Tuesday, 25 April 2017

This summer: PROTECT with A-Derma

With the warm season coming up it is time to start thinking about sun protection as everyone knows that the sun does wonders to our mood and provides us with that all important vitamin D but can also be damaging to our skin if we are not adequately protected. Sun makes skin fragile as UVB and UVA rays damage our epidermis and accelerate the aging of skin. A-Derma provides us with protection at 3 levels.
A-Derma has developed the PROTECT solar line to meet the needs of fragile skin which is particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. This solar care range offers high protection with SPF 50+ protection rating.
The products of the PROTECT range offer protection on 3 levels: thanks to a patented filter system they protect skin from sunburns, they reinforce skin's barrier (Barriestolide) and secure the cellular defenses (Seedlings Of Rhealba Oats).

PROTECT  Very High protection spray SPF 50+

Thanks to its patented filter system with 4 filters, the spray protects face and body
from harmful UVB and UVA rays. It has a pleasant texture and it is resistant to
water. Rhealba Oat Seed Extract and its patented active ingredient
Barriestolide strengthen skin's barrier protection, protect cells
against oxidative stress and thus supports the natural defense function.

PROTECT AH Repairing Lotion After Sun

Rhealba Oat Seed Extract and its patented active substance
Barriestolide strengthen skin's barrier while protecting cells from oxidative stress
 and support the function natural defense. 
Associated with Hyaluronic, it calms, hydrates and
regenerates skin of the face and body after sun exposure.
The milky texture feels fresh and has a pleasant exotic scent.
It soothes and hydrates skin while also prolong your tan.

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