Wednesday, 21 June 2017

MANHATTAN new Volume Shake Mascara

In Summer we like all things fresh don't we? Now we can keep fresh also our mascara! Manhattan new Volume Shake Mascara cointains a patented shaker which refreshes the formulation as needed. I don't know you but I am loving the idea of having a fresh mascara ready for use!
How does it work? Well, after ten yeard of research Manhattan is launching a mascara with a patent-pending formulation of a water-gel structure with the unique combination of water and wax.
 Thanks to the new shake system inside the mascara the texture becomes very creamy again after shaking.
You simply need to shake the mascara three to five times vertically and the texture mixes again while remaining fresh and preventing it from drying out. The Volume Shake Mascara thanks to its defining brush gives a beautiful fan of lashes all with maximum separation and from corner to corner.
This of course will ensure that you get wonderful volume but also a clump-free application and all with that fresh feeling that you usually can get only from a brand new mascara.

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