Thursday 30 July 2015

Welcome white smile!

The world is definetely a better place when we smile right? I think so anyway, and we all want to have a set of pearly whites to go with it right?
Certainly keeping our smile white begins with proper mouth care  as well as on a few factors:

Smoking: is one of the main factors when it comes to staining teeth. Tobacco causes some brown stains that penetrate the tooth enamel. The longer you smoke the worst the stain becomes. Smoking can also cause bad breath and gingivitis.

Food & Drink: some drinks such as red wine, fruit juices, tea and coffee can all stain teeth. Some energy drinks can also be bad in eroding tooth enamel which will cause some discolouration of the teeth. It is important to rinse the mouth after consuming these kind of drinks.

Aging: can also cause teeth to go yellow as the enamel gets thinner and this way allowing the underlying layer of yellowish dentin to show through.

So what do we have to do to maintain white teeth?

  • Brush  teeth at least three times a day and floss at least once a day
  • Consider investing in a sonic / electric brush as they might to be more effective in removing plaque and preventing stains
  • Use a daily mouthwash to enhance your dental care such as Listerine Advanced White or Dr.Hauschka Sage Mouth Wash
  • Go for regular dental check-ups 

Now to help us get that set of pearly whites here a few new products which are worth mentioning:


Black toothpaste to get whiter teeth? Yes, you heard it right! Charcoal toothpaste to be precise. This innovative black toothpaste removes discolourarion using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching while boasting oral health: Enzymes protect against tooth decay and support the salivary functions. The toothpaste has a nice refreshingly lemony taste and gives you a cooling sensation while brushing. No triclosan, no bleaching agents, no plastic particles Black is White toothpaste is made in Switzerland and can be used as a regular toothpaste with no limitations.
The Black is White toothpaste comes with an ultra soft toothbrush.


If you are more conservative and don't feel like going for the black version you can try the Curaprox White is Black Toothpaste. It has an extra mild taste and using activated carbon it removes discolouration without abrading or bleaching. Same as the black version it doesn't contain triclosan, plastic particles or bleaching agents.


Dr.Hauschka Med Sage Mouthwash helps to prevent inflammation inside the mouth and stabilises oral flora, thereby stopping unhealthy bacteria from growing. Dr.Hauschka Med Sage Mouthwash is made with antibacterial herbal extracts such as sage and myrrh and does a great job in protecting teeth and gums from diseases. These healing herbs have blended with fresh-scented essentials oils to keep your breath smelling great.


The unique formula of Listerine Advanced White fights against stain and keeps further discolouration at bay.
Three powerful essential oils combine to kill germs left behind after brushing. Fluoride helps to toughen and strengthen teeth while polyphosphate technology lift stains to give naturally white teeth. The advanced formula also combats bad breath.

Make time for your daily dental routine and enjoy a happier, healthier smile all day long!!

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Black, white denim and a pop of yellow!

This outifit really puts me in a good mood and I am hoping it will have the same effect on you! 
I think it is very summery as i finally managed to try out the combination Black/ White / Yellow
Well, let's talk through this outfit one bit at the time.. first of all where it all came from? The top and ripped jeans are from Zara and I just got them the day before. Great sales finds to tell you the truth! I had been looking for a pair or ripped jeans for the Summer..well I finally found them! They are a nice shade of white, ripped, stylish and also very comfy! During my trip at Zara I also managed to score a few Summer tops and this little black number was one of them. I love it! It is simple but with enough details to make it look different. I just think the contrast between the black of the top and the white denim is always a winner! To bring a pop of colour into the outfit and to cheer the all look up I worn my Marc by Marc Jacobs yellow tote which is just perfect for a hot Summer night. My Michael Kors watch and bracelet were once again my accessories of choice. As I was heading to the Dr.Hauschka Ladies night Event held at Zurichhorn on Lake Zurich I made the right choice to go for Converse as my hubby and I had a long lakeside walk to get to the event. 
I had a great night! I don't know you but I just love Summer nights!



Jeans: ZARA
Necklace: H&M
Sunglasses: SPEKTRE

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Sunday at Paleo Festival

On Saturday thanks to Switcher I had the great pleasure to attend the Paleo Festival in Nyon. It was my first time at the festival so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.
The first thing I noticed were the many families, probably thanks to the school holidays and the fact that it was a Sunday they were really numerous and the kids seemed to make the best of the bad weather playing around like mad in the mud!
It is so great that a music festivaé can attract people from all ages and bring families together.
Unfortunately the next thing I noticed was the bad turned out to be a very rainy Sunday at Paleo which made the Festival Village a big muddy field but this certainly didn’t affect the spirit of the many Festivalgoers which seem to be enjoying themselves regardless of the weather.
After all it wouldn’t really be a festival without some muddy wellies, right?
I wasn’t prepared for it but thanks to the many stands at the Paleo I got myself a not very glamourous but certainly very useful raincoat.
At least I managed to keep dry for a bit while French comedian Kev Adams took the stage.
He certainly managed to amuse everyone with his funny gigs and jokes for the best part of the night.
It was the last day of what has been a  very successful edition of the Paleo which was closed beautifully by a great firework display and the performance of David Guetta.
Unfortunately the bad weather got the worst of me in the end and I had to leave early but no worries I shall be back next year hopefully with better weather!

See you next year Paleo!

Thank you Switcher !

Dr.Hauschka Salt Ladies Night in Zurich

 On Thursday night in the occasion of the Salt Ladies Night in Zurich, Dr.Hauschka hosted a lovely event with their International Make up artist Karim Sattar who took time to present the new make up trends.  The trends for the Summer seem to be focusing on the eyes and eyebrows.
Following this trend Dr.Hauschka is launching a new Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette which we were able to preview at the event.
The four perfectly tailored colour tones in the palette will make any woman's eyes shine!
Carefully selected colours, silky textures and gentle extracts of medicinal plants  make the Dr. Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette a true must-have!
The shades ranging from sand, light brown to anthracite can be used for a subtle daytime make up look or to create a more dramatic look for the evening. The wonderful thing about this palette is that it can be used not only on eyelids but also on the eyebrows.

The Dr.Hauschka Limited Edition palette will be available from August 15th 2015 in an exclusive packaging with a dual-purpose eye and eyebrow brush. With the palette you will also find a very useful brochure with instructions on how to create four beautiful looks using the palette. Can't wait to try out the looks for myself!

Dr. Hauschka Make Up

Dr. Hauschka Make up Artist Karim Sattar

Brushes, brushes..

After the lovely make up presentation by Karim Sattar us ladies were able to enjoy the movie "Dirty Dancing" under the stars at a beautiful location by the lake. What a lovely night all in all!

Thank you Dr.Hauschka for the great night!

Clinique presents the new Turnaround Revitalizing Range

Two weeks ago I was invited to a lovely Clinique event in Zurich to discover the new Turnaround products.
The event was held at Globus at the Clinique Counter, it was really great to hear all the details about the new products directly from the place where they get sold and where I usually go to stock up on my skincare favourites!
The Turnaround Revitalizing  range  really energizes and revitalizes this way skin looks fresh and with an healthy glow everyday: HALLO GLOW!

Well if you are a Clinique fan like me you probably can't wait to hear about the new products right?
The new Turnaround Revitalizing products are the Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer, the Revitalizing Turnaround Serum the new Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizer, the new Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil, the new Turnaroung Revitalizing Instant Facial  and the new Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion.

The new Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizer is a oil-free, lightweight hydrator which delivers a fresh, luminous wide awake glow. It is suitable for any skin tone and it will boost the radiance without that nasty oily shine.

The new Turnaround Treatment Oil is a silky-light oil which nourishes skin and gives you a healthy radiance. It locks in revitalizing moisture for a supple look, softer feel as well as refining texture, too. It suitable for all skin types.

The new Turnaround Revitalizing Lotion is a soothing, alcohol-free lotion which infuses skin with energy and essential hydration. Skin is immediately softer, more supple with restored radiance. The lotion is oil-free and suitable for all skin types. ( Available exclusively at Clinique Counter)

The  Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturizer works overnight to reveal more luminous skin. It delivers the energy infusion skin needs to optimize nighttime renewal. It gently clears the dulling effects of time and sun damage, nourishes with moisture.

The new Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial delivers radiance and smoothness in a gentle way. It is oil-free and revs up cell turnover to reveal skin that's fresher more vibrant instantly.

Turnaround Revitalizing Serum is a high-power oil-free serum which optimizes cell renewal to continually reveal fresher, healthier-looking skin. It also helps bringing vibrant new cells to the surface for a refined, uniform texture and renewed healthy glow. Skin looks energized, feels velvety smooth.

 available now at
your Clinique Counter and

I was given some products samples at the events and I am currently testing them so stay tuned for more news on them! During the event I also had the oppurtunity to have a skin check to determine which products are suitable for my skin and I will certainly will do a post on that, too to present  and review them to you.

Thanks Clinique for the great evening!

Monday 27 July 2015

Omega European Masters in Crans Montana with Nescens

On Saturday, we were kindly invited by Nescens to the Omega European Masters in Crans Montana.
It was a glorious day and my hubby and I really had an amazing time watching golf while enjoying the gorgeous views of the mountains.
The  Omega European Masters is surely one of the most prestigious golf cometition in Europe and the Crans-sur-Sierre Golf Club is without a doubt one of the most spectacular golf courses on the Tour.
The tournament has reached its 69th Edition and has seen players such as Ballesteros, Olazabal, Montgomerie and Garcia win the coveted trophy.
This year the tournament took place in July ( 23rd-26th) and finished yesterday celebrating the tournament winner Englishman Danny Willett.

The day however wasn't all about golf and I enjoyed stopping by the Nescens' stand at the Golf Village to have a look at all the new products and came away with a few samples. 
Josy the Training Manager of Nescens took time to show me the products and shared with me some great insider tips  which I can't wait to share with you, so stay tuned for some news on Nescens' products in my next articles! It was a great mix of sports and beauty day, two of my biggest passions!

Thanks Nescens for the great day!

Glorious lips for a radiantly beautiful smile

This intensely moisturising oxygen booster specifically supplies the delicate area of the mouth with oxygen. The skin is being refreshed, energised and aglow with youthful vibrancy. 
Pioneering patented oxygen technology extracted from algae binds oxygen, providing ideal amounts to stimulate both cell metabolism and collagen production. 
Enriched with a collagen complex, Swiss Smile Glorious Lips promotes longterm cell production. It also contains a highly potent ectoin complex, which intensely moisturises the skin for in-depth revitalisation. 
This innovative ingredient combination helps to visibly fill and smooth out minor lines and wrinkles using oxygen, moisture and collagen. The reduction of lines in the lip and mouth area results in an even skin surface and a glowing, young-looking skin.
A cooling applicator enables the fluid‘s sparing and simple application to the sensitive mouth region. Moisturising Oxygen Booster is absorbed instantly, leaving a smooth and supple skin feeling.

Swiss Smile Glorious Lips Oxygen Booster
 Available now
 in selected pharmacies and upmarket department stores, 
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