Saturday, 24 June 2017

Let's care for your dog's teeth with Pedigree Dentastix!

As you know I love my dog Jasper very much, he is my best friend and comes everywhere with me. Of course having a dog is a full time commitment as they require attention and care just like humans.
It is important to care also for our dog's teeth which are often neglected I am afraid to say. 
The fact: 4 in 5 dogs over 3 years of age suffer from teeth problems. It is also important to know that lack of dental hygiene can cause bad breath, teeth loss and even cause damages to kidneys, liver and heart. So this is why it is essential that just like us, also dogs need to have their teeth cleaned on a daily basis. However when brushing is not possible or to supplement their dental care Pedigree Dentastix or Dentaflex can really help.
In the 1960's Mars Schweiz launched the brand Pal ( Pedigree) to cater for the food of our beloved pets. Ten years ago they have created the "Aktion Zahnpflege" an action to make dog owners aware on the importance of dental care of their dogs.
This year is the eleventh year of this action and it is just as important as the first day to let as many people as possible know how dental care really is primary for the health of their dogs.
To care for the daily hygiene of our dogs Pedigree offers Dentastix and Dentaflex which are recommended by over 300 vets in Switzerland. Dentastix are available in three different sizes to cater for all dogs: small dogs ( up to 10 kg), medium dogs ( 10-15 kg) and large dogs ( 25 kg and over).
It is scientifically proven that giving our dogs  Pedigree Dentastix daily can reduce the formation of tartar up to 80% and that already with two giving per week the formation of dental plaque on the gums is reduced. Thanks to their special X-shape and special texture Dentastix contribute to activating the shearing force of the dog teeth which results in the removal of dental plaque.
Time to care for our dog's teeth, time to act now!

Pedigree Dentastix are on 50% off offer at COOP from 26/06 until 31/ 06/2017

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