Wednesday 19 May 2021


It's not often that a talented athlete rises to such breakout stardom as Jimmy Butler. At age 31, Butler is widely recognized as one of the top players in the league and a true force on the court. TAG Heuer is honored to announce he has joined the luxury Swiss watch brand's impressive ambassador roster that includes some of the world's top talents in sport.

Jimmy Butler is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the NBA. Butler joined the Heat in 2019, and was instrumental in leading the team to the 2020 NBA Finals in his first season in Miami. Prior to his start in Miami, Butler was the 30th overall pick in the 2011 NBA draft by the Chicago Bulls, where he won the NBA’s Most Improved Player Award in 2015. Jimmy was also a gold medalist for the U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Nicknamed "Jimmy Buckets", Butler is a five-time NBA All-Star, a three-time All-NBA Team honoree and a four-time NBA All-Defensive Team honoree.

 Beyond the basketball court, Butler is known as a global style icon, watch aficionado, master brewer of his new company Big Face Coffee, and philanthropist in multiple U.S. cities. As one of Butler's true passions, he is involved with several charitable initiatives for children in Chicago and Miami, and works closely with the Boys & Girls Club. 

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For many years now, Maison Ruinart has been involved in protecting the environment, and in particular in the fight against climate change. It adopts and promotes initiatives throughout its field of action. The most recent and disruptive is the launch of the second skin case in 2020, an alternative to boxes that will reduce the carbon footprint of this packaging by 60%.

In the vineyard, labeled High Environmental Value and Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne since 2014, the House is continuing its actions in favor of living soils. It is now going further by dedicating the entire 40 hectares of the historic Taissy vineyard to a pilot project in favor of biodiversity, carried out with Reforest’Action. The initiative stands out for its size and comprehensive approach. It testifies to the desire to develop this approach in the years to come and to share it more widely on a Champagne scale.

The project is part of the IMAGINE movement of which Ruinart is one of the first members. It brings together actors wishing to mobilize around the world for the preservation and regeneration of forests on a large scale, in order to fight against the climate emergency and restore biodiversity.

Images courtesy of RUINART

Accompanied by Reforest'Action, Maison Ruinart wanted to deploy an ambitious pilot project in favor of biodiversity in its Taissy vineyard, which will be carried out based on vitiforestry, that is, the application of agroforestry techniques in the vineyard. A global approach which is facilitated by the proximity of the existing forest area of Fort de Montbré.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Hublot presents the Big Bang e UEFA EURO 2020 ™

Less than 30 days left, then the UEFA EURO 2020 ™ begins! Fans all over the world are already looking forward to finally being able to see the tournament, which has been postponed for a year due to the pandemic. To mark the occasion, Hublot is now presenting the Big Bang e UEFA Euro 2020 ™ smartwatch.

With the Big Bang e UEFA Euro 2020 ™, Hublot is once again enabling football fans to follow the championship up close on their wrist via their own virtual stadium. This tradition began with the 2018 FIFA World Cup ™ in Russia. Today Hublot presents a new, further optimized model that is available in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

 The bezel of the new Big Bang e bears the colors of the flags of the 12 nations that were originally intended to host. In addition, the watch shines with the attributes of the iconic Big Bang. For better ergonomics, it has a 42mm diameter case made of Black Magic, the spectacular polished black ceramic developed by Hublot engineers that is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. The high-resolution AMOLED touchscreen can be operated through the sapphire crystal, while the functions of the Big Bang e are operated via the rotating crown with pusher, just like a mechanical watch.

 The clock is equipped with a complex electronic module that was developed in collaboration with other companies in the LVMH group. She works with the WearOS by Google software, which has been adapted and optimized for Hublot's requirements, in particular with a special football app. This makes it possible to follow the games in real time - including timing, halves, extra time and the final whistle. At the same time, the Big Bang e notifies its wearer about cards shown, player changes, penalties and goals. It also provides information about the team line-ups, the ranking of the players and their position on the field.

 True to the mission of pushing the boundaries of innovation ever further, Hublot is researching every technical dimension and can thus start the “Hublot Fusion Podcast” podcast series from May 12th. The podcast, which is moderated by the French sports presenter Anne-Laure Bonnet, comprises 12 episodes in which interviews with football legends as well as brand friends and ambassadors of Hublot can be heard. It will focus on the 12 universal values ​​of victory: solidarity, unity, passion, commitment, inclusion, equality, friendship, justice, respect, fair play, tolerance and sharing.

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Dr. Hauschka ampoules treatment : an air of renewal for the skin

28 days. An extra dose of energy.

Extremely energizing, Dr. Hauschka ampoules contain extracts of medicinal plants and mineral substances preciously united in rhythmic water. Spring is the ideal time to give your skin a real cure and to prepare optimally for the summer ahead. To strengthen the regenerating power of the skin, it is recommended to follow a 28-day cure with Dr. Hauschka ampoules.

Dr. Hauschka's treatment program

In addition to basic day and night treatments, the Dr. Hauschka treatment program also includes a spa and intensive care. Intensive care products supplement the basic care program once or twice a week. The processing phases are however limited to a period of 28 days. This period corresponds to the natural cycle of regeneration of our skin. For 28 days, the skin's renewal process is strengthened and its fine metabolism is regulated. If the skin's ability to regenerate declines with age, we recommend one treatment per decade of life.

Renewing Night Conditioner

The Renewing Night Conditioner is suitable for all skin types. It stimulates its functions, thus promoting its re-generation and regulating its humidity balance. Dry skin learns to retain moisture - oily skin reduces sebum formation and excess moisture.

After cleansing your face, apply the contents of two blisters (including eyes, mouth, neck and décolleté) and massage lightly. From the fourth week, use only one vial. No tonic or night serum is used during the treatment phase. 

Sensitive Care Conditioner

The Sensitive Care Conditioner is suitable for sensitive skin prone to redness. It supports the natural cycle of skin renewal, relieves redness and swelling, has a decongestant effect and prevents the increasing dilation of blood vessels.

After cleansing, apply the contents of one ampoule to the face (including eyes, lips, neck and décolleté) in the morning and evening and massage lightly. From week 4, apply only in the evening. No tonic or night serum is used during the treatment phase.

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Over the past 148 years, Levi's have seen many styles come and go, but one constant has remained: the Levi's® 501®. As the perfect canvas for creative expression, the 501® has been part of the style repertoire of youth cultures since the middle of the 20th century.

To celebrate the 148th birthday of this icon, Levi's® presents the Originals campaign with 501® jeans and denim shorts, presented by a new generation of young originals and styled in their own way: Naomi Osaka, Hailey Bieber, Emma Chamberlain, Barbie Ferreira, Jaden Smith, Marcus Rashford MBE and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Further highlights are a limited 501® collaboration between Levi's® and Wasted Youth and a new edition of Levi's® Vintage Clothing 1955 “Japan” 501®.

Image courtesy of LEVI'S


Vinoperfect serum has been a cult product for over 15 years and the reason for its success is that it acts effectively on all types of dark spots and on all skin types. Visible results that make it unbeatable No.1 anti-dark spot product in French pharmacies with one sold every 30 seconds globally. 

On a constant quest to improve formulas, Mathilde Thomas and her team have developed new anti-dark spot products that are even more effective, clean and natural. For this reason in 2021, the anti-dark spot serum is being reinvented with a new biomimetic emulsifier that is revolutionising clean beauty. This new bio-inspired emulsifier mimics the layers of the skin structure. This similarity helps the Viniferine to be absorbed, optimising its action on dark spots with 3.9x greater effectiveness.The result: a more effective and cleaner formula.

The serum is effective on all types of dark spots such as: sun spots, hyperpigmentation spots, hormonal spots and melasma as well as on age spots.

Its effectiveness has been clinically proven on 6 skin phenotypes, from the fairest to the darkest.Its non-photosensitising formula is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is also suitablefor pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Part of the new Vinoperfect range are also: Concentrated Brightening Glycolic Essence, Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night, Glycolic Peel Mask, Instant Brightening Moisturizer and Dark Spot Correcting Hand Cream.

If you are looking to focus your skincare routine around treating dark spots I would suggest using at least these three products of the range :Radiance Serum Complexion Correcting, Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night and Instant Brightening Moisturizer. With these three products you will be able to clear complexion, reduce pigmentation, correcting dark spots and prevent the appearance of new ones.

The Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night thanks to the action of glycolic acid and papaya enzyme acts as a gentle peel for fresh and luminous skinin the morning. Apply in the evening on face and neck. Use as a night mask to boost results. The Instant Brightening Moisturizer thanks to niacinamides combined with Viniferine (500 ppm)n evens the complexion and provides instant radiance. Apply in the morning on face and neck. Last but not least the Radiance Serum Complex Correcting. It it is an absolute must to rediscover a radiant, luminous and even complexion, thanks to an array of plant extracts it effectively diminisheds the look of existing dark spots and prevents the appearance of new ones. 


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Sunday 16 May 2021

Pure refreshment with the Starbucks Refresha® drinks and Frappuccinos

The new summer drinks at Starbucks bring some much needed cooling for warm days. In addition to the well-known and popular Iced Coffees and Iced Teas, new refreshas and frappuccinos offer a variety of flavors - from crispy and chocolatey to berry and fruity to lemony and tangy - there is something cool for everyone this summer. 

In a completely new way, fresh strawberries, strawberry aroma and the super fruit açai come together for two thirst-quenching drinks: the Strawberry Açai Refresha and the Pink Coconut Refresha, which brings a holiday feeling in the glass with coconut milk.

The Cold Lime Refresha is making a comeback this summer. A mix of lemon and lime lemonade, shaken with fresh lime slices, makes the drink a freshness kick on hot days.

Chocolate meets coffee meets caramel

Frappuccino fans will also find what they are looking for on the Starbucks summer menu, as Starbucks is presenting two new creations this summer. A combination of crunchy chocolate and caramel brittle pieces made from sunflower seeds, mixed with milk and ice cream and a cap of coffee whipped cream topped with chocolate caramel brittle pieces becomes the Chocolate Coffee Crunch Frappuccino.

The Caramel Coffee Brownie Frappuccino combines two dessert classics in one and the same glass: A mix of caramel brownie brulée pieces, milk and ice cream is topped off with coffee cream and a topping made from caramel brulée pieces and brownie pieces.

Iced classics

Iced coffee shouldn't be missing in summer either. At Starbucks, every espresso-based drink can also be ordered in the iced version - from the classic Iced latte to the Iced caramel cloud macchiato. For a cool start to the day, coffee lovers choose a Starbucks Cold Brew or Cold Brew Latte.

The classic Iced Teas from Starbucks are excellent thirst quenchers in summer temperatures. For both the new Lemon Iced Tea and the Peach Iced Tea, freshly brewed green tea is poured over ice cubes and then refined with a lemon or peach aroma.

The new summer drinks are available now at Starbucks Coffee Houses.


Image courtesy of Starbucks

Hair Rituel by Sisley presents the Cream 230

 In recent years, heat-styling tools have become increasingly popular, allowing us to take our appearance to the next level and revitalise tired hair by adding volume, creating straight, glossy, tamed or wavy locks, subtle curls, and more.

But the use of these tools, especially on a daily basis, weakens the hair fibre and deteriorates its vitality.
Subjected to temperatures of up to 230°C, the hair suffers and is damaged. What if heat instead of damaging the hair, restored it?
Hair Rituel by Sisley presents a new thermoactive technology, that infuses restorative active ingredients into the heart of the hair fibre to protect and enhance it. Part of the “230 Complex”, this technology draws on two ionic polymers that can actively repair under the effect of heat.
In a radical change, the powerful formula of the 230 Complex transforms “flash drying” from styling into “flash repair”.
When activated by heat, it forms an adhesive micro-gel and repairs the hair in two essential steps:
the damaged parts are sealed and breakage is repaired. The hair fibre is left glossy and, for the first time, enhanced by heat: the hair is repaired and reflects light once more.
Not only does the formula defend the fibre against the repeated effects of heat up to 230°C by surrounding the hair in an undetectable, ultralight protective barrier, it also limits the degradation of keratin.
A non-rinse hair care cream, the Cream 230 is applied to the lengths and ends of damp or dry hair before using heat-styling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners or curling irons.
It is enriched with precious botanical oils of Camellia and Moringa, which nourish and soften the hair, as well as Cotton proteins that strengthen its protein structure. Its texture melts into the hair fibre upon application.
Now strengthened, hair is nourished, silky and fully detangled. Its glossiness is restored, leaving it radiating beauty. Blow-drying is easier and styles are perfectly defined.
In addition, The Cream 230 can also be applied to dry hair to provide non-rinse nourishing care.

Images courtesy of SISLEY

Levi's® launches the new SS21 campaign "Buy Better, Wear Longer"

 Levi's® launches the new SS21 campaign "Buy Better, Wear Longer", which aims to draw attention to the harmful environmental impacts of global textile production and fashion consumption and appeals to the responsibility of each individual.

For the campaign, inspiring personalities such as Jaden Smith or Emma Chamberlain could be won, who are committed to change and, together with Levi's®, stand up for the future of our planet.

The campaign also stands for Levi's®'s long-term efforts to make its own production more sustainable and is intended to encourage other companies to take action as well.

Image courtesy of LEVI'S


Make Up For Ever presents its new skin perfecting foundation Watertone. With an aqueous and lightweight formula, this product offers a luminous and natural finish that will last all day. Resistant to perspiration and humidity, its airy texture reduces the appearance of imperfections while ensuring a radiant and hydrated complexion. This foundation very easy to apply, is available in 23 shades and promises a totally weightless effect.

Discover the novelty Make Up For Ever which is now available in the Sephora corners at Manor Genève, Vevey, Chavannes, Lausanne, Yverdon, Morges, Vesenaz, Bâle, Sion, Monthey, Emmen, Lugano, Friborg, Spreitenbach, Zurich Shopville, Zug, Berne, Balexert, Zurich Sihlcity and at

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Individual sports like running are becoming more and more popular, especially in times like these. The different surfaces and different environmental factors influence the athlete's performance. In order to protect and support the body and especially the feet of the runner, FALKE offers a wide range of products that perfectly combine functionality and design. All FALKE running socks combine optimal moisture management, thanks to a special mix of materials, with a perfect fit and anatomical padding.


When trail running, the runner moves away from the developed paths, which results in special requirements. In order to guarantee the athlete ideal protection here too, the new FALKE RU Trail offers functions specially tailored to trail running. The increased risk of twisting due to the uneven surfaces is reduced by a special compression zone in the ankle area that acts like a bandage. The tight fit in the foot area also ensures that the stocking does not slip and offers maximum support. Optimal protection inside and outside the shoe is guaranteed by a medium-thick padding. The quick-drying combination of materials keeps your feet dry, even if moisture penetrates from the outside.


The FALKE Performance Apparel collection also impresses with the selection of innovative materials and the special cut. Circular knitted T-shirts and tops made of high-quality polyamide yarns guarantee optimal wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement thanks to their precisely fitting functional zones. The tops, tights and shorts are particularly skin-friendly, quick-drying and odorless, with optimal temperature and moisture regulation.

Images courtesy of FALKE

Summer Love with Dosenbach

Finally days are getting longer again and the sky is blue. The trees full of blossoms and the warm rays of the sun are slowly getting us into the mood for the beginning of the summer days. What a wonderful feeling to walk barefoot in a meadow for the first time and to combine light summer shoes with our favorite dresses.

We like it best this summer in natural colors like beige, brown and green. Espadrilles made of leather, wedge heels with raffia details, suede look or in boho chic with lacing, a wonderful change for our outfits after the long winter!

And so that the summer look is complete, we also exchange our heavy handbags from the winter season for light and playful raffia baskets and shoulder bags with fine leather details.

Images courtesy of Dosenbach

Søstrene Grene : "HYGGE" IN THE OPEN SKY

 A new season is dawning. With a range of novelties and classics, the sisters inspire to create an atmosphere for "hygge" in the open air. There are decorative baskets and boxes, outdoor lighting and lanterns as well as tools and dishes for an atmospheric outdoor table to discover.

The new selection of garden items and tableware brings a feeling of "hygge" into the warm summer evenings. The atmospheric novelties enchant both indoor and outdoor spaces in oases of wellbeing, depending on the weather mood. The new range includes outdoor lighting, decorative baskets, practical boxes and the sisters' popular LED lamp in a new design.

The beautiful, practical baskets are used to put things together again in the evening, to store them well and to bring them into the house. When the evenings get lighter and the temperatures warmer, the sisters like to move the dining area outside. The food is prepared outdoor and the picnic is enjoyed in the open air. Included are the fine stoneware from Anna and Clara and many useful utensils for the barbecue season. In addition, the sisters are introducing a number of new products, all of which are wonderfully suited to set a wonderful outdoor atmosphere.

Images courtesy of Søstrene Grene 

Fresh & cool new fragrances for Summer at The Body Shop

Can't wait for summer to arrive? who does not look forward torelaxed days, from gardens to flowers, ripe berries, sun and good weather? To get you in the summer mood, The Body Shop is launching two vegan new body skincare ranges, available in limited edition - Fresh and floral scent Cool Daisy and Fresh Raspberry with fruity and sparkling notes. 

Fresh Raspberry

All the products in this collection contain seed oil raspberry or pulp extract raspberry. Formulated to take care normal to dry skin and wrap in a scent of raspberries blackberries: sparkling, fruity and enhanced with a green note.

 Whipped Body Butter: leaves skin feeling intensely nourished and smelling like a punnet of fresh raspberries. Hydrating Body Mist: helps cool skin down and leave skin feeling nourished. Shower Gel:good for normal to dry skin, the shower gel is made with raspberry fruit extract and is lovely and foamy, bringing a summery burst of freshness. Gel Body Scrub: made with raspberry seeds, the scrub has a lovely pulpy texture that gently exfoliates your skin, leaving it feeling cleansed, refreshed and smelling like a punnet of raspberries.

Cool Daisy

Enjoy a feeling of flowers fresh and wrap yourself in the delicate daisy fragrance invigorating with our Cool Daisy range. The limited edition body products with a vegan formula offer a boost of freshness and are perfect for summer days. They are enriched with extract of daisy and give off a fresh and floral fragrance.

Cool Daisy Body Yogurt :Good for dry, thirsty skin in need of a drink, it gives you 48hr hydration and leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. Cool Daisy Shower Gel:Good for normal to dry skin, it is enriched with daisy extract and is lovely and foamy, bringing a little refreshment to your shower routine. Cool Daisy Hydrating Body Mist: The body mist is enriched with hyaluronic acid for lightweight hydration, so it’s brilliant for dry, thirsty skin. Sinking in quickly without any stickiness, it leaves your skin feeling soothed from any dryness, with a healthy-looking glow.

I had the oppurtunity to test some of the new products of both ranges and I have to say I am already a fan. I especially love the Fresh Raspberry range as it is so juicy and delicious. You know how much I love a good scrub and the Fresh Raspberry scrub is great. The texture is fruity and pulpy and is gentle yet effective to get rid of dead skin and impurities. I love to use it with the matching shower gel for an even more fragrant burst of summer. Another highlight of the new ranges for me has to be the new Cool Daisy Body Yogurt. It has a cool and refreshing floral scent and the lightweight gel-cream gives 48h of hydration while leaving skin smooth and soft. The Cool Daisy Hydrating Body Mist is also great for when you are feeling a bit hot and bothered, keep it in your handbag and a spritz will be enough to make you feel refreshed and smelling like a fresh field of daisies.

Friday 14 May 2021

Caudalie presents Vinofresh the natural and effective new deodorant

 The highly porous, and particularly sensitive skin of your underarms can absorb certain ingredients present in many deodorants, which are sometimes controversial. Following 20 years of research undertaken with its Natural Formulation Laboratory Caudalie at last presents a natural deodorant that works for 24 hour with the goal of : no compromises between effectiveness and naturalness. The formula  is aluminum-free, bicarbonate of soda-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free, fragrance-free, and has no animal ingredients.

Vinofresh contains 98 % of natural ingredients that act in synergy to provide comfort and effectiveness:
Organic grape water soothes and thanks to its prebiotic action contributes to a healthier underarm flora, while organic eucalyptus reduces bacteria that create bad odors.

Tested by dermatologists, Vinofresh is a natural deodorant suitable for the most sensitive skin.
It can be applied to shaved and waxed skin, including while having laser hair removal treatments. Suitable for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. It is enjoyable to use thanks to its non-greasy
translucent texture. It doesn't leave any white marks, and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized.

The new Vinofresh deodorant is really what I have been waiting for, 24h natural effective deodorant. It is highly effective and makes me stay fresh all day! It's refreshing, unisex fragrance of organic eucalyptus provides an invigorating protecton throughout the day that suits women as much as men.

Images courtesy of Caudalie

Thursday 6 May 2021

Getting ready for Summer with Collistar

Summer is coming! This is definetely a good news as I love Summer, but that also means getting my body in shape for Summer dresses and crop tops! Collistar and its "Special Perfect body" products are coming to my rescue to get a Summer Body! First of all I would like to say that products can definetely help but in order to achieve my goal I am also taking regular runs outdoor and try to stay as active as I can in general. There are so many ways of exercis nowadays, if you don't have time for a full session at the gym simply try to walk more. Your lunch break or even journey home could be good oppurtunities to squeeze in a walk. It really all counts at the end of the day.

Back to the products that can help us get that Summer Body, I have picked three that I really think make a great difference on my body: Collistar Firming Talasso Scrub, Collistar Anti-Cellulite Draining Gel Mud and Collistar Anticellulite Slimming Superconcentrate Night.

It is really important to exfoliate your skin once / twice a week to smooth it out and prepare it for next treatments. I use Collistar Firming Talasso scrub with detoxifing salts, essential oils and cherry extract. It really feels as good as a SPA treatment! It combines the benefits of thalassotherapy with the properties of cherry, an Italian fruit rich in superb active ingredients. The scrub smoothes and renews skin's surface while also toning, firming and revitalizing skin. It moisturizes and nourishes skin while also regenerating and giving an immediate sensation of wellbeing. The blend of sea salts, red salt and powdered cherry stone smooths and purifies skin while getting rid of impurities. Skin is silky smooth with a fresh and deliscious scent.

Use the firming, slimming  treatment every day according to your needs! This is the second step in my routine and Collistar Anti-Cellulite Draining Gel-Mud is the right choice for me, with Slim-Drone Technology I can use it daikly without rinse. It combines the benefits of an anticellulite mud with the extraordinary efficacy of Slim-Drone Technology. This is a futuristic active ingredient that just like a drone, heads straight to its target, striking at the heart of adipose cells. It has a gel-mud no-rinse texture that is instantly absorbed. Thanks to futuristic Cosmetic Drone Technology, Slim-Drone encapsulates and releases a powerful lipolytic active ingredient Coccoloba Uvifera extract - straight inside the adipose cells.  The white mud traps and removes excess fluids and toxins, this stimulates the microcirculation, thereby helping drain interstitial liquids.

Complete your treatment routine with the anti-cellulite product tailored for you. I am using Collistar Anticellulite Slimming Superconcentrate Night. Fighting unsightly cellulite and reshaping the body at night while you sleep. The Collistar Research department has created the first night-time anticellulite treatment - a special and innovative product with a dual effect: slimming and fighting cellulite. This ambitious aim has been achieved thanks to a unique complex of three revolutionary active ingredients - the exclusive Cell-Nocturne System that takes advantage of the nocturnal biorhythms of skin tissue and follows a precise and specific strategy of action during the hours when the skin is most receptive to treatment.

The results will come but of course you need to be consistent and use the products daily / weekly to see a real difference on your body. Time to invest on yourself and your Summer body!

Bioré new Daily Detox Range

Time to give blemish-prone skin a deep cleansing detox with the new Bioré Daily Detox range. “Cannabis” is a word on everyone's lips in the beauty industry! If you are dreaming of clean pores and deeply cleansed and flawless skin the new Daily Detox range from Bioré is perfect for you. Formulated with Cannabis Seed Oil Organic Sativa, this range deeply cleanses the pores, eliminates stubborn sebum and get rid of all impurities.

Bioré's Daily Detox range offers formulas enriched with seed oil Organic Cannabis Sativa to remove the impurities of the day. Goodbye impurities and sebum linked to stress! Make way for a clean and pleasant feeling of skin! This range has been developed to meet the needs of all types of skin: dry, combination and normal, oily and prone to blemishes.

I had the oppurtunity to try the range and I was positively impressed. I must say it works really well for my skin. Wearing a face mask basically everyday my skin has become prone to blemishes especially around the chin. Using the three steps of the range I feel my skin and pores feel clean. My face feels fresh and soft everytime I use the range. I start with the first step using the Daily Detox cleanser, infused with a unique blend of Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Green Tea Extract, it gently detoxifies by deep cleaning your pores to get rid of deep down dirt, oil & pollution to help keep skin clean and breathable. Time to exfoliate skin with the Daily Detox Scrub! This creamy exfoliator polishes pores really giving you smooth healthy-looking skin. Infused with a unique blend of Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Green Tea Extract &  jojoba beads, this scrub detoxifies by gently exfoliating and removing skin-disturbing impurities, leaving skin feeling soft and nourished. Last but not least the Bioré Detox Toner. It removes daily grime, dirt, and oil 8x better than a basic cleanser and give your skin a deep cleansing detox. This toner is infused with a unique blend of Organic Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil & Green Tea Extract. It gently detoxifies by deep cleaning your pores to get rid of deep down dirt, oil & impurities. This toner is great for blemish-prone skin, helping prevent breakouts and keeping skin clear.

Images courtesy of Bioré