Thursday, 27 April 2017

System Professional EnergyCode goes Solar!

The System Professional EnergyCode collection gets a Summer addition thanks to the solar products also tailored of course to your energy code. System Professional EnergyCode is as I told you a little while ago is  a truly effective care system tailored to your individual hair and scalp need.
Designed to protect your hair from sun exposure the System Professional EnergyCode Solar range protects hair thanks to the HelioGuard complex. During the summer hair and skin are exposed to UV lights  and hair's structure can be damaged and colour can fade. Take care of your hair this summer with EnergyCode Solar range.

  • (SOL1) Hair & Body Shampoo: it moisturized hair while removing sunscreen, salt and chorine residue on both hair and skin leaving hair fresh, light, shiny and easy to style. With Helio Restore Complex it is equally effective on skin removing perfectly even waterproof sunscreen.

  • (SOL2) Hydro Repair Conditioner: this conditioner with HelioRestore complex repairs hair from the damages caused by sun's exposure. It also replaces moisture loss from salt and chlorine water making hair really soft and easy to comb.

  • (SOL4) Sun Oil: This sun oil makes your hair really soft as well as deeply conditioning your hair thanks to the luxurious blend of oils. Thanks to the UV filters it protects keratin for long lasting smoothness.

  • (SOL5) Solar Cream: This nourishing sun protection protects hair against UV rays and the damaging effects of salt and chlorine. It helps in controlling frizz and improving combability.

  • (SOL6) Helio Spray: This water resistant  UV protection spray is ideal for all hair types. It protects hair from sun damages. It has a non-greasy formula and prevents color fading and loss of moisture.

To find out which EnergyCode Solar products is better tailored to your hair's needs you can visit  any System Professional salon for a personalized EnergyCode mapping or visit

EnergyCode Solar Range
is available
 at your nearest System Professional Salon

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