Saturday, 13 February 2016

One for the boys

Did you know that every man has his own way of shaving the face and that between 30 and 700 strokes  of the razor are necessary for every shave?
Most of these strokes are mere repetitions performed without the protection of a shaving gel, which can cause irritation of the skin. Gillette knows the specific requirements of shaving and knows that shaving can not be perfect without optimal protection of the skin. The new Gillette ProShield, which protects the skin before and after the blades shields is now available in Switzerland and makes for a great gift for your loved one for tomorrow on Valentine's Day or for Father's Day in a few weeks!
The new Gillette ProShield provides improved protection of the skin against irritation, better glide blades and greater comfort. The blades, the best and sharpest proposed by Gillette  guarantee a precision and incredibly soft shave.
For the best possible shave, the razor also features the FlexballTM revolutionary technology that ensures optimum contact of the blades with the skin, even in difficult areas, this way it virtually gets any hair.

is now available 
at department stores

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