Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Mymuesli is launching the Yoga Muesli

Mymuesli is launching the Yoga Muesli, a reinterpreted ayurvedic cereal mash: old-fashioned ingredients such as apple pieces and dates now meet amaranth and ayurvedic spices which, combined with valuable ingredients such as beetroots and hibiscus blossoms which provide energy for body and mind as well as a balancing effect
The yoga trend is here to stay and more and more people feel the need for peace and relaxation in the fast paced everyday life.
Nutrition also plays an important role as breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to the yogic nutritional philosophy. This is where mymuesli comes about, launching a müesli with an ayurvedic touch for yoga fans.
The muesli is based on finely ground amaranth, millet and quinoa flakes and is enriched with a Ayurvedic spice mixture inspired by the Indian art of healing, including maca, ginger, açaí, cardamom and cinnamon, which give the Müesli its special taste. 
Hibiscus blossoms, dates and beetroots complete the tasting experience. The müesli contains no added sugar and is free from artificial flavorings as well as color and preservatives. In the müesli you will find only organic ingredients.
It contains valuable fiber, is a natural protein source and is also suitable for vegans.
The müesli tastes particularly good when it is slightly warmed or soaked overnight and enjoyed the next morning.

• Protein source: 5.0 g per 40 g portion
• High fiber content: 4.0 g per 40 g portion
• without added sugar, with the sweetness of natural ingredients
• lactose free & vegan

Yoga Muesli
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