Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Ultimate Color Repair System from Paul Mitchell

If you like me have coloured hair and are looking for an haircare line which doesn't make your colour fade and care for your hair you might have found it with the new Paul Mitchell Ultimate Color Repair range.

Coloured hair can become dull, faded and damaged over time, for these reasons it certainly needs extra care and special attention. Paul Mitchell has created Ultimate Color Repair to fight the 3 top reasons for color fading: frequent shampooing, thermal styling and UV exposure.

Ultimate Color harnesses the reparative power of quinoa to lock in hair color, restore luster and reverse the signs of damage. Discovered by the Incas thousend years ago, quinoa is an ancient grain rich in amino acids which penetrates into the hair and bond like a magnet to create a protective shield against damages.
Quinoa's high amino acids content delivers powerful repair and protection for longer-lasting color.


Gentle, sulfate-free shampoo which cleanse, protects and replenishes. It helps repairing colored hair and thanks to the Quinoa Color Repair Complex it locks in the color and repairs from within.
The natural blend of extracts makes hair shiny, soft to the touch and easy to manage.


This conditioner is ideal for daily use and provides hydration and is a great detangler for colored hair. The Quinoa Color Repair Complex as in the shampoo locks in the color  and repair strands from within. 
Shea Butter, jojoba  and soybean leave hair soft and shiny.The powerful antioxidants provide UV protection to help color fade and damage.


This top phase spray protects against heat that can damage colored hair and lead to dull , faded hair. While the bottom phase with Quinoa Color Repair Complex replenishes lost reflection this way hair looks shiny, healthy and vibrant.
Hair is left soft, smooth and manageable.

Available at Paul's Mitchell Salons

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