Monday, 29 February 2016

Starbucks' new coffee innovation: Cold Brew

With the warmer weather Starbucks brings the latest coffee innovation to the market: the Starbucks Cold Brew. 
This is prepared by a unique brewing method with cold water and allowed to stand for about 20 hours. The result is a coffee that is particularly soft in taste and very refreshing. Cold Brew combines the best of roasting and high-quality beverage quality and is an expression of the passion for coffee of Starbucks baristas.
Cold Brewing is a blend of selected coffee beans from Latin America and Africa. For 20 hours, the coffee slow-steeps  in cold water. This time-consuming process without the use of heat produces a characteristic sweet and soft coffee.  Enjoy a delicious cup of Cold Brew Coffee that is balanced and smooth.
You can enjoy a cold coffee at Starbucks as Cold Brew, Iced Americano or Iced Caffè Latte.

Cold Brew
is available
 from March 3rd 2016
at all Starbucks 

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