Monday, 15 February 2016

Nespresso new Limited Editions UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas

Every year  Nespresso search for coffee in limited editions  to surprise and delight coffee lovers all over the world. 
With its latest launch Nespresso has picked two unique coffee growers communities located one at Lake Kivu in Rwanda and the other at Chiapas in Mexico, two very different communities but united by their devotion and expertise.

To celebrate the full dedication of each of these coffee growing  communities both limited editions have a name which means "heart"  in their respective languages "MUTIMA" wa Lake Kiwu and "TANIM" de Chiapas.
Synonymous with quality and expertise Nespresso has decided to pay tribute to these two communities of coffee growers, both small in size but very competent and highly motivated. One using post harvest modern techniques using the other which uses traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.
Nespresso has managed to combine the implication that coffee growers have to produce high quality coffees with its own undisputed expertise in matters of roasting and grinding technology to create Umutima wa Lake Kivu and Tanim de Chiapas.

UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas are both pure origin coffees, which means that 100% of these coffees come from the stated country and we are able to develop their intrinsic aromatic qualities using the split technique roasting which gives a perfect result in the cup.
Nespresso wanted to share these results with Nespresso Club Members by giving you the oppurtunity to taste  new and exciting flavors from around the world.

I am so happy I have got to try these new Limited Editions, I really love both! Both Limited Editions have a name which means "Heart" and they certainly make my heart racing..
My favourite has to be the TANIM de Chiapas as I really love the silky-smooth texture and aroma of freshly baked bread  with delicious nutty notes. A really extraordinary coffee in this Limited Edition! I have to say I also really enjoy the bright, complex coffee of UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu with its refreshing mix of fluid texture and juicy fruity notes. I like the fact that both coffee can also be enjoyed with milk, so I can enjoyed them also as Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato!

UMUTIWA wa Lake Kivu

Beatiful and refreshing union between
 a fluid texture with bright notes of juicy fruits with a delicate finish.
To be enjoyed preferably as Espresso or Lungo.
Intensity: 6

TANIM de Chiapas

Sweet harmony of silky texture and bread flavors with delicious nutty notes.
To be enjoyed preferably as Ristretto or Espresso.
Intensity: 7

Limited Editions
UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu
TANIM de Chiapas
are available now 
at Nespresso Boutiques
and at

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