Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Pure seduction à la Fifty Shades of Grey for a sensual movie night !

Too hot to go out? Why not organize a seductive and sensual movie night in?
Love goes through your stomach. For the sequel of the movie "Fifty Shades of Gray" Christian also takes up this classic way of seduction and invites Anastasia for dinner. 
He is ready for anything to win her back and reveals her his darkest secrets while she is doing everything she can to forget him. The passion between the two ignites anew and this time there are no rules! 
It remains open whether it was Christian's seduction or his food choices who seduced her.
The fact is that certain foods have an aphrodisiac effect and stimulate more than just the appetite. 
With these ingredients you can create a tingling menu which arouses desire and passion and guarantees love at first bite!


The artichoke was already popular as an aphrodisiac in the 15th century and has since been known to have a pleasurable effect. Certain substances of the artichoke stimulate the release of estrogens, which in turn are responsible for a good blood flow.


Chili contains  oil capsaicin, which promotes blood circulation and stimulates the body through its hot taste. It is, therefore, in the truest sense of the word the hottest among the spices. 


It was not only because of its seductive sweetness that the fig was known as an aphrodisiac already among the ancient Greeks. Taste them plain  or drizzled with some honey.


Honey is particularly stimulant in men and vitamin B increases testosterone production.


Ginger is a true miracle under the medicinal plants as it stimulates blood circulation. This also has an effect on the sensitiveness of the sensitive areas of men and women.


Cocoa and the products that are extracted from it (for example, chocolate) contain the amino acid tryptophan, which contribute to potency enhancement. Another positive effect is the mood-lightening effect. Already the Aztecs knew about the stimulating effect of chocolate. It contains the perennial messenger phenylethylamine - which puts us in a state of happiness similar to love.


The intoxicating effect of nutmeg has been known since the 16th century. The erotic oil in the nut  which makes you feel more at the most beautiful side of the world.


This delicious herb is also associated with the love goddess Aphrodite and is intended to sharpen the gaze of men for female charms. It increases blood circulation and sensitivity.


Vanilla is regarded as particularly fortunate. It smells sweet and the smell resembles lustful pheromones, which provide the recipient with a pinch of sensuality.


The perfect ingredient for an intimate dinner for two, because the spice from dried rinds stimulates the production of pheromones and has a beneficial effect on blood flow.

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