Monday, 24 April 2017

Enjoy your Starbucks coffee at home with the new Starbucks espresso capsules

From now on you can enjoy the same Starbucks quality coffee at home or in the office thanks to the new Starbucks espresso capsules for Nespresso machines. Yes you have heard it right!
The capsules are now available at Starbucks Coffeehouses throughout Switzerland in four varieties:
 Fairtrade Espresso Roast, Guatemala Antigua, Kenya and Colombia.
Espresso Roast is a dark roast with rich caramel notes, Guatemala Antigua Espresso is a medium roasted with cocoa and delicate spices, Kenya Espresso is medium roasted and fruity which can be served also on ice and Colombia Espresso a medium roasted, with nutty aromas.
I have tried them all and I really like them, all four varieties are good but I have a favorite with Kenya Espresso which I can see me enjoying on ice come Summer!
Starbucks Espresso capsules are made from a selection of the best Starbucks coffees that are sustainably grown and roasted. Seen that one in two Swiss households now has a Nespresso machine, the new espresso capsules are perfect for enjoying your Starbucks coffee at home or in the office.
 The introduction of the Starbucks espresso capsules at Starbucks Coffeehouses comes with a recycling program. Customers can collect their capsules in a free recycling bag, either in one of the 60 Swiss Starbucks Coffee House or at the collection points at Swiss post offices. All Nespresso compatible capsules are accepted in recycling bags and one bag can be filled with up to 75 used capsules.
Enjoy your Starbucks coffee now also at home!

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