Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Impossible to find the right shade of foundation? No more thanks to Covergirl

I think the wish of a flawless and radiant skin is a universal wish between women all over the world. Thanks to the right make up foundation redness, imperfections and dark circles can all be hidden.
However sometimes  it is hard to know which foundation to get for your skin, as Covergirl Sofia Vergara confirms: " As a Latina Girl, I find it really difficult to find a foundation that matches my skintone, but now I am amazed by the new shades of Trublend make up ".
To satisfy women all over the world Covergirl has created the new collection of Liquid Make Up Trublend.
Available in 7 shades it will adapt perfectly to your skintone creating a perfect harmony with your skin.
The numeric system makes it quite easy to find your ideal shade of make up.
First determine your shade family then choose your number, you can then coordinate other Trublend products.
Covergirl Sofia Vergara shares with us the secret that she always tries foundation on her neck, she applies a few different shades and just see which one blends in with her skin tone perfectly.
You can also test in on the top of your hand, I personally always have done it that way and has always worked out well.
I went for l6 Buff Beige.
I like the new packaging, with the pump as it distributes just the right amount of product, that can be blended with hands or with a brush.

To finish off the look we all know how important a good concealer this is where the new Trublend Fixstick Concealers come handy. Available in three shades they go to complement the liquid make up for a flawless look.
Very easy to apply they help hiding dark circles, pores and imperfections in general. I love this concealer as I personally love the pen shape, so handy, I carry it in my handbag for quick touch-ups!
I went for l5-7 light.

The new collection Trublend is available  from mid-September in Switzerland exclusively at Migros otherwise more info on

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