Monday, 26 June 2017

SUNISSIME by LIERAC gives you effective sun protection combined with anti-age care

Time to talk about sun care, I recently went on holiday to Dubai and had the oppurtunity to test the new LIERAC sun products. The new sun innovations from LIERAC use the knowledge of LUMINOTHERAPY for its new sun care line SUNISSIME. The smart and efficient combination of protection and vitalizing anti-aging care is especially suited for women over 30 years of age.
Lierac sun products not only give effective sun protection, but also provide efficient care, supple textures with a pleasant scent and an ensure for an uniform tan. The new product innovations from the line SUNISSIME of LIERAC really satisify all wishes.
Sun can harm skin without an adequate protection which can then cause and promote light skin aging damages from visible light, infrared, UVB, short-term and long-wave UVA rays. At the same time light is an important energy source for humans.
Light not only regulates the sleep rhythm, it also strengthens the immune system and promotes serotonin production- and thus also good mood and well-being. In addition, it also stimulates blood circulation, improves nutrient and oxygen supply and thus ensures better skin quality and vitality.
With its Sunissime sun care line LIERAC and its state-of-the-art research can bring this truly innovative sun protection which combines effective protection and anti-age care inspired by light therapy.

Sun exposure affects the skin. With the new sun care line SUNISSIME by LIERAC this does not have to come between you and a healthy tan. The broadband filter with botanical Flavonoids (infrared), a patented filter system (UVA / UVB) and fragmented Melanin (long-wave UVA) protects skin safely against skin damage, wrinkles and dark spots.
The active textures with sun-fresh fragrances of coconut water, bergamot and jasmine blossom not only leave a gorgeous scent on skin but also  provide for instant protection for the skin barrier and convince with an invisible finish that is not greasy or sticky.
LIERAC also offers some great Après-Soleil care, and I loved the SOS serum, a repairing moisture balm for the face and the repairing Moisturizing milk for the body.
The combination of anti-aging effect, soothing complex and refreshing textures have made them two must-haves products in my summer beauty bag! Thanks to Avocado & Omega 3 they soothe and regenerate the skin while Hyaluronic acid give intensive moisture. A tanning activating agent peptide  also extends the tan. The new cryo-effect technology also give you an instant feeling of freshness.

is available at selected Pharmacies

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