Monday, 23 March 2015

Dark spots won't be a problem anymore thanks to Caudalie!

With Spring and the start of the warm season, we start sitting outside and enjoying the sun. Unfortunately if we don't protect our skin from the sun, dark spots can appear and be a real problem for many women.
Dark spots are pigmented areas which are mainly due to sun exposure but can also be caused by aging, acne scars and they are a real enemy for many women.
Caudalie comes to the rescue with a solution and a plan against dark spots.
 Back in 2005 they have created VINOPERFECT COMPLEXION CORRECTING RADIANCE SERUM, which is a pure product from grapevine and is concentrated in stabilized and patented Viniferine, a powerful ingredient that brings out radiance and corrects dark spots.
The serum is the number one anti-dark spot solution since 2008 in French Pharmacies. 

Viniferine is a millenary anti-dark spot activator, in former times women working in vineyards used to cover their faces and hands with grapevine sap to reduce and prevent dark spots appearing and to illuminate their skin. Caudalie Research has been able to stabilize and patent Viniferine to ensure exceptional anti-dark spot action which is both corrective and preventive.

" Whatever their age, women often experience dark spots as undesirable blemishes that undermine their beauty and sap their morale. I would like to tell these women that dark spots are not a fatality. I created the Vinoperfect line just for them, a truly effective visible solution that, far from being a constraint, is a pure delight for the senses to be enjpyed daily."
Matilde Thomas, Founder of Caudalie

Now in 2015 Caudalie launches an addition to its Vinoperfect line with VINOPERFECT RADIANCE TINTED MOISTURIZER SPF20.  An all-in one product which enhances the complexion, corrects and covers dark spots thanks to its formula which is both a care product and make-up.
Used in combination with the serum is a powerful approach in fighting dark spots.

It is importat to remember that the major steps in the fight against dark spots are:


Apply VINOPERFECT COMPLEXION CORRECTING RADIANCE SERUM before your suncream,  as it doesn't interfere with tanning, you will get a flawless tan that is more luminous and long-lasting while preventing dark spots from appearing.
It is oil-free ,has light and milk formula which penetrates quickly without being greasy and has a crisp, tangy scent which gives a nice sense of freshness.


Used in the morning, better if applied after Vinoperfect Complexion Correcting Radiance Serum  Vinoperfect  Radiance Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 available in two shades light and medium is an essential ally for covering dark spots, redness , acne scars and small blemishes. It provides both a beauty treatment and make-up coverage.
The light reflecting mineral pigments captured in the high-performance formula blends into skin and adapt to the complexion for a made-to-measure shade that is smooth, even and radiant.
As the day pass, dark spots will start to fade and the skin will recover is natural luminosity.

are available from April 2015

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