Sunday, 14 February 2016

Dom Pérignom House of Plénitudes private tasting

Last week I was invited by Dom Pérignom for a private tasting..but it has to be said it was much more than that. Held at the spectacular location of the Cocoon Pop Up Restaurant in Zurich it was a real journey through time in a beautiful Dom Pérignom world. 
We were greeted on the ground floor, with a glass of of water at a Dom Pérignom event? Yes, because this was only the start of our journey through time and water is also an important element for Don Pérignom.
We then started making our way up, while going back through time and remembering some memorable facts which characterized that year. Starting from 2015, year of the Expo in Milan, going through the years of the first i-phone and the election of President Obama it was a great occasion to stop for a minute to remember those events which conributed in making history and to also think where we were in those years.

On our journey through time we made our first stop, and also first tasting at 2006 where we had the great oppurtunity to taste the Dom Pérignom Vintage 2006 then followed by the Vintage 2005.
Our tasting experience continued with the Dom Pérignom Rosé Vintage 2004 and Rosé Vintage 2003 and ended with a bang with the year 1998 where we enjoyed tasting the superb P2 Dom Pérignom Vintage 1998.
Tasting this wine was a memorable experience, full of intense and uforgettable sensations.

At Dom Pérignom there are no fewer than three Plénitudes

The First Plénitude is revealed after at least seven years of maturation depending on the vintage. 
The wine then embodies the perfect balance of Dom Pérignon, its greatest promise. This is Dom Pérignon Vintage, the Plénitude of harmony. 
The Second Plénitude is created after a minimum of 12 years of maturation on the lees.
 The wine is majestic in its Dom Pérignon intensity. Here it expresses its scope, its expansion. This is Dom Pérignon P2, the Plénitude of energy. 
The Third Plénitude takes after a minimum of 20 years of maturation on the lees. The wine now fully embodies another dimension where its essence enters the unknown. This is the Plénitude of complexity.

After three metamorphoses, Dom Pérignon’s uniqueness is almost completely revealed and accomplished. This process  exists nowhere else, this is Dom Pérignon’s own creation, the “Power of Creation”. 
During each of the wine’s Plénitudes, with an enlightened sense of drama, certain Dom Pérignon traits are distinguished without ever denying the others. Thus the way in which the wine reveals itself is different each time, yet so close. 

Dom Pérignon P2 owes its intensity to its precision, paradoxically balancing yet embracing, chiselling without breaking, barely touching without ever hitting hard. 
The momentum of Dom Pérignon P2 is even stronger in its dark, understated and powerful aesthetic.
 Its tone-on-tone black bottle and minimalist brushed aluminium box, seem almost to be locked to temporarily subdue the wine’s energy. 

Dom Pérignon P2-1998 brazenly transcends the potential of the vintage. The opposing and complementary elements of the assemblage resound for an increasingly sharp intensity. The aromatic persistence progresses like a wave that stimulates the penetrating nature of the wine.

Thank you Dom Pérignom for the great experience!

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