Friday, 26 February 2016

Rêve d'Infini the new feminine fragrance by Lalique

Lalique's new feminine fragrance is a dream. Oh has the fragrance's name tells you a whispered dream, a quest for the Absolute. Rêve d'Infini is an ode to women, endless source of inspiration for René Lalique
The fragrance is placed under the sign of infinity, a symbol which has the shape of an "eight" which was already hinted at by the Art Nouveau scrolls of René Lalique's jewels. With Rêve d'Infini this symbol of eternal feminity is translated into a scent, Infinitely sensuos, Infinity radiant, Infinity Lalique.
If you were looking for a new and beautiful fragrance for Spring you have found it!The fragrance is a true dream, floral, feminine and sophisticated, I just love it!

With Spring I love to change my parfumes, am I the only one who has Winter fragrances and Spring/ Summer fragrances? Well, I think is like a new start, and every season has its own scents and fragrances. 
In Winter I love warm and woody fragrances, in Summer something fresh and light while for Spring I love a beautiful floral scent.
It looks as if I have just found the perfect fragrance for Spring! Even the gorgeous bottle with its light pink colour is so delicate and chic just like the fragrance.
Rêve d'Infini is a true dream, floral, feminine and sophisticated.. Spring now I am ready for you!

Rêve d'Infini is sparkling, sensuos and colourful a fragrance, feminine with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Created by perfumer Richard Ibanez, who carefully selected a refined palette of delicate natural ingredients such as shimmering bergamot, rose-scented lychee and freesia whose fragrance blends the nectar of fruit with the headiness of jasmine which introduces the floral heart of Rêve d'Infini. At the heart of the fragrance feminity blooms with the elegant rose absolute, softened by satiny freshly picked peach and bolstered by forceful cedar wood. The silky dry-down of vanilla, musk and sandalwood guarantee to prolong the subtle harmony of accords which evokes the eternal cycle of life..
The bottle of Rêve d'Infini is truly spectacular and a true jewel, has an Art-deco feeling  and boasts a sleek, elegant, modern design. Also the bottle seems an ode to female beauty, as its soft curves are adorned with a graduated satin finish that evokes both crystal and velvety softness of skin..
Lalique Rêve D'Infini is available as Edp 30 ml, Edp 50 ml and Edp 100 ml.

Rêve d'Infini
is available from
 the end of March 2016
at Lalique Boutique, Zürich

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