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Discover the new face mask collection by Caudalie

I must admit I love face masks, to me they are a moment of me time, I love the idea of doing my skin some good while relaxing with a cup of tea or lying in the bath. It is like a spa treatment but done in the comfort of my home and whenever I feel like it. I also think they are great to give skin a boost whenever a pick me up it is needed so when the new Caudalie face masks landed on my door I was over the moon and of course couldn't wait to try them.

"This my latest creation, a collection of 4 masks inspired by my Vinotherapie Spa treatments that offers busy women perfect skin in record time.
They combine the power of active ingredients extracted from the vine with highly indulgent textures so that time out for a face masks becomes a glamourous and relaxing ritual, both for the skin and the mind".

Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie

They are four wonderful masks  to respond to different skin's needs : detox, hydration. purify and a glycolic peel.
They are inspired by Vinotherapie Spa treatments protocols and the masks can be used on their own or simoultaneously to meet specific needs of each area of the face.


This is a mask ideal to purify stressed skin and to treat free-radicals damage. Its a gel-cream formula which gets rid of accumulated toxins and impurities and help to tighten pores. Skin texture is left refined and rested.
It is best used twice a week and left one for a few minutes.
Cointaning Grape Marc a natural ingredient concentrated in anti-oxidants Polyphenols , it protects skin against free-radicals and cleanses skin of toxins.
Thanks to the pink clay  which naturally helps to absorb toxins and purify skin and papaya enzymes which acts as biological exfoliant skin is brighter and improved.
The phyto-aromatic cocktail with 8 essential oils cointaned in the mask combine the natural properties to provide a regenerating, soothing and purifying action.


Perfect to soothe dry skin this mask infuses the most demandin skin with its benefits. Skin is left supple, soft and intensely moisturized.
Vinolevure extracted from the cell walls of wine yeast is rich in beta-glucan which strengthen the skin's immune system, skin is this way soothed.
Grape seed oil cointaned in the mask is very nourishing and rich in Omega 6 helps in regulating water cointent of all skin types.
Hyaluronic Acid in the meantime is a powerful ingredient whcih retain water and gives skin a smoother, plumped appearance.
Apply a thin layer of the mask on cleansed skin and after 15 min remove the excess with a cotton pad, otherwise for extremely dehydrated skin apply a thin layer before bed and leave to act overnight, welcome beautifully soft skin in the morning!


This mask is ideal for combination to oily skin as thanks to its ingredients it clarifies and balances the skin while cleansing deep down.
It leaves skin soft, pure and matt which makes ideal  also for anyone trying to banish blemishes.
White clays has absorbing, decongesting and soothing powers while zinc and flax seeds regulate the production of sebum. The phyto-aromatic cocktail with 8 essential oils also cointaned in the mask provide a regenerating, soothing and puryfing action.
Apply the mask twice a week to the entire face or only on the T-zone depending on your needs, leave for 10 minutes then rinse off.


This is perfect for anyone with dull complexion looking for a boost of radiance. In just ten minutes the Glycolic Peel will give you a burst of radiance, a truly new looking skin.
Viniferine the active ingredient cointaned in the peel is 62 times more effective than vitamin c in fighting dark spots and has also a lighting action which contributes in giving the radiance effect.
Papaya enzymes act as exfoliant to brighten and improve skin's quality while glycolic acid acts on the skin to remove dead cells on the skin's surface.
This peel is gentler than a dermatological peel, apply twice a week to the whole face avoiding the eye area, leave for 10 minutes then rinse with water.

The 4 masks are truly exceptional, I love them! They can be used on their own or can be mixed and matched. Inspired by Vinotherapie Spa treatments, the masks can be used simoultaneously to meet the specific needs of each area of the face.
These are a few examples on how to combine the masks between them:


Moisturizing Mask and Puryfing Mask

To care for combination skin, dry areas can be nourished with the Moisturizing Mask and the T-zone can be cared for with the Puryfing mask which absorb and mattify excess sebum.


 Glycolic Peel and Instant Detox Mask

A combination of the Glycolic Peel and the detox mask act simultaneously to relieve dull skin and brighten the complexion.
Apply the Glycolic Peel on the forehead and cheeks while letting the Detox Mask work on the nose and chin area.


Available from April 2015

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