Monday, 24 April 2017

Collistar Giardini Italiani Collection

 Collistar's new makeup collection takes inspirations by the beauty, the uniqueness and the magic of one of the most celebrated wonders of Italy: Italian Gardens. The collection "Giardini Italiani" by Collistar will make you feel just like taking a romantic stroll through a beautiful Italian garden. Part of the "Ti Amo Italia" series this collection pays hommage to the beauty of Italy, this time celebrating its famous gardens with a multitude of flowers and wonderful colours.
The collection is fresh,  romantic and offers everything you need for a beautiful Spring look!
Star product of the collection for me is the blush or should I say eyeshadow and highlighter? As this product is a true multifunctional star.
A precious creation inspired by the classic Italian Gardens this product has the charm of a magical garden enclosed in a palette of impalpable powders to use as blush, eyeshadows and highlighter.
The clever texture of pearls and satin textures and the unusual color combination make it possible to make different types of make-up from time to time, from the most romantic and natural to the most sophisticated one.
The wet & dry eyeshadows in calla, peach blossom and sage could not be more evocative of the lush Italian gardens.
Satin and bright for the presence of a special micro pearl, they should be used with the dampened applicator, to enhance chromatic fullness, or dry for a more subtle effect.
The lipsticks come in 4 new colors, cherry wood, rose wood, begonia and cyclamen, which in common have the chromatic intensity of a lipstick with the sheen of a gloss. Use the new Anti-smudges transparent pencil to countour your lips before applying lipstick for a perfect, smudge-free application.
Your nails with the Gloss Nail Lacquers in pastel shades recalling delicate spring flowers will look both trendy and romantic.
This spring take a stroll through Giardini Italiani!

Giardini Italiani
is available now

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