Wednesday 30 July 2014

Blue Grafiti

This look came together so easily as I had hust bought the pants the exact day and as usual everytime I buy something new I usually want to show it off straight away.. :-)
Anyway, you all know how much I love printed pants, and these are certainly a good example to show you why: they are light enough to be worn in the city as well as on holiday, they can be dressed up or down depending on the shoes and accessories, they go with so many colours .. I just love them!
I love them even more as they were yet again another sales bargain find at Italian fashion store Terranova.
I paired them with a basic vest top and gold sandals to let the pants do the talk!I was also wearing the jewelry my mum bought for me on holiday, we found them on a market on the island and my new G-Shock!


Sandals: MANOR

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Sebastian Professional AW/14 Collection Totemic

Culture dash season Sebastian dives into the melting pot, twisting traditional forms of creativity to reshape the future of hair. The new collection Totemic inspired by a creative blending of customs and craft from around the world  features bold new looks. Global Artistic Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey examined the craft and deconstructed them, creating something new. The artistic duo created nine looks for the Totemic Collection using new styling techniques  such as curve skimming and Re-Fabricate.
To enable these techniques and help stylists reinvent the Totemic looks Sebastian is introducing new ways of using some of its top products such as: Mousse Forte, Re-Shaper, Craft-clay and Tickefy Foam. Here is my selection of my fav looks!

Look 1

Hair was blow-dried with Thickefy Foam, before the fringe hairpiece was placed on the head. Starting from the occipital bone, the roots were backbrushed to the temple and fixed with Re-Shaper. Keeping the top flat, hair was backbrushed away from face. A low ponytail was created at the nape keeping the rounded volume at the back.

Look 2

Hair was first blow-dried with Trilliant, then straightenes out from the head using flat irons. The melted clay techniques was used to fix the strands at the top.

Look 3

A rectangular section was taken on the top and the triangular form pinned at the temple. Horizontal sections on the top were backcombed and placed over the form. The back was sectioned off with 2 diagonal lines. Two high ponytails were created at the back using hair from bothside.
The ponytalis were then  connected and tied at the back with a strip of leather. Roots were backbrushed at the back. The surface smoothed with the brush. A rounded shape was created by pinching the hair together at the bottom of the neck.


Thickefy Foam

Weightless thickener. Liquid-to-foam formula thickens and conditions weightlessy holding finer hair in place.

Craft Clay

Remoldable matte texturiser. Handicraft style Earth minerals separate and re-style texture with touchable matte finish look.


Brushable humidity resistance strong-hold hairspray. 
Next generation of the fashion iconic Shaper Hairspray. Sebastian strong lasting re-shapable spray. Shape, hold and re-shape endless edgy styles and stand out silhouettes over and over again, reworkable for up to 18 hours.

Mousse Forte

Volume boosting mousse.
For hair that demands applause. Provides strong hold that stays soft to the touch to build volume styles fit for the stage.
Defines waves and curls, protects hair from heat damage and provides all day frizz control.

More info on Sebastian  Professional products available on

Monday 28 July 2014

Summer leather and stripes!!

Take a Sunday in Neuchatel, the sun had finally made an appearance so I decided to wear my faux leather shorts I recently got from H&M. They are comfy enough and yesterday it was just the right temperature to wear them, as I would not advice to wear them in the heat, if you do not want to be a in a sweaty mess. My top is one of my sales bargain from Zara , I like it as it a bit different from the usual stripy top with having the lace details. My shoes are also a recent purchase from H&M and I have noticed you guys liked them a lot so go and get yours as they are a super buy and will see you wearing them right through Fall. And what about my hologram mini bag? Well as you know I am a bit of a mini bag addict so I could not let this little gem unsold.. I love it!

Shorts: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Bracelets: TORY BURCH
Sunglasses: OAKLEY

Kérastase 3-step Beauty Routine

Today I am going to talk you about the Kérastase 3-step Beauty Regime, a unique ritual , a customized 3-step beauty routine: cleanse, treat and texturise with carefully conceived methods for beautifying the hair.
Well how to find out the right products for your hair?
Well of course you can have an in-salon appointment where your Kérastase hair consultant will provide you with a personalized beauty and treatment prescription or you can go on the Kérastase website and in a few simple steps with the tool: my personalized diagnosis you can easily find out which products best suit your hair type.
I did exactly that and my 3-step Beauty Routine is the following:

1- Cleanse:  Elixir Ultime Bain à l'huile sublimatrice

This shampoo is so luxurious and precious, containing the most lavish oils, it really feels like an indulgence everytime I use it. Techology Oleo-complex comprising of four luxurious oils: Pracaxi, Argan, Camelia and Maze for hair that feels light and luxuriously nourished.
It cleansed my hair well leaving it soft and shiny. It is suitable for all hair types. Silicone and Paraben free.

2 - Treat : Masque d'Huile Sublimatrice Oil-Cataplasm

This masque will really restore vitality ans shine to dull and damaged hair! I have tried it on my long hair and thanks to the deep infusion of precious oils my hair felt light, revitalised and soft to the touch. Kérastase has combined precious oils and moisturising serum to give hair incomparable softness. With lipidic compounds for extra nourishment. I leave it on for 5/10 minutes after cleansing, combing my hair through while putting it on for easy detangling, then rinse!

3- Texturise: Elixir Ultime with Imperial Tea for coloured hair

I love this beautifuying oil for colored hair, with Oleo Complex it is so versatile!
Formulated with imperial tea extract the delicate oil features a soft floral scent, delicately balanced with invigorating fruity notes. It can be used as pre-cleanse treatment, or for intesive conditioning I layer it on my hair  and I leave it overnight then wash my hair as usual in the morning! Wake up to soft, shiny hair!
The oil can also be used as pre blow-dry or for finishing and re-touching. After styling my hair I warm up a few drops of the oil in my hands then just put a bit on my hair ends to define my look!
Coloured hair fibre is protected and radiant!

More info on Kérastase products

Sunday 27 July 2014

Feel great, look great with Fitness Nestlé Cereals

I while ago I have been sent a big box full of Nestlé Fitness cereals and I must admit I have been enjoying having them for breakfast but also experimenting with more recipes!
Fitness breakfast cereal provides a sensible, great-tasting start to the day.
They provide you with important vitamins and minerals including iron and calcium.
Did you know that all Nestlé Fitness cereals are made with whole grain? Whole grain is an important part of a balanced diet.
Of course you can have them with milk, but I personally enjoy them also with joghurt and with some fresh fruits like blueberries or strawberries , perfect for Summer or if i have them with semi-skimmed milk sometimes I add a spoon of honey or almonds!
You can enjoy Nestlé Fitness cereals in many varieties such as original, fruits, honey, chocolate, yogurt.. so there is really something for everyone!
I have decided I might try the 14-day program with Nestlé Fitness basically it consist of having Nestlé Fitness cereals for breakfast with semi-skimmed milk and then for another meal for 14 days and for the rest of the meals you have a healthy balanced meal. I personally have them for breakfast and lunch then have a healthy dinner at night, but that is my preference, you might rather have them for breakfast and then for a light and quick dinner at night.
For ideas on healthified recipes just go on the nestle-fitness website!


The new Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum does what is right for your skin!

Those clever people at Clinique have done it again, following 5 years of research and development they are now launching Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum.
It works by understanding the distress signals sent out by damaged skin and delivering the appropiate ingredients needed for a specific concern.
Smart Custom Repair Serum understands the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair for the damage you see and the damage you don't.
It cointains calming ingredients that help deliver targeted repair as needed where needed.
Recommended for all skin typrs, ages and ethnicities, it visibly addresses uneven skintone, lines and wrinkles for visibly firmer, more radiant and more youthful-looking skin. Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum if applied twice a day before moisturiser responds to the individual needs of the skin, SMART indeed!
Available now at  your Clinique's Counters!

Saturday 26 July 2014

New LALIQUE perfume diffuser collection

The expertise of Lalique ranges from crystal to tableware and from jewelleru to fragrance. With the creation of " Voyage de Parfumeur", its series of home fragrances Lalique unites the arts of fragrance and decoration.
The scent of Lalique diffusers now perfumes the home.
The Voyage de Parfumeurs range by Lalique invites you on an olfactory odissey to a world of exclusive scents and stunning stopovers.
Each Lalique diffuser highlights a raw material chosen from amongst the finest ingredients in perfumery and the most breathtaking locations.

The range includes:
Vanilla - Acapulco, Mexico
Neroli - Casablanca, Marocco
Fig Tree - Amalfi, Italy
Ginger - Yunnan, China
Sandalwood - Goa, India
Vetiver - Bali, Indonesia

Thursday 24 July 2014

Stay safe in the Sun this Summer with Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense

Kiehl's ultra Light formula intensely moisturizes skin and utilizes a high level of sun filters Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL to provide skin with effective  UVA and UVB broad-spectrum sunscreen protection.
This moisturizing, oil-free and dual-protection lotion helps protect against the appeareance of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, ans akin darkening, while also protecting against premature aging.
I really love this product as despite the high Spf it doesn't leave a chalky, white residue that many other high Spf cream do.
It has a nice, light texture which sinks well into the skin and it makes a perfect base for make up. I wear it everyday, and you only need a small amount so a tube will last you for a while.
I am really impressed by this  and would highly recommend it!

You can buy Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense in any Kiehl's store in Switzerland and online on

Keep precious things close with Nokia Treasure Tag

Never loose keys or a purse anymore, with Nokia Treasure Tag!
Simply attach the Tag to keys, wallet, or other valuables and after establishing a connection using NFC and bluetooth you will able to track it on your Nokia Windows Phone.
The Tag alerts you when you are about to leave your valuables behind, with the help of visual and audio guidance or using location data on a map.

Nokia Treasure Tag works  best with Lumia Black Software so Nokia recommends updating your Lumia smartphome to get the best out of your Treasure Tag.
Simply download the Trasure Tag app from the Windows Phone store  and keep track of your most important belongins by pairing and customising up to 4 Treasure Tags with the same app.
The Treasure Tag app shows you on a map where the bluetooth connection was lost on a map making it easy to locate your possessions.

More info on the Nokia Treasure Tag on

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Clarins' Double Serum: the one and only

Clarins' Double Serum is a complete age concentrate, a highly successful product winner of more than 70 prestigious beauty awards in 2013.
The Double Serum minimizes wrinkles, firms skin , evens the skin tone and makes pores less apparent.
It is truly a complete intensive age-control product and skin care essential after age 25.
Clarins' Double Serum has been a cult product for 29 years, it cointains the necessary elements all skin types can draw from to help maintain a youthful look.
Its rich plants-based extract is truly exceptional.
Taken from a plant known for centuries in Chinese medicine, Cangzhu Extract, was developed specially for Clarins research.
The research team was inspired by two Nobel prizes that recognized studies done on the G protein.
Cangzhu Extract is able to activate this protein found on cellular membrane which enhances messages sent to other cells by other ingredients.
Double Serum texture is unique, it fuses instantly with the skin and has a surprising sensorial effect, feels light and comfortable.
It also helps boost the day and night care it is used with and thanks to its double formula (Hydric + Lipidic System) gives performance for immediate visible results on the skin.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Printed trousers crazy!

As many of you will have noticed lately I am crazy about printed trousers!
I have started buying one or two and now I can't stop myself from getting more and more!
I think more now than ever, especially with this crazy Summer, where the Sun comes and goes printed trousers are the perfect option for a cool Summer outfit!
Perfect on holiday but also in the city, they are so flexible, I wear them with sandals or espadrilles for a true Summer look. I don't know you but I think they are also the perfect option for flying, smarter than a tracksuit yet light and comfy enough to wear while travelling.
Printed trousers are everywhere, H&M , Zara, Guess, Mango,.. If you look around now you might even managae to score some on sales. I was lucky to find my Guess printed trousers in the sales just before my holiday and then found some more on holiday in Sardinia on a market.
So there is no excuse not to get one , this Summer!



Printed trousers from H&M

Printed trousers from C&A

Printed trousers from River Island

Printed Trousers from Guess

Printed trousers found on a market on holiday

Printed trousers from Terranova

Printed trousers from H&M

Printed trousers from H&M