Tuesday, 20 June 2017

KIKO Limited Edition Summer 2.0 Collection

KIKO Summer 2.0 is a collection that draws its inspiration from the symbolic, colors and the warm atmosphere of summer. At the crossroads of the elements Earth and Fire, its style is elegant, romantic and passionate.
But it is through the personality and the look of the wearer that the collection Summer 2.0 will express
fully its glamorous potential. The promise of a perfect complexion that reflects the light of the sun. Skin is adorned with a beautiful highlighting glow that intensify and enhance your look with glowy colors. Lips are matt sublimated by the metallic effect given by the Lip Top Coat of the collection which gives you an irresistible touch.
The packaging of the collection bears the signature of renowned designer Ross Lovegrove and draws its inspiration from the "cosmos" of nature. The multidimensional surface of the packaging creates a play of light that resembles a waltz of the sun's rays on the waves of the Sea.  
Some of the key products of the collection include the Baked Bronzer a silky, soft baked bronzer which gives you a natural looking tan and the Baked Blush a two-tone blush which gives you a matte finish that is soft and easy to blend.
The collection also offers some pearly Liquid Eyeshadows in bold colours, Eye Markers and a Mascara as well as PH Lip Enhancer and some gorgeous matt lipsticks in blue shades. My favourite product of the collection is the Lips & Cheeks, available in six colours is a two-in-one matte lipstick and blush, it gives you intense colours on lips and can be blended on cheeks.

SUMMER 2.0 Collection
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