Thursday 30 April 2020


Whether fresh, explosive or with citrus aromas, the latter are invited to our terraces. The brands of the Moët Hennessy group offer you do it yourself recipes in order to become the best barman in the house. Each whiskey, cognac, vodka or champagne will give your favorite cocktail a note, a color and a unique character.

The very fresh Hennessy Citrus

Nothing like tasting a Hennessy citrus cocktail, characterized by its freshness, to disconnect and enjoy the rays of the sun on our terrace. Why does Hennessy V.S. (Very Special) go particularly well with lime? Reflecting the expertise of Maison Hennessy, Hennessy Very Special maintains an inimitable style over time thanks to the careful selection of the most expressive and characteristic spirits, which are aged for several years in French oak barrels. How to prepare a citrus cocktail?

The original Old Fashioned

If you are in a classic mood despite the arrival of good weather, Glenmorangie Nectar D'Or whiskey, with its brilliant golden color and topaz reflection, is the perfect summer whiskey. After 12 years of aging in Sauternes barrels, it has acquired excellence and impeccable elegance. Its aromas are fleshy and juicy like raisins, dates, the warmth of ginger, coconut or nutmeg. How to recreate a hot summer day in a cocktail glass?

Lunar Eclipse

If you prefer your cocktail to have an explosive effect, Ardbeg 10 is your best ally. This whiskey is known worldwide as the most peaty, smokiest and most complex single mat. With its seductive "golden" color and not cold filtered, Ardbeg 10 offers a blend of vanilla and spices on the nose. Find out how to cast a magic spell with Ardbeg on a summer night!

Red flamingo

For vodka lovers, Belvedere Pure vodka brings delicious nuances. It has more pronounced rye aromas and its bouquet is reminiscent of sea air, toasted rye bread and caramel. Let Belvedere seduce you with a colorful cocktail!


Codex Beauty introduces the Bia collection - which was developed by plant scientist Tracey Ryan. A skincare range that comes from the forests and rocky coasts of Ireland. This unisex collection is designed for holistic facial care: for cleaning, moisturizing and protecting the skin for a radiant look.
Bia is the result of a combination of traditional Irish herbal knowledge and the latest advances in biotechnology to create effective formulas. In the spirit of innovation that distinguishes Codex Beauty, this line has led to the development of a unique patent, the BiaComplex. It is a mixture of infusions with deeply nourishing and moisturizing macerated oils. A complete skin care product that uses the best of nature for balanced and healthy skin.
The products are available online and at Biomazing. 

Wednesday 29 April 2020

Charming eye-catcher for balcony, garden or window sill: design your own geranium planters

In this unusual time, Pelargonium for Europe wants to create a positive distraction, because flowers and plants are balm for the soul. Gardening has been shown to raise mood, relax and even help people feel less lonely. 

With their vibrant colors and lush flowers, geraniums are definitely a popular summer decoration and a welcome gift for any hostess. But only a self-designed planter makes it an original eye-catcher or an individual gift. The experts from Pelargonium for Europe present fresh ideas for DIY geranium pots that can make in a short time without a lot of crafting skill.

Colorful pompom pots

Geranium pots with fun guarantee: pompom ribbons, ric-rac and other trimmings and ribbons quickly transform the colorful plastic pots from the garden center into individual design objects in the trendy boho style.
For this idea, simply hot-glue a mix of trimmings and ribbons. Pink and lilac geraniums look absolutely adorable in these fuchsia and turquoise pots. Tip: The pots should be completely clean and dry before gluing on the decorations.

Fun garden baskets

With little effort, simple baskets become individual plant containers for the summer garden, in which the lushly blooming geraniums come into their own. You will need: simple basket jars, felt in the desired color, letter stencils, a pen, scissors and hot glue. Tip: The effect is particularly beautiful when the colors of the felt and the flowers match. And this is how it works: In the first step, draw the required letters on the felt using the templates. It is advisable to work in mirror writing so that the drawn lines are not visible later. Tip: You can also do without templates for an even more individual result. Then you cut out the drawn letters with sharp scissors or fabric scissors. Finally glue the cut letters with hot glue the right way round onto the basket. Tip: An uneven arrangement of the letters makes the lettering appear more lively.

Romantic woolly wrapper

Felt wool, coarse wire mesh and skillful fingers are all you need to turn a simple planter into a real little treasure.  And this is how it is done: First cut the wire mesh to the required width and length. To estimate the correct size, it is best to place the wire mesh loosely around the planter. Then thread the wool through the grid in strips. Irregular spacing make the result appear more lively. Once the entire wire mesh is covered with wool, the two ends of the grid must still be connected. Finally, cover the planter with the wool cover and place the geranium in the pot. Finished!

PHYTO NOVATRIX Fortifying Energizing Lotion

Lack of energy, fatigue, loss of resistance, hair can also know phases of decline in tone. Hair lack force and the capillary mass decreases. The scalp becomes more visible and styling becomes more difficult. Even without a real hair loss, faced with this lack of density and of vitality, anxiety sets in.
With PHYTO NOVATHRIX Shampoo and Treatment, Phytosolba Laboratories provided an avant-garde response to hair loss.Today, they are extending their expertise in the service of loss of tone and resistance and create the Fortifying Energizing Lotion.
True ally of everyday life with immediate effects, it invigorates and restores hair from the body to the capillary mass. This fresh and light fluid, formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin, acts as a whip lash on the hair. Its exceptional active ingredients promote the growth of stronger and more resistant hair and its active sheathing texture instantly injects body and volume to the hair without greasing or sticking.The results are not expected. The hair is immediately reenergized, more resistant and easy to style.
It is really to use and you can apply it daily without rinsing. Just distribute 6 sprays on dry or wet scalp and massage vigorously. Finish with 2 to 3 sprays along the lengths to help with styling.
The new product in the PHYTO NOVATHRIX range is available now at Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality pharmacies.

Tuesday 28 April 2020


Glam heels and embossed soles meet bright colors: according to the motto "Color up", singer Rita Ora and DOSENBACH are launching their new Spring/ Summer collection 2020. The 35 brand new models in strong colors like orange, pink, red , blue and yellow are perfect to stand out from the crowd in the spring and summer months and show who you really are. 

'' Love who you are, put yourself out there and show the world what you got '' 
'is the core message of the collection. And that's exactly what we're going to do.

Dare! The Rita Ora collection encourages you to have courage and to hide from nothing and nobody. We don't need that either. We do the same as the flower fields and cherry blossom trees and blossom completely. So much so that the collection surprises everyone with its looks. The current trends of the season are combined in the 35 models: chunky sneakers, metallics, glam heels, platform sandals and strappy models are the core of the new collection. Whether for a Sunday walk, dance at the best friend's wedding or have a long-awaited date: the shoes from the collection will make you stand out in any situation.

Cool sneakers with embossed soles, color blocking and metallic elements stand for a sporty, trendy look, while sling-backs and loafers in a crocodile look perfectly complement a chic summer style. Other highlights of the collection are flat sandals in shimmering statement colors and wedge sandals. Summer, here we come!
Collection expected to be available at all DOSENBACH branches and online from May 25th 2020

Images courtesy of DOSENBACH

Sunday 26 April 2020


Levi’s ®Sculpt stands for innovative stretch denim technology that smoothes, tightens and shapes your contours. This season Levi’s® has given its Sculpt Jeans models an update with new, innovative stretch materials.

The 4 WAY stretch quality is now characterized by two different lycra fibers with different stretch properties. When moving, the second Lycra fiber is activated and increases flexibility and comfort. In addition, it provides shaping and sculpting effects. There is probably no other pair of jeans that is so comfortable, flexible and absolutely dimensionally stable. The new hyperstretch material also contains Tencel - an ultra-soft, high-tech fiber made from recycled pulp. This composition makes the jeans uniquely soft and supple.

The Levi’s® Sculpt Jeans are ultra flexible, very dimensionally stable and never wear out even with frequent wear. The comfortable denim fabric hugs your natural curves, offers support in the right places and fits perfectly.
The collection is now available on and hopefully soon again in the Levi's® stores.

Tuesday 21 April 2020

JOHN FRIEDA Violet Crush

John Frieda®, the No. 1 German brand for blonde hair knows that the blonde hair needs special care. 32% of Swiss women are blond, and 89% of them lighten their blonde or have blonde highlights.However, the desired blonde often changes a few weeks after the visit to the hairdresser and unwanted discolourations become visible. The colour is no longer radiant, fresh and even, but dull, brassy and uneven.

"Brassy reflections appear mainly due to the initial color of the
hair, the one from which the color is changed to blonde. The darker
the hair before coloring and the more the pigments are of different
color, especially red, the more the lightening without bleaching becomes
difficult, which promotes the development of yellow reflections. 
A diy dye, or a too short colour application 
can cause such reflections. That's when the silver shampoos
can be useful"
Andreas Wild, Senior Stylist for John Frieda®

With Violet Crush, John Frieda® now offers the perfect anti-brass solution. Unlike most recognized silver shampoos, hair experts by John Frieda® use a combination of purple and blue pigments in Violet Crush. According to color theory, blue not only fights yellow tones, but balances also orange tones.
Crush brassy tones for cooler, brighter blonde hair in 1 use. With crushed violet and blue pigments, this rich formula instantly transforms even the most stubborn brassy yellow and orange tones into cooler, brighter blonde.

Images courtesy of JOHN FRIEDA


La Prairie has introduced a new chapter in the Science of Light to address the place of shape in a world of light.Shape and its influence on how light interacts with the planes of the face and in particular the graceful curve of the brow, the contour of the lid, the mystery of the lashline is the defining element of the eye’s architecture. Inspired by Le Corbusier’s remarks on light and shape, the scientists at La Prairie sought to explore how light reveals shape and how shape reveals light – particularly in the three-dimensional landscape of the eye area. The result of their findings is White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire, a rich, delicate creation that illuminates the unique architecture of the eye – an area of curves and angles, creating contrasts and shadows.
In 2019, La Prairie introduced the Equation of Light, which expresses skin luminosity as a function of colour and reflection. For the eye area, however, an additional element needs to be introduced to the Equation of Light. Due to the eye’s three-dimensional architecture, light in this area of the face not only depends on colour and reflection, but also on shape. Colour and reflection determine the quality and intensity of light as a function of skin conditions. Shape orchestrates the spatial distribution of intensities of reflected light, creating a pattern of contrasts between shadows and light. White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is designed to address all three aspects. Skin’s colour spectrum is made up of naturally occurring pigments associated with different skin layers. These pigments absorb light which results in a reduction of the intensity of the light reflected from the skin. With age, the amount of these pigments increases, diminishing the natural luminosity of the complexion and leading to skin that appears older than it actually is. These colour disturbances are particularly noticeable in the eye area, where skin is naturally thinner.
Light reflects perfectly off the smooth surface and from deep within from the dense network of collagen.Over time, the skin’s surface texture becomes uneven and lines appear. In parallel, within the skin, the collagen network loses density and structure. Skin’s ability to reflect light is impaired, its natural luminosity dulled. With time, the eye area loses its firmness and density, resulting in lax, thin skin under the eye, at the inner corner of the eye and at the temple. This skin laxity, paired with under-eye bags and puffiness, crow’s feet and wrinkles mean a less defined eye contour, leading to more prominent shadows and less luminosity in the eye area. White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is enriched with the breakthrough illuminating molecule Lumidose – the most potent inhibitor of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the formation of melanin. The formula intensely targets grey, brown, yellow, red and violet chromatic disturbances that can dull skin’s natural light and boosts the reflection of light from the skin, illuminating it. Infused with Golden Caviar Extract, the unctuous formula helps to increase collagen production and redensify the dermal extracellular matrix network, refining the eye’s shape and optimising skin’s ability to reflect light. An extraordinary luminosity in the eye area is revealed. Enhanced with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, which uses cutting-edge biotechnological research to give new life and energy back to the very cells where beauty is born, White Caviar Eye üExtraordinaire helps to restore firmness and elasticity of the eye area, contributing to a younger-looking skin that is better able to reflect light.
The clean lines of the pearlescent, cylindrical White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire vessel are punctuated by a brilliant, sculpted ring that evokes the collection’s namesake caviar beads. The high-polish silver cap opens like a jewel box to reveal an integrated, lightreflecting mirror. With a press of the sleek inverted button, an innovative airless pump – designed to preserve the illuminating properties of Lumidose –is activated, releasing the perfect dose of pristine white cream for extraordinary luminosity. White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is complemented by the Ceramic Pearl to massage, soothe and de-puff the skin of the eye area, while further enhancing the efficacy of the cream. The Ceramic Pearl is an extraordinary tool with a rotating sphere providing a cool touch. The rolling action allows a gentle massage that increases lymphatic drainage and stimulates microcirculation. This favours the delivery of nutrients and facilitates the removal of toxins, helping to visibly alleviate under-eye bags and dark circles. White Caviar Eye Extraordinaire is the Science of Light elevated to an art.

Images and text courtesy of LA PRAIRIE

Sunday 19 April 2020


COLLISTAR presents its latest innovation: LIFT HD® an innovative anti-aging line that contrasts skin relaxation, relaxes the features of the oval and raises the countour of the face. This range of products acts at 360 ° in the fight against the signs of aging, guaranteeing an immediate lifting effect and a progressive and global anti-aging action. The super-technological Tens-Activ®, an unpublished active of plant origin, wraps the face in a three-dimensional matrix which, like an invisible tensor lattice, ensures for an immediate lifting effect.
The exclusive Lift HD® Complex combines a precious brown seaweed extract with a powerful bioactive tetrapeptide to revitalize the dermo-epidermal activity and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

COLLISTAR LIFT HD Ultra-Lifting Face and Neck Cream is much more than just an anti-age cream, this extraordinary cream captures the pure essence of youth. As soon as it’s applied, Tens-Activ® creates an instant lifting effect which minimizes wrinkles and defines the contours of the face. The precious active ingredients used in Lift HD® Complex guarantee powerful, intense anti-age effects: the skin is gradually restructured, the epidermis is firmer and more elastic, the appearance of wrinkles is visibly reduced and the face looks younger again. Special multi-reflecting powders capture the light, diffusing it harmoniously and creating incredible luminosity and absolute perfection. Rich and nourishing, the cream is absorbed easily.

The Mask-Cream Night Recovery Face and Neck is powerful night treatment that restructures and regenerates the epidermis at 360 °. Taking advantage of the nocturnal biorhythms of the skin, this mask acts according to a precise and programmed strategy that stimulates the ability to self-repair the skin tissues. Key ingredient is a special microalgae extract that optimizes the regeneration mechanisms of skin DNA and counteracts cellular aging from oxidative stress. During the night, while the receptivity of the epidermis is at its maximum, this principle works in association with Lift HD® Complex and Tens-Activ® and carries out a complete restructuring of the skin texture. Upon awakening the skin is incredibly smooth and plumped, as if transformed. Night after night the anti-aging action becomes more evident, the size and depth of wrinkles is reduced, the face acquires new tone and firmness.

The Ultra-Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Cream is an extraordinary injection of youth for the eye and lip area. Thanks to Tens-Activ®, this specialty immediately ensures an immediate lifting effect and a targeted regenerating, revitalizing and anti-aging action over time. Its formula makes use of the unprecedented combination of Lift HD® Complex and an extract of Horse Chestnut Flowers to restore the compactness of the eye area and lip contour, reducing wrinkles, 'lifting' the eyelids and giving new youth to the treated areas . It also contains special multi-reflective powders that, by harmoniously spreading the light, minimize the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

Friday 17 April 2020

AKYADO ma crème Do-CBD

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread globally, we are constantly recommended to wash our hands frequently and thoroughly as it is one of the most effective ways of prevention.
The only problem is that frequent hand-washing can cause our hands to become really dry and irritated. Hands can even start cracking or become inflamed.
What can we do to care for our hands? AKYADO ma crème Do-CBD is the perfect product to repair skin but also reduce damage cause by frequent hand washing.
For all skin types ma-crème Do-CBD can be used not only on hands but all over your body and is 96% natural and cointains 0% THC. It provides long-lasting hydration as well as relieving inflammations and irritations. It also protects from the effect of pollution and stimulates skin's regeneration.

RITUALS: The Ritual of Jing

Inspired by the ancient Chinese concept of Jing, representing calmness, stillness and tranquility, The Ritual of Jing helps you to create a personal sanctuary and cultivate the art of calm and tranquility with more meaningful routines. Featuring essential oils -such as lavender, sacred lotus, sacred wood and jujube- designed to promote a calm and tranquil state of mind, this collection helps you to discover your path to inner peace.
The SLEEP RANGE includes: Magnesium Bath Crystals, Shower Oil, Hand Mask, Foot Balm, Pillow Mist, Eye Pillow, Dry Oil, Sleep Serum, Massage Candle and Sleep Tea.
The RELAX RANGE includes: Foaming Shower Gel, Hair & Body Mist, Body Cream, Anti-perspirant Stick, Anti-perspirant Spray, Bath Foam, Body Scrub, Hand Lotion, Relaxing Serum, Scented Candle, Relax Tea, Fragrance Sticks, Parfum d'Interieur, Calming Shampoo and Conditioner.
The products in the SLEEP RANGE really help in promoting the quality of your sleep. Finish your day with a warm and peaceful fragrance with products that help you having a serene and tranquil feeling. I can recommend the Sleep Serum, a really easy-to-use roller that produces a light cream that combines the calming effects of Sacred Wood with sleep enhancing benefits of Lavender. Massage the roller gently on your temples, forehead and neck to help you set your mind to sleep.
I am also a fan of the Pillow Mist, the relaxing fragrance for pillow and linen can really help in transforming your bedtime routine into a sleep-promoting routine.
The RELAX range is made of products infused with ingredients that are known to help alleviate stress as well as create a calme state of mind and a sense of peace.
I am a huge fan of the Scented Candle, enhanced with the floral and warming fragrance of Sacred Lotus and Jujube this luxurious candle really brings a calming and soothing aroma to your home. And why not pair the scented candle with the Fragrance Sticks made of the same aroma they make for a perfect match to create a calming experience around your home.

Images courtesy of RITUALS

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Kneipp brings a breath of Spring freshness to our bathroom!

It is Spring! But unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic many of us have to  spend time confined between four walls to stay safe and save lives. What better occasion to take some time to take care of our mind and body? Kneipp® brings a breath of spring freshness to our bathroom transforming it into a home-spa!
The new Kneipp® sheet masks are made from 100% natural viscose. They follow the contours of the face like a second skin, without slipping. The active ingredients of the sheet masks, in direct contact with the skin, penetrate deeply and provide intense. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and enjoy the moment. The effect is visible immediately: the skin is plumped up and hydrated. Choose between Hydro Kick, Chill Out or Detox Care.
Is your skin thirsty? Then the Hydro Kick Sheet Mask is just what your skin needs!
With aquatic mint, agave and cactus water the Kneipp® Hydro Kick tissue mask is the thirst quencher your skin was waiting for. Rich in extracts of aquatic mint, agave and cactus water, it refreshes the skin and provides it with all the hydration it needs. The intensely nourishing formula, with a fresh aquatic scent, gives the skin an immediate feeling of freshness and guarantees intense and lasting hydration, for 24 hours. If your skin is in need of a fresh start then go for the Detox Care sheet mask. The purifying sheet mask with extracts of bamboo charcoal, moringa and brown algae, cleanses the skin thoroughly, in a single gesture. It's purifying formula, with a subtle scent, frees the skin from harmful particles thanks to its anti-pollution effect. The mask thus absorbs up to 80% of
particles. The fabric, black in color, does not rub off on the skin. On the other hand if your skin needs a break then you are going to love the Chill Out Sheet Mask. Enriched with patchouli oil and hemp seeds, it offers genuine cocooning to the skin. Its moisturizing formula and gentle fragrance transforms the care ritual into a pure moment of relaxation for body and mind. 
Kneipp®'s new Chill Out Bubble Bath creates the right atmosphere of calm and relaxation in your bathroom and helps you forget the daily stress. Fill the bathtub and enjoy this moment of serenity
thanks to the unique scent of patchouli oil. Hemp oil provides incomparable feeling of softness on the skin. The soothing scent and generous foam transforms the bath into a true moment of pleasure. Are you more the shower type? No problem! The Chill Out Shower gel provides calm and relaxation in the shower. Its formula made from plant extracts makes the skin very soft. 
Last but not least don't forget to take good care of your lips while spending so much time indoor.
Kneipp's new Lip Balm gives you a 100% natural lip care with apricot kernel oil and marula offers a sweet escape, thanks to its fruity fragrance. The formula intensely nourishes lips for irresistible sweetness.

Images courtesy of Kneipp

Monday 13 April 2020

Bioré Rose Quartz + Charcoal: Dirt out, Love in!

Already in ancient times, rose quartz was considered a stone of love and beauty. Egyptians
used crushed rose quartz to give the skin a rosy glow and preserve its youth. Even today, the rose quartz is synonymous with true love, purity, relaxation and harmony and is known for its positive energy. The new Bioré Rose Quartz + Charcoal range with micronized rose quartz powder usesthe positive vibrations of this healing stone to take care of the skin and to radiate self-love. After a stressfull day, our skin needs positive energy and appropriate care to regain its radiance.
Love. Lather, Repeat. The Rose Quartz + Charcoal Daily Purifying Cleanser, a new deep cleaning cleanser that helps radiate self-love for seriously clean and loved pores! This daily cleanser dives deep into pores to trap dirt, oil, and impurities while adding some self-care to your skincare routine. Exfoliate and purify your pores with the new Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Gentle Pore Refining Scrub. Infused with micro-crystals (that’s fancy for exfoliants), this innovative polisher deep cleans by drawing out oil and washing away dirt leaving pores smooth, visibly smaller and oh-so loved. While the new Bioré® Rose Quartz + Charcoal Stress Relief Clay Mask thanks to its detoxing formula rinses away stress, eliminates impurities and energizes your skin all with an added dose of self-love. The creamy clay mask penetrates pores for seriously purified, skin and seriously good energy. Sometimes, all you need is love! Love your Pores, Love Yourself!
Charcoal is renowned for its ability to effectively cleanse the skin and remove dirt and grime for visibly refreshed and clear skin. Pair this powerful ingredient with the addition of Rose Quartz to help promote feelings of inner peace and happiness and both your skin and mind will be left feeling more revitalised than ever before.
I have tried the entire range and I really like the products. My skin looked refreshed, smoother and very soft. The Daily Purifying Cleanser feels so refreshing on skin and a little goes a long way. The scent is quite delicate and not too strong. My skin definetely looked more dewy all in all and softer. The mask is really easy to apply and I really love the resealable pack. You can easily get 5-6 uses out of a pack. My skin once again felt lovely and fresh afterwards.

The new Bioré Rose Quartz + Charcoal range is available from now at Coop City, Coop Megastores and selected department stores.