Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Operation new skin after the holidays thanks to Sisley!

Going back to "normal life" after Summer and holidays can be hard..for this reason Sisley has a plan and is here to make this easier and much more enjoyable.
After the holidays you are left with tanned skin but is really important to exfoliate to avoid peeling. Face is also in need of a deep clean and possibly a de-tox after the holidays.

For this reason is operation new skin all the way thanks to these fab products:

Sisley Foaming Exfoliant for the body

This foaming exfoliant combines the benefits of essentials oils, botanical extracts and microbeds that provide gentle yet effective exfoliation. It really helps improving the appearance of skin.
It cleanses gently getting rid of dead cells, as well as stimulating, toning, refining and leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Sisley Botanical D-tox, detoxifying night treatment

This is an intensive month long detoxifying night treatment which is perfect at this time of the year.
It is designed to renergize skin cells and eliminate toxins during the night, perfect time for cellular regeneration.
At the end of the treatment, complexion is left brighter, signs of fatique are reduced and skin is radiant.

Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask

This mask perfectly cleanses the skin's surface for a quick beauty boost.
Thanks to its highly absorbent power of red and white clays as well as botanical extracts of carrot, red vine and rose hips helps to eliminate impurities that dull the complexion. It really gives a deep-cleanse much needed after the holidays and in just 5 min it gives you radiance and clarity.

..and to help your tan last longer:

Sisley Tinted Body Sun Glow Gel

This tinted Body Sun Glow Gel is ideal to achieve a tanned look in 5 min and also help to keep that holiday look to last a bit longer.
It adapts to all skin tones, and naturally colors the skin while its water-soluble colouring agents and golden pearly particles catch the lights.

Sisley Self-tanning Hydrating Body Skin care

This product beautifies and perfects the skin , giving a natural looking tan and soft, moisturized skin.
It is quickly absorbed and it leaves the skin, soft silky and velvety allowing you to dress quickly.

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