Friday, 30 June 2017

NESPRESSO launches Nespresso on Ice!

Coffee lovers will have an iced Summer as Nespresso is launching two limited edition coffees specially crafted for ice which deliver full refreshment and a full coffee taste.
Both coffees have a subtle acitidity which really go to enhance the sensation of refreshment and unique aromas that reveal themselves on the rocks.
Intenso on Ice is a rich coffee which has been designed to give an intense yet refreshing iced drink with lingering roasted aromatics and woody cocoa notes while Leggero on Ice is a mild coffee blend with fruity well-balanced aromatics and subtle lemony notes.
Each sip of coffee will take you the the sunshine of the Mediterranean!

Intenso on Ice

Leggero on Ice

 Limited Edition
available now at 
Nespresso Boutques 
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