Monday, 8 September 2014

Lalique new fine jewellery collection Soleil de Gaïa- Sun of Gaïa

Already born by the galvanizing power of water, fire and air Lalique continues its poetic odissey and opens a new chapter to pay tribute to the fourth element: Earth.
Gaïa the symbol Mother Earth is the goddess of this new collection.
Arising from chaos, Gaïa gave birth to the night, the day , the star-studded sky, the mountains, the sea.
Bearing the energy of the four elements and all wisdom, Universal Mother inspired from knowledge, she accompanies harmony and magnificence.
The Sun of Gaïa line celebrates the sun and simultaneously pays tribute to nature and woman, majour sources of inspiration for Lalique.
Here some of the pieces of the Gaïa and Sun of Gaïa collection.