Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentina Poudre by Valentino

Invisible and imperceptible, it gently wraps the body with a romantic and passionate haze for a sensuality and a femininity exacerbated immediately recognizable. Valentina Poudre by Valentino, files a mysterious veil of ethereal notes on the senses.
With Valentina Poudre, Valentino transfers the concept of makeup to perfume, making a fragrance
invisible materialization of the beauty universe of the Maison.  With Valentina Poudre, Valentino invented a new magic art, which is  to dress the skin while leaving it naked. Perfume is not just a fragrance, but a substance that is evanescent. The powder accentuates the natural nudity with signature based on an agreement of terracotta and floral notes creamy iris and tuberose, enhanced by vanilla and sandalwood, which provide an itimate depth to that mysterious quality called feminine charm.
Valentina Poudre is somehow delicate and determined, sensible and impalpable. Its sophistication and
sensuality are also expressed through the bottle design, well-rounded in a subtle shade of
nude - more a feeling than a color - enhanced by a sculptural flower in 3D. Like a second skin, all women dream, it protects and enhances natural skin: a celebration of the invisible and of the corporeal.

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