Monday, 2 March 2015

What a fantastic night with Katy Perry and Covergirl!

Last night thanks to Covergirl I had the great pleasure to attend Katy Perry's concert in Zurich..and what a show it was!
This was my second time around seeing Katy in concert and if the first time was good this performance exceeded all expectations!

Katy Perry's Prismatic Tour which will have seen over 90 cities over 130 dates by the time it ends arrived in Zurich last night.
The concert had several sections and each one felt like a world of its own. Absolutely spectacular how the show went from the Prismatic section to the Ancient Egypt or to the hyperneon one were everything glowed including Katy's hair and costume.
I have read that the endeavor is so big on this tour that it takes 28 semis and 12 buses to transport the entire stage setup and crew.

Before the show images from the Covergirl #girlscan campaign were shown. The campaign sees Katy Perry and other Covergirls such as Ellen De Generes and Pink taking a an important step in incourage girls to take courage to take challenges, be brave and to turn can't into can! Many times we hear the lines "Girls can't do this , Girls can't do that" well the video featuring Katy and fellow Covergirls goes to demonstrate how wrong doubters were and of course the many achievements they all got in their respective careers.

Here is the Covergirl #GirlsCan campaign video's link:

The show started with neon-clad dancers appearing on stage and Katy coming out of a Pyramid in the middle of it while singing Roar..what a start!
She then went on to sing Part of me and Wide Awake, personally two of my fav songs. You could really feel the energy , Katy is not only a superb singer but also a great dancer and entertainer.
One of the highlight of the show was certainly Katy reappearing on stage on a horse carried by her dancers on the Ancient Egypt set wearing a beautiful themed costume by Fausto Puglisi while singing Dark Horse then followed by E.T.

Katy kept delighting the audience with theme and costumes changes including a catsuit and a butterfly-theme cape and dress which she wore to perform acoustic versions of The one who got away and Unconditionally for me one of the highlight of the show.

The show went on with a dance mega mix section performed by back singers and dancers which was really fun. Katy reemerged on stage wearing a smiley face outfit created for her by Jeremy Scott. She went on to sing some her hits such as Last Friday night and Walking on air.

Throughout the show and with all her different costumes Katy looked absolutely stunning and her make up was just perfect and stayed so throughout the show. Katy is a true Covergirl and so it is her makeup!
The show could only end Fireworks..what a great night! Thanks Katy and thanks Covergirl!

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