Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My Decléor experience at Kempinski Geneva

A while ago I had the great pleasure to be invited by Decléor to try out one of their institute treatments and more precisely the Aromaplastie Treatment.
This is one of Decléor signature treatments and can last 60 or 90 minutes. The treatment is a wonderful ritual to reveal radiant skin and essential well-being and can be tailored to any skin type as the therapist selects products to rebalance your skin's concerns.
I had the pleasure to have this treatment at the Kempinski Hotel in Geneva, set in the beautiful location on the shores of Lake Geneva it was just the perfect setting to enjoy the Decléor treatment in a truly relaxing atmosphere.
The Aromaplastie treatment has to be said is one of Decléor's most famous treatment and is based on 100% natural ingredients such as wheat germ, sunflower seeds, flax seed powder and yeast extract. After an assement on my skin performed by therapist Laurence we went on to the treatment room to start the treatment.
The treatment started with makeup removal and a good exfoliation to prepare skin for the treatment and a very relaxing back massage. As the lovely Decléor therapist Laurence explained to me back massage are a signature treatment at Decléor and are always included even in facial treatments. The back massage was absolutely fantastic and the scents of the divine oils were wonderful.
Laurence then carried out the Aromapressure and Aromadreinage these are sequences which only Decléor's trained therapists can perform. This basically involves the application of Decléor's aromatic oils while applying a pressure on the face. This really stimulates skin's turnover and rejuvenation.
Then it was mask time.. and you know how much I love masks! The Aromaplastie mask that Laurence applied was really amazing and see that it is 100 % natural and made up of wheat germ, sunflower seeds and linseeds it smelled delicious! I just relaxed and let the mask do the magic.
This treatment was a real treat and a wonderful experience. I felt wonderfully relaxed and my skin definetely looked brighter and more radiant. I have also noticed that pores are less visible than before the treatment. I love the fact that this treatment also includes a back massage as this make you feel almost as you were having a full body treatment.
It is really a wonderful treatment which offer a customized solution for every skin types and thanks to the 100% natural Aromaplastie Mask blended with flax seed, wheat germ and sunflower seeds and infused with essential oils it promotes hydration, cellular regeneration and relaxation.

Photos: Courtesy of Decléor

Thanks Decléor for this great experience!

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