Monday, 24 April 2017

Skincare? It has to be SMART!

I am a huge fan of skincare but what about smart skincare? Wow! Clinique Smart custom-repair Serum and Eye treatment are truly a smart duo which gives you fantastic results.
The Smart Serum is suitable for all skin types and is a truly multi tasker, responding to our skin's needs, targeting repair where needed. This high-tech serum target what your skin needs whether is hydration or uneven skintone.
As this serum targets the damages we can see but also those we don't. It is also great in fighting lines and wrinkles as well as treating dark spots and uneven skintone. This could really be your secret beauty weapon! It is really Smart as it responds to our skin needs whathever they might be! The serum is lightweight, feels sliky and disappears straight away into the skin. It goes to work on your skin's past while going to work on its future appeareance and for the better of course!
The Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment is also a little gem and with the same principles of the Serum it goes to repair where needed and if needed. It visibly brighten, countour and firm the eye area. It works wonder for puffy eyes and feels wonderfully light when applied. I have noticed dark circles are less visible and the whole eye area looks more firm and smoother. The micro pigments in the treatment really go to illuminate and give you a fresh look.
Smart Skin care anyone?

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Eye Treatment
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