Thursday, 22 June 2017

HOPPBOX the healthy way to snack!

Hoppbox is a Swiss snack service, launched in August 2016. This Geneva-based start-up, designs, manufactures and delivers delicious, healthy snacks in your home or office at regular intervals. Hoppbox makes snacking healthy, easy and fun.
Finally a healthy snack service to snack without that guilty feeling!

7 things that differentiate Hoppbox from other snacks:

  • The combinations of unique flavors with rare ingredients that you will not find anywhere else, such as physalis and sour cherries infused with apple juice
  • More than 40 different premium snacks regularly updated with new products
  • The snacks are designed by a nutritionist in order to be the recommended daily portion of fruits, low in calories, source of vitamins, essential minerals, protein, and fiber
  • Certified Fair Trade ingredients
  • GMO-free, flavors, artificial colors, palm oil or trans fatty acids
  • A social enterprise that collaborates with the Foyer Handicap Foundation where all snacks are prepared by hand
  • Without commitment, contracts or subscriptions and may be cancelled at any time

"I could not stand anymore the sweets from classic snacking, so I launched Hoppbox, to help people get a more Hopp life! Thanks to better health. "
Nick Richmond, Founder of Hoppbox, August 2016.

Hoppbox was created by Nick Richmond after his frustration at the lack of choice of healthy and tasty snacks at his office.
Disappointed to pay so much for poor quality food, he left his job at P & G and embarked on the entrepreneurial adventure. With the support of the association GENILEM and the Réseau Entreprendre Suisse Romande, the team has now grown.
 Now there are 3 people who are determined to help as many people as possible to smart snack throughout Switzerland.

HOPPBOX offering

A box with 4 different snacks from an assortment of more than 40 recipes sent to the address of your choice in Switzerland, every week or every 2 weeks, on Monday.

Business Services

To provide healthy snacks to companies looking for a boost of energy and productivity for their teams!
Small and large offices can benefit from this service: more than 30 varieties sent by mail, at a steady rate. Prices vary according to the quantity ordered.


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