Thursday, 22 June 2017

Curaprox launches its "Black is White" Chewing Gum

After the great success of the "Black is white " toothpaste, Curaprox is now launching a whitening chewing gum once again charcoal black. The chewing gum will not only help in whitening your teeth and give you fresh breath, but it also beneficial fo sensitive teeth.
The chewing gum with a fresh taste of lime and mint boasts a charcoal black colour and thanks to the activated carbon it eliminates staines without damaging the teeth enamel and all without using chemical subtances.

 "Activated carbon absorbs particles of dirt and staind as a kind of vacuum cleaner "
confirms Dr. Christoph Fiolka of Curaden.

It is the activated charcoal that gives the chewing gum its dark color. Another trendy detail:
the chewing gum bubbles are also black! The activating charcoal bleaching effect is supplemented by an optical means: a blue filter reduces yellow stains. Thus, the teeth appear to be much whiter, even without resorting to a chemical substance.

Black is White Chewing Gum
is available at
selected chemist's
and on 

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  1. I've heard good things about this curaprox product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.