Friday, 5 February 2016

Discover KENZOKI Belle de Jour new Dream Night Mask

If you follow my outfits posts you probably already know that I am a huge fan of Kenzo, so of course when I discovered Kenzo did skincare too I had to try something from the KENZOKI range. This range was created with the purpose to see skincare differently, in a new light.
Cutting edge formulas, plants from Asia, textures, fragrances and colours which give us great sensorial sensations as well as making our skin beautiful.
Skincare which is effective as well as pleasurable? Yes, please!! The line is highly sensorial and brings pure pleasure to the senses.

I have tested the new Belle de Jour Dream Night Mask which combines White Lotus Alchemy with a rare and precious ingredient get ready to wake up to beautiful radiant skin in the morning.
The White Lotus scent is just gorgeous as well as giving a soothing effect on the skin. Lulled by the soft White Lotus scent skin is wonderfully pampered.
Skin gets wrapped up in this divine mask which thanks to its revolutionary texture becomes totally imperceptible on application. Let just say you won't scare your hubby while you have it on as it is truly invisible! For me it is a big plus as we all probably know the feeling of putting on with jokes from our men about our funny beauty treatments right?
The texture is almost snowy, melting of an opalescent pink which quickly become!
The highly concentrated action of this mask works wonder against signs of aging.

Everyday our skin is aggressed by external factors such as pollution, UV rays, harsh weather conditions, which can cause much stress to our skin. These factors can speed up signs of aging. In the night our skin has the oppurtunity to naturally repair but with age or if aggressions are too strong this becomes more difficult.
Belle de Jour Dream Mask helps the skin recover a state of relaxation as well as reinforcing its resistance against external aggressions.
This way skin is moisturized and face looks more relaxed. Wake up to smoother, more luminous and radiant skin.
Just apply a thin layer of the Dream Mask, ideally 2 or 3 times a week before going to bed then leave it on to work overnight. The mask will lull the skin in a wonderful White Lotus bubble and will start the revitalizing action. Face feels comfortable, relaxed and velvety.
Get ready for a dream night!

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