Saturday, 20 September 2014

When Philosophy of life meets Philosophy of Art

Jeanrichard is partnering with Gully, the well known street artist and the result of this is an exhibition called "Philosophy of Life" at Opera Gallery in Paris which opened on September 18th until October 11th 2014.
Three watches have been unveiled blending the work between time and art.
The opening featuring the "Graphiscope" special collection made up of three limited edition pieces, based on Jeanrichard's Terrascope combined with the work of the artist.
"We wanted to leave Gully total freedom of expressing himself artistically, and what we see at the Opera Gallery, is the interpretation of his creation". Said Bruno Grande, Managing Director of Jeanrichard.
Note on September 20th 2014 a Treasure Hunt will be held in the Parisian Capital in order to win an original piece of art by Gully and a Jeanrichard Terrascope ! Good Luck!

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