Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Ready for Summer with Braun Silk-Expert IPL Hair Removal System

Summer is here! Time for holidays and days spent by the lake or by the pool. For this reason smooth legs are de rigeur! I am always on the hunt of methods of hair removal which are not only effective but also long-lasting and why not pain-free! I have tried most things from professional waxing sessions to DIY methods with razors and eletric epilators. In the past I have also had some professional IPL hair removal sessions which I found really good but didn't like the incovinience of having to keep going for treatments and of course the hefty costs.
Well, I think I found the solution I was looking for with the BRAUN Silk-Expert IPL Hair Removal System. Now I can do my own IPL Hair Removal in the comfort of my own home whenever I need it and with effective results.
IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is a innovative, effective and safe way to remove hair and it works for both women and men. I find it not painful at all when compared to other hair removals such as waxing and it is also gentler on the skin.
You can use BRAUN Silk-Epil Expert IPL Hair Removal System on legs, arms, underarms but also on more delicate parts such as the bikini area and face. Skintone can vary across the body therefore BRAUN Silk-Epil Expert IPL thanks to its Senso Adapt continuosly reads and adapts the light intensity for better results and safety. A skin contact sensor also ensures that Braun Silk Expert only flashes when in contact with skin.
It sends light pulses which are optimized to target the melanin in the hair, light is then absorbed by the hair which heats up preventing unwanted hair from reaching the skin's surface with continuos use. Without melanin this process is not possible therefore IPL is not suitable for people with blonde, red or grey hairs.
Braun Silk-Epil Expert IPL is very easy to use, safe and also very fast as it combines the highest light intensity with a fast treatment speed. If you hold down the big button you can activate the gliding mode, which is ideal to treat larger areas such as legs. You can also choose from different modes which goes from normal, to gentle and extra-gentle which are great for sensitive and delicate areas or if you are new to IPL. Thanks to the corded power supplier you can do a full body treatment without having to stop for recharging it.
The results are impressive already after three months I have noticed a visible hair reduction. While other methods remove hair only in a temporary way with IPL you work towards a permanent hair removal method. It is also very safe and tailored to your skin adjusting the light intensity to your skintone. It is inspired by the professional IPL technology but you can do it in the comfort of your home whenever you want. BRAUN Silk-Epil Expert IPL Hair Removal System is also very fast thanks to the gliding mode and virtually pain-free thanks to the gentle and extra-gentle mode. It is quite pricey but surely for me money well spent and an investment for the future if compared with the costs of salon hair removal methods.

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