Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lots of Easter fun at Lush!

Spring is here and with Spring ..comes Easter. One of the places that comes immediately to mind is Lush. The wonderful colours and fragrances coming from the shop make me want to go in everytime and certainly is the perfect place to find lots of Easter goodies for yourself but also for your loved ones!
Go and take a look for yourself and stock up with Fluffy Eggs and Golden Bath Bombs..and before using them in the bath why not organize a treasure hunt in the garden? Hide the Golden Eggs and then the person who find one can keep it and enjoy a lovely bath! That is what I call Easter fun!!
And what about the Bunch of Carrots? I arrange them as centre piece and use them as decoration in the house, they look and smell great. They look so good it is almost ashame to use them..but I will!
Here my selection of Easter goodies at Lush, go and have a look for yourself and enjoy choosing yours!
If you happen to be in Lugano, go and visit the new Lush Store at Centro Commerciale Grancia, Antonella the manager will be pleased to advise you and give you lots of LUSH love!!!

Golden Egg

This bath bomb is packed with Fair Trade Cocoa and dazzling gold, just drop it in the bath and soak in the moisturizing olive oil blended with uplifting bergamot and sweet wild orange oils. Welcome soft skin!

Hoppity Poppity

This fantastically fizzy little bunny will give your bath a wonderful scent of fresh violet leaf  and lavender. Drop in the bath for a fresh, herbal experience which will make you feel so good!

Bunch of carrots

These lovely reusable carrots will give you a really refreshing tropical bath! Just hold the carrot under the tap and enjoy a bubbly cloud of buchu, lemon and grapefruit oils.

Fluffy Egg

This pretty in pink bath bomb is certainly better than any chocolate eggs..and less calories!
Soak in a wonderful pink bath scenting of candy floss, good enough to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Immaculate Eggception pink

Be ready for a wonderful surprise coming from this great Egg bath bomb! Break the zesty pink egg in two to find another chick bath bomb you will have not one, not two but three fun baths this Easter!

Easter range
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