Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Dr.Hauschka "Comeback" look 2016

Dr. Hauschka celebrates a "comeback" with the Spring/Summer look 2016 restyling some of its beloved products.
Twice a year, Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics offers a look realized with a combination of different products selected from previous  seasons and available as Limited Edition. This year some products of Dr. Hauschka Cosmetics celebrate their big "comeback" and it is a much awaited one for all the Dr.Hauschka fans.

The Spring/Summer 2016 "Comeback" look revives favorite products and  Limited Editions of previous years. The Kajal Eyeliner pencil look 08 "taupe" and its smooth trait, the vivid and bright colors of the eyeshadow Trio palette, the Balancing Complexion Powder that provides a unified and radiant complexion, the rosy  and delicate tones of the Rouge Powder Duo, and the delicate lipstick Novum 08 "Maple glow".

The formulas remained unchanged. They reflect light perfectly and create incomparable shades of colors, in perfect harmony with your complexion. Medicinal plant extracts, oils and waxes maintain the hydration of the skin, while protecting it against external aggressions. The products of the Limited Edition "Comeback"  harmonize perfectly together and create a complete look for eyes, lips and complexion. For a lightweight and balanced result fresh as a spring day.

The look of products "Comeback" will be available from 15th of February 2016 to 15th of August 2016 in selected specialist shops.

Balancing Teint Powder

An even complexion is at the basis of successful makeup. With the compact Balancing Teint Powder  from the 2011 looks "Lavender Dreams" and "Natural Glamour", imperfections disappear and the skin becomes smoother. The skin texture is refined, skin tones are harmonized. The palette comprises of three colors whose shades work with any skin tone. The Balancing Powder Foundation gives skin a velvety feel.

Eyeshadow Trio

The shadows of these palette are of high quality. The Eyeshadow Trio, from the Spring-Summer 2013 look "Dear Eyes" is characterized by its flattering shades in three different textures: glossy, silky and matt. They together create harmonious combinations, which are lively and bright. With its delicate brightness, "sparkling nude" is a great base for the eyelids, but can also be used to make your eyes look bigger. The "pearly pink" silky, shimmering is a real note of freshness to the face, while the "matt chocolate 'gives depth. The three shadows are made of fine silk powder, extracts of kidney vetch, witch hazel and black tea, which take care of the sensitive eye area and give it expressiveness and brilliance.

Kajal Eyeliner 08 "Taupe"

The Kajal Eyeliner 08 "Taupe", from  the spring/ summer 2014  look "Chorus" gives free rein to your imagination. His dark earth tones  put the contours in value, while remaining discrete. The tone emphasizes the eyes, whether blue, green, black or gray. Designed based on vegetable oils and wax, Dr. Hauschka Eyeliner has a high-end composition. Marula oil and canola protect the eye area. The pencil is very soft on application and brings out the character of each form of eye. The integrated applicator can blend the edges with ease.

Rouge Powder Duo

Fresh and light as spring, the two shades of pink give a lovely finishing touch to all makeup. Rouge Powder Duo, from the 2009 look "Natural Pastels" delicately emphasizes the color of your cheeks. The shades of pink can be worn alone or together. Rouge Powder Duo perfectly highlights the traits. 

Lipstick Novum 08 "Maple glow" 

The Lipstick Novum 08 "maple glow" look from the autumn-winter 2012 "Slow Mood" make lips soft and supple thanks to its high-end composition: argan oil, beeswax, mineral pigments and herbal extracts . The Slimliner hue blends perfectly with the natural red colour of the lips to create a custom color. The Lipstick Novum 08 "maple glow" in a delicate red hue emphasizes the lips and gives them expressiveness.

"Comeback" Look 2016
from 15th of February 2016 
to 15th of August 2016 
in selected specialist shops

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  1. The packaging and designs are so pretty, huh? :-) Unfortunately my skin seems to be reacting to something in the formulas, so I stopped testing.