Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hello Sexy with GLAMGLOW Dreamduo

Hello Sexy! GLAMGLOW  DreamDuo gives you 2 steps towards sexy makeup ready morning skin. DreamDuo is composed of a Dreamserum and a Dreamseal and it is a overnight treatment which really goes to transform your skin by morning. Dreaming of that flawless Hollywood skin? I am!
GLAMGLOW DreamDuo is a two-step treatment that leaves skin looking and feeling radiant, hydrated but also prepped and plumped with a beautiful glow.
Dreamserum is basically a melt-in serum with Green Coffee and Green Tea Leaf Teaoxi it infuses anti-aging antioxidants into skin.
Dreamseal is a nourishing moisture boost of hyaluronic acid and mozuku green algae that goes to to plump and recharge skin's glow.
My skin after the cold winter months has been left quite dry and uncomfortable so I was happy to try the DreamDuo. Let me say first of all that the product as a whole looks and feels really luxurious. The added bonus of having two skincare products in one jar got me quite hooked. I really like how both the serum and seal cream feel on my skin and how they leave it velvety and soft. My skin is definetely more hydrated, radiant and ready for applying makeup. All in all I am really impressed, I am a fan of overnight treatments as they are so easy to use. You just apply the Dreamserum evenly on face, wait for 30 seconds and then follow with the Dreamseal and you are done. Hello Sexy by morning!

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