbered bottle.

Lalique Limited Edition
 Crystal Perfume Bottle 2015

All in all it was great to be able to see and try out  the new perfumes before their release in October and also to be shown by Lalique's Perfume creator how the ingredients of new Amethyst Éclat were put together.  I was also shown the new candles and home perfumes but I will talk about them on a separate post as there are so many amazing things to tell you about.
Thanks so much Lalique for the great day, and for my lovely gift bag! I was thrilled to find the new Amethyst Éclat inside.. Feeling so spoiled!


  1. It must smell so good!


  2. Hi Jeanne!
    It really does!It is fab!