Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Operation new skin with L'Occitane 28-Day Divine Renewal Programme

Not long ago I was sent the L'Occitane 28 Day Divine Renewal Programme to try, and I was really happy to test it as it was something totally new to me that I never done before.
First of all let me explain what it is exactly, L'Occitane 28 Day-Divine Renewal  is a plan with 4 stages that works in harmony with the skin's natural renewal cycle which lasts 28 days with organic Immortelle essential oil.

Basically you have 4 formulas  in 4 weeks which go to enhance the skin's natural ability to regenerate.
The plan is meant to be used at nightime so I carried on as usual with my daily care and moisturizer during the day and just the treatment and my night cream at night ( but you could also try just using the treatment).
As the plan is split in 4 weeks, each week you have  seven detachable capsules which are clearly marked from week 1 to week 4.

The process it is very simple as you basically just need to open the capsule and squeeze the oil on your hand and apply it. The content is enough to do the whole face and neck.
The dose is perfect,  just the right amount and  no product goes wasted and you are also sure on how much product to apply. You warm the oil a bit in your hands and then apply it while also breathing in the wonderful scent.
The scent is beautiful and it is centred around the Immortelle flower from Corsica, known for extraordinary longevity.
If you are familiar with the Immortelle Divine Oil the scent is very similar, which I love as  it does a lot of good to the skin but also to the mind as I find it to be soothing and calming.

Week 1: Gentle Exfoliation

Using Pistacia Lentiscus as a gentle exfoliator it helps the skin to get rid of pore-clogging dead cells.

During the first week I immediately noticed a big difference on my skin's condition, my skin was visibly smoother .

Week 2: Hydration and Nutrition

4 plants oil combined with citrus essential oil nourish and moisture the skin.

My skin looked nourished and moisturized as the treatment is very rich.

Week 3: Balance

Myrtle and Rosemary essential oils to rebalance skin

It felt very calming, gave me beautiful, smooth and glowing skin.

Week 4: Renewal

Carrot, Cypress and Immortelle essential oils provides radiance and plumpness

My skin's texture looked more radiant, rebalanced and smoother and had a gorgeous velvety scent.

The plan is very easy to stick to , you just apply the content of the capsule every night on cleaned skin before your night care.
I just love L'Occitane products in general but this one in particular felt like a nice luxury treat every night, and it reminded me of French countryside.
Having gone through the full cycle of the programme I can say my skin definetely looks  smoother, my skin tone is more even and looks radiant. I am really happy with the result as I have already mentioned it was the first time I tried something of this kind. My skin looks ready  and renewed for Spring. I would recommend this 28-Days- Divine Renewal plan to anyone looking to give their skin a boost, or as good-for-you treat and to get your skin ready for the new season. I really think it is the perfect time to do this plan as we change and renew our wardrobes around this time of the year so why not renew skin?

L'Occitane 28 Days Divine Renewal Programme
is available now 
at L'Occitane stores and on

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