Tuesday 30 May 2017

KIKO MILANO ACTIVE FLUO Limited Edition Collection

Active Fluo is the third of seven capsule collections to mark KIKO's 20th anniversary designed by Arthur Arbesser one of the most promising fashion designer on an international level.
The designer has created a unique collection that combines graphics motifs, fantasy and bols colours with essential and clean shape. The makeup is definetely vibrant, with fluorescent colours loaded with energy to give you a look which will surely see you stand out from the crowd.
Sport is very much present in this collection with the passion, energy and technical performance revived in specific products designed to maximize durability and makeup resistance. Along with the bright neon packaging Arthur Arbesser has designed a summer clutch and a smart phone holder the must-have accessory for any sport lover.
Bold fuchsia lips, neon nails and bright eyes are surely what create the stand out look of this capsule collection.
Have fun with the Active Fluo Eyeshadow palette cointaining six bright colours with a matte finish, the texture is blendable and glides on really easily. I am loving the Active Fluo Neon Eyeliner Pencils that  become fluorescent when exposed to UV light. The Fluo Neon Lipsticks available in three shades: Stronger Coral, Powerful Fuchsia and Vigourous Blue are beautiful matte lipsticks which also change colour when exposed to UV light. The great thing is that the lipsticks come in shades which can be perfectly matched to the collection's lip pencils.


Active Fluo Primer

Active Fluo Neon Lipstick
Stronger Coral

Active Fluo Neon Lipstick
Powerful Fuchsia

Vigourous Blue 

Active Fluo Neon Lip & Body Pencil
Powerful Fuchsia

Active Fluo Eyeshadow Palette

Limited Edition Collection
is available at KIKO MILANO Stores
and on

Monday 29 May 2017

Pure Color Love!

Estée Lauder presents Pure Color Love Lipstick, a collection of 30 gorgeous lipsticks with four different finishes. Discover the vibrant, rich and bold Mattes which feel weight-less, are very long-lasting to give you that just applied look for hours.
Or why not discover the new Chremes, Chromes and Shimmers with a delicious and balmy texture they work well on their own or mixed and remixed with the other colours.
There are no rules in love and is the same with our Pure Color Love Lipsticks, you can play with them, have fun creating gorgeous new shades by mixing and remixing the colours together and create your individual look.
The colours are all beautiful, fun and daring and with good-for-you ingredients they are also set to care for our lips, by smoothing them and renewing moisture while giving you 100 % comfort to wear.

Ombré Lips are very trendy right now so why not have a go and try to create them with Pure Color Love Lipsticks?
One shade goes from outside in, one from inside out and then you blend them where they meet in the midle.

  • Loves Me, Loves Me Not Bar Red (outside) + Raw Sugar (inside)
  • Crazy in Love Juiced Up (outside) + Crazy Beautiful (inside)
  • Stoke The Flame: Proven Innocent (outside) + Hot Rumor (inside)

  • Or try out the Mono Chrome Lip by overlaying the Cooled Chrome finish on top of other shades and take your look from day to night!

  • Love on the Rocks: Rebel Glam (base) + Moon Rock (layer)
  • Date Night Rendezvous: Love Object (base) + Nova Noir (layer)
  • Bad Romance: Haute & Cold (base) + Pocket Venus (layer)

    is available now
    at your Estée Lauder Counter
    and on

    Let's have a frootlicious summer with MAC Fruity Juicy

    MAC is taking us to a wonderful tropical vacation with its limited edition Fruity Juicy Collection. The frootlicious collection has first of all has a packaging to die for full of vibrant colours and  prints of fruits and florals which makes us want to take a vacation on the spot! Anyway MAC is bringing the tropics to us with this wonderfully summery collection.
    With the focus on beautifully bronzed skin this summer collection has everything you could wish for to achieve that gorgeous summer glow!
    The limited edition collection boasts four bronzing powders, liquid highligthers and a multi-functional bronzer, highlighter and blush the Pearlmatte Face Powder as well as a delicious smelling coconut Prep+ Prime Fix +. I am a huge fan of the Coconut version as it really smells like summer and as well as setting my makeup it is also great to freshen up on hot days.
    The collection however also includes some eyepalettes, some must-haves lipsticks and Cremesheen lipglasses, a makeup bag and brushes all with the same fruity juicy gorgeous prints.
    The four lipsticks are gorgeous and enough to make me trade it my nudes for these vibrant shades with my favourite being Love at First Bite a gorgeous bright fuchsia and Si Si Me a deep violet shade.
    My favourite item of the collection has to be the Pearlmatte Face Powder in Oh My Passion, beautifully decorated with flowers and tropical prints this face powderd has so many uses and I love it!
    Use it all over your face as a luminous base or as a blush on cheeks for that beautiful sun-kissed effect.
    So what are you waiting shake up your summer with this frootilicious collection!

    Shy Girl

    Si Si Me

    Love at First Bite

    Cremesheen Glass
    La Salsa

    Cremesheen Glass
    Shake Shake Shake

    Eyeshadow x 6
    Oh My Banana

    Pearl Matte Face Powder
    Oh My Passion

    Prep + Prime Fix +

    Limited Edition
    available now at
    MAC Locations
    MAC Stores

    Friday 26 May 2017

    A cool Summer breeze with Batiste "Bare Natural & Light"

     Summer is fast approaching, time for for lightness and freshness in place of the heavy winter fragrances. Batiste is launching the new Dry Shampoo "Bare Natural & Light" is just perfect for Summer. It exhales Summer vibes and gives hair a gorgeous beach look!
    Summertime is all about spending time outside, lightweight dresses and flip-flop so of course hair also need to be ready for Summer as sweat and heat can quickly give us a bad hair day. The new "Bare Natural & Light" will be your best friend this Summer as it will refresh your hair without heavy fragrances and without weighing down the hair.
    It even gives back volume to hair after all your outdoor activities so keep it handy in your bag and refresh your look in a flash!

    Bare Natural & Light
    is available from June 2017
    Coop City
    and on

    Wednesday 24 May 2017

    NESPRESSO Explorations: one of a kind coffee collection

    Become a true coffee connaiseur thanks to Nespreeso's new two Limited Editions Explorations 1. This one of a kind collection of unique coffees are considered gems by coffee experts. Twice a year Nespresso will invite you to join the Explorations community and to taste these coffees, renowned for their remarkable taste.
    The two Explorations 1 coffees are Laos Bolaven Plateau and Kenya Peaberry and are available together as duo pack. The two coffees are sold together due to their histories and their contrasting aromas.

    Laos Bonaven Plateau

    Laoso Bonaven Plateau is a region which sits at thirteen-hundred metres above sea leavel blessed with its own microclimate and where rainfall and humidity is high all year round. Coffees from Laos are known for their distinctive cereal notes and green vegetal personality.
    Nespresso gave a small portion of the beans a dark and long roast and the larger portion a lighter, short roast. The result is a 100% washed Arabica espresso with a round and balanced flavour and  all of the heightened cereal notes and fine acidity Nespresso set out to unlock.
    Nespresso recommends drinking Laos Bolaven Plateau black to best experience the aroma and if drunk with milk, better drinking it as a Latte Macchiato.

    Kenya Peaberry 

    Kenya's renowned plant varieties characterised by prominent acidity, rich berry notes and silky mouthfell make this region unique and Kenya is often referred as "The King of Coffees".
    Nespresso used 100% Arabica Peaberry beans, these are highly prized beans which have all the distinctive qualities of Kenyan coffee. A unique a carefully crafted roasting profile allowed Nespresso to unlock the potential of this bean and to control its fine acidity and fruity notes.

    is available now for a limited time
    at Nespresso Boutiques
    and on

    OLAPLEX the game changer in hair-care

    As a girl who has been colouring and highlighting her hair since my high-school years I take very seriously my haircare regimen and that is why I love Olaplex. I noticed a huge difference in my hair's condition since I have been having Olaplex treatements.
    I am not exagerating when I say that Olaplex has completely changed the game in haircare. It is a simple three-step process which includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to look out for broken bonds in the hair caused by chemical and thermal damage.
    Olaplex can be used to restore damaged hair or as an added salon service to provide hair breakage.
    The first two steps: No. 1 Bond Multiplier and No. 2 Bond Perfector are performed at your hairsalon by professionals. The Bond Multiplier is the first step towards rebuilding bonds, preventing damages and repairing hair while the second step continues to rebuild and restore broken bonds and ensure for healthy and shiny hair.
    The final step Olaplex No. 3 is the final step which you can do at home and provides for continuos protection from damages in-between salons visits.
    The Olaplex No. 3 really provides constant protection even long after my hair has been coloured it ensures my hair stays shiny, strong and healthy.
    I use it as weekly treatment on towel-dried hair and leave it to act for around 10 minutes then rinse it and wash my hair as usual.
    Olaplex no. 1 and 2  are treatments which are particularly suitable for hair that is chemically or mechanically damaged while no. 3 can be used just about on any hair type. Use it as a boost to your hair if you feel you went a bit overboard with the heat-styler or with colouring and restore shiny and healthy hair.

    Dr.Hauschka Sage Mouthwash is now available as a practical limited edition travel size!

    Dr. Hauschka Sage Mouthwash is now available also as a practical limited edition 100 ml travel size for all your Summer travels and holidays.
    Dr. Hauschka Med has proven an effective support in teeth cleaning and gives that confident feeling of fresh breath. It ensures good hygiene especially in places that toothbrushes and dental floss can not reach. It supports healthy teeth and gums while providing protection against bacteria.
    Now thanks to the practical travel size you can take it everywhere, keep it handy in your bag and thanks to the 100 ml size you can also carry it on your hand luggage on airplanes.

    Sage Mouthwash
    is available now
    at selected retailers

    Yves Rocher new Concetrated Shower Gels reinvent shower time while respecting the planet!

    Yves Rocher is reinventing shower time with a new concentrated shower gel that preserves all the quality and pleasure of your usual shower gel while respecting the planet. As shower time is truly the moment of the day to reenergize and take care of ourselves so why not try the complete range of Concentrated Shower Gels, available in Olive Petitgrain, Mango Coriander and Bourbon Vanilla?
    They all boast an innovative and sensorial formula and one dose is enough for a good shower. The 100 ml Concentrated Shower Gel is wonderful as it gives you the same number of showers as a classic 400ml shower gel.
    This of course helps to reduce waste and contributes to respecting the planet.

    Concetrated Shower Gels
    are available from June 2017