Wednesday 29 May 2019

SodaStream launches "My Only Bottle" the trendy bottle for on the go

SodaStream from now on replaces disposable PET bottles at home and on the move with "My Only Bottle"reducing this way both PET and plastic waste. It is thus possible to carry your favorite drink without the unnecessary use of disposable PET bottle.
In the spring and summer especially, we spend a lot of time outdoors, whether in town, traveling, hiking, sports or the beach. Rather than buying drinks in PET disposable bottles, it's best to take SodaStream's first on the go bottle with you, "My Only Bottle" is also practical and ideal for the office or at school.
The 0.5l drop-shaped bottle is washable in the dishwasher boasts a quality stainless steel cap and has been specially designed for the preparation of sparkling drinks with the SodaStream machine.
With its practical and elegant string, "My Only Bottle" represents the perfect on the go bottle - the must-have of the summer!

Some of the features of "My Only Bottle":

• Ideal for on the go
• Available in three trendy colours
• Stainless steel cap & practical string
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free, reusable plastic bottle
• UV resistant
• Compatible with SPIRIT, PLAY, SOURCE, POWER and ONE TOUCH SodaStream machines

"My Only Bottle" is available in black, icy blue and pink blush.

Images courtesy of SodaStream

Available at Loeb,,,, and 

Tuesday 21 May 2019

SHISEIDO presents the new BENEFIANCE Skincare range

SHISEIDO presents BENEFIANCE the first skincare treatment that combines the latest scientific advances in skin physiology with Shiseido's own exclusive neuroscience innovations. SHISEIDO is taking skincare to the next level by introducing BENEFIANCE a line designed with cutting edge anti-ageing active ingredients, whose effectiveness is underpinned by second-generation ReNeura Technology+TM. This is the "plus" version of the original technology and it helps improving the way skin picks up signals, as well as the transmission of the information collected, especially by combating those factors and interferences that prevent data from being properly received and transmitted. As the connection is improved, skin can return to optimal functioning.
SHISEIDO has combined three top-notch plant-based active ingredients – mukurossi, turmeric and chlorella – to limit the destruction of dermal elastic fibres induced by UV stress.
With its formula that protects the integrity of the skin’s basal layer, Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream visually blurs wrinkles and plumps up the skin in just two weeks! 

BENEFIANCE Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is an anti-aging cream that reawakens your skin's sensors as well as renewing its inner vibrance.
Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream has a rich and silky texture that doesn't feel heavy or thick.  It smoothes out wrinkles, plumps up lines as well as deeply moisturizing skin. In its enriched version, the cream is more velvety without being any heavier – like a cocoon that’s so comforting you forget it’s there.
True to the principles of aromachology, Benefiance’s new skin cream exudes a green, floral fragrance with a delicate sweet orange note that gives it relaxing properties. This fruit’s essence also has an effect on wellbeing, helping soothe stress. 
Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is intended for normal or combination skin and can be used during the day or night. The cream visibly corrects wrinkle in just two weeks to reveal a plumper and more youthful-looking skin.
The Day Cream version formulated for urban women contains not only SPF 25 sunscreen to protect from UV rays, but also an invisible shield that forms a barrier against pollen and prevents it from sticking to the skin. 

Monday 20 May 2019


This Summer thanks to SHISEIDO we can smell great whilst lounging around the pool or on the beach in the sunshine. SHISEIDO RISING SUN EAU DE TOILETTE is a fresh and mood-boosting floral fruity fragrance that can be worn also in the sun.
For me this fragrance is already a must-have for Summer! The perfume is formulated without phototoxic and photo-sensitive ingredients unlike most fragrances, making it perfectly safe to be worn in the sun.
RISING SUN is a bright and sunny fragrance that opens with a sparkling citrus cocktail and a fresh mineral accord mixing in the heart with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine absolute. The sensual base is made up of woody and musky facets elevated by exotic coconut.

EUCERIN new Sun Fluid Pigment Control SPF 50+

When it comes about skincare there are not many other things that I take as seriously as sun protection. Summer is approaching and I want to make sure I can enjoy lots of sunny days (weather permitting) with the assurance that my skin is protected from harmful UV rays.
EUCERIN SUN FLUID PIGMENT CONTROL SPF 50+ is a superior sunscreen for all skin types that thanks to the Advanced Spectral Technology combines broadband and photostable UVA/UVB filters for very high UV protection. The sun fluid also prevents sun-induced hyperpegmentation as the formula enriched with Thiamidol that acts at the root of hyperpigmentation. This visibly reduces dark spots over time and if used regularly prevents their re-appearance. The texture feels light and pleasant, it is quickly absorbed by skin and is clinically and dermatologically proven to be tolerated even by sensitive skin.

Friday 17 May 2019

WELLA INVIGO SUN: UV color protection and repair

WELLA presents INVIGO SUN: a dedicated line that provide UV Colour Protection and Repair before, during and after sun exposure. UV rays, salt, chlorine can damage your hair and making it look dry, dull and difficult to manage. Therefore it is important to protect your hair from these external aggressors just as you would protect your skin before sun exposure with a good SPF product.
Protect your hair before and during sun exposure with the INVIGO UV Hair Color Protection Spray with Pro Vitamin B5. This high performance UV spray protects coloured hair from the damaging effects of the sun and UV exposure with Sun-Blend. Hair is nourished, vibrant and also protected from external aggressors.
After sun exposure wash your hair with the INVIGO After Sun Cleansing Shampoo. This gentle shampoo helps to remove build-up of sand and salt and leave you with soft and shiny hair. The shampoo is infused with Pro Vitamin B5 and protects your hair from drying and oxidisation. Give your hair a treat while providing a deep repairing effect with the INVIGO After Sun Express Conditioner.  With apricot and Sun-Blend it will leave your hair irresistibly healthy looking and soft.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Summer feeling @Starbucks

Summer is coming and with it a series of great encounters, exciting events and warm summer days at the lake or in the city. Starbucks offers a variety of ice-cold coffee and tea-based drinks to give you a refreshing kick. With the new Iced Coffees and Cold Brew variations, the Frappuccino Limited Edition and the refreshingly fruity Frozen Iced Teas coffee and tea lovers will get their money's worth and experience an unforgettable Summer with Starbucks.

Cool, cooler - Iced Coffee

Starbucks is adding three delicious variations to the Iced Coffee offering: DoubleShot Iced Coffee, DoubleShot Vanilla Iced Coffee and Nitro Vanilla Bean Cold Foam. Made with Starbucks' full-bodied Signature Espresso, Iced Coffee comes in two variations, one with a strong and refreshing flavor and one refined with a pleasant hint of vanilla. The Cold Brew family is supplemented by a Nitro Cold Brew, which is infused with fine vanilla milk foam - for a creamy-mild enjoyment. The three new creations are the perfect cheer for any time of the day.

 Tastes good & feels good - Teavana Frozen Iced Teas

The Teavana Frozen Iced Teas offer delicious, low-calorie refreshments for every Summer day. In addition to the traditional range of Teavana teas, this summer Starbucks offers three other great variations: Tropical Mango, Strawberry & Lime and Blood Orange. The new Frozen Iced Teas score with fruity components combine the best Teavana teas with fine fruit flavors for a sparkling summer drink. They are ideal for cooling off on hot days and ensure a happy-fruity holiday mood.

Summer highlights - Frappuccino

Frappuccinos are the universally popular classic on warm summer days. They also taste delicious with the various milk alternatives such as coconut, soy, oat or almond drink. In addition, the amount of cream can be freely decided and / or a sugar-free syrup can be selected. Later in the summer, two new delicious varieties await the Frappuccino fans - which will not be revealed yet.


NARS presents the limited edition Exposed Collection which reavel uncompromised colour. Thanks to the Exposed Cheek Palette cheeks are versatile and upfront with six flattering shades in a breakthrough formula that delivers unrestrained pigments for unrivaled colour. Translucent microspheres suspend pure pigments to form an innovative, lightweight powder base that achieves maximum colour clarity.
You can create a vibrant make-up as the colours build effortlessy and blend seamlessly onto any skin tone. 

EXPOSED CHEEK PALETTE: Give it away ( satin Nude), New Fling (Satin Fuchsia), Now or Never (satin terraccotta), Come Hither ( satin watermelon), Tell All (pearlescent golden pink) and Make You Mine ( satin peach).

Double down with new lip duos in the cult-favorite Velvet Lip Pencil and an exclusive glossy Lip Tint. You can mix and layer lip textures to create a bold effect and add dimensional shine. 
Get exposed your own way!

The EXPLICIT COLOR LIP DUO available in three of the most coveted shades has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply while vitamin E ensures seamless long-lasting colour.
Available in: Sex Machine (pink mauve), Intriguing (rose pink) and Dragon Girl (siren red).

The BRILLIANT LIP GLOSS gives you long, comfortable wear thanks to its unique formula. Potent Sea Lavender prevents signs of aging while nourishing ingredients hydrate and smooth fine lines.
The texture is silky and the doe-foot applicatore ensures for an easy and precise application.
Available in in 27 stunning shades ranging from neutrals to bold brights you can express yourself with unlimited looks and moods.

Wednesday 15 May 2019

DERMALOGICA Prisma Protect Light Activated Skin Defense

DERMALOGICA presents Prisma Protect, a light-activated multitasking moisturizer that provides broad spectrum defense with a SPF 30 while also preventing further damages to skin.
Thanks to Intelligent drone technology activated by light skin's luminosity is boosted while breakthrough antioxidant technology protects skin against external aggressor such as pollution. The broad spectrum SPF 30 provides on the same time a great protection against UV damage.
This cream is really a great multi-tasker as it defends skin against damages caused by light, free radicals and pollution, it provides a great deal of hydration and also boosts skin's luminosity. It goes on very smoothly and it is easily absorbed by skin. It works well worn under makeup and doesn't feel greasy at all. Once applied skin feels soft and smooth all day. Prisma Protect does really an amazing job, keeping skin safe from the sun as well as hydrated at the same time.

Monday 13 May 2019

Even and radiant skin with EUCERIN hyperpigmentation range

Hyperpigmentation is a problem that unfortunately affects many of us. Sun, hormonal influences and of course aging can cause the appearance of dark spots and age spots and this way making the skin loook uneven. Eucerin has created a range that has been specifically formulated to target hyperpigmentation and give you a more even and radiant complexion. Now the range is expanding with two new products: the Anti-Pigment Dual Serum and the Anti-Pigment Day SPF 30.
Both products contain Thiamidol an effective and patented ingredient that goes to act at the root cause of hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin production and therefore reducing dark spots and prevent their re-appearance.

The Anti-Pigment Dual Serum brings with Thiamidol and Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid reduces dark spots as well as preventing their re-appearance. Thiamidol fights hyperpigmentation while Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes skin while also helping skin to attract and retain moisture. Skin will improve with only after two weeks of use. Complexion looks smoother and renewed, even and more radiant. For all skin types.

The Anti-Pigment Day SPF 30 is a moisturizing day cream with UVA and UVB protection. Thanks to the UVA and UVB filters SPF 30 the cream offers effective protection from the sun and reduces the chances of sun-induced pigment spots.

Give your skin an energy kick with The Body Shop Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask

Time to give your skin an energy kick with the new Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask. Thanks to a powerful mix of coffee bean particles from Nicaragua as well as Community Trade ingredients this mask warms and gently exfoliates skin to reduce signs of fatique. Skin is left feeling awaken, cleared of impurities as well as looking more radiant.
If your skin looks dull, uneven and in need of a boost this mask is a great way to give your skin a kick and making it more energized.
The mask has an intense coffee scent and a rich exfoliating texture that feels great on skin. It will gently exfoliate skin without drying it leaving skin feeling soft and glowing.

Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask
is available now at The Body Shop Boutiques
and on

Tuesday 7 May 2019


MAC VIVA GLAM is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the relaunch of the original VIVA GLAM shade with a sparkling red packaging that is sure to become an hot piece for collectors.
CHANGE YOUR LIPSTICK. CHANGE A LIFE. Every cent of the sales of VIVA GLAM Lipstick is donated to support the MAC AIDS FUND a charity founded by the brand that cares for the health and rights of people of All Ages, All Races and All Genders. In over 25 years, MAC VIVA GLAM has raised $500,000,000 globally.

available at all MAC Counters and Stores
Limited packaging, but shade stays in line

COLLISTAR Perfect Body 2019

Just like every year COLLISTAR helps us on the quest of that perfect body in time for Summer with some new specific products to target imperfections and above all to sculpt and reshape the body thanks to new frontier in dermo-cosmetics research.
Two of COLLISTAR's novelties are the Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate Marine Algae + Peptides and the Revitalizing Elasticizing Oil-Cream.

Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate Marine Algae + Peptides: this two-phase concentrate combines Marine Algae + Peptides for a shock treatment that targets localized fat. The oil phase thanks to 4 types of powerful, lymph-draining lipolytic algae really helps in eliminating excess liquids while the water phase peptides reduce the buildup of lipids inside the adipocytes toning the figure.
Boosted by Transcutol the formula ensures that the active ingredients penetrate the skin while the ultra-sensory texture is easily absorbed allowing this way to get dressed straight away.
If used regularly this Two-Phase Sculpting Concentrate really polishes skin, firms tissues, reduces fat deposits making the body looking more sculpted and remodeled.

The Revitalizing Elasticizing Oil-Cream: this new Oil-Cream with an ultra-sensory texture combines the lightness of a fluis cream with the richness of a select mix of oils that provide an elasticizing and repairing effect while Garda Cedar extract provide a brightening and revitalizing action. It is easily absorbed and leaves the skin scented with a delicate and fresh citrus fragrance which is just perfect for the Summer months. This fluid is super moisturizing and it is specific for dry to very dry skin.

Monday 6 May 2019

HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION CHRONOGRAPH BERLUTI a seal of Excellence: the Famous "Scritto" Calligraphy By Berluti graces the Classic Fusion Case

Since 2016, the partnership between HUBLOT and Berluti has existed and has since then been characterized by harmony, technical expertise and limitless creativity. For the fourth, joint edition, Hublot and Berluti have taken "the Art of Fusion" to a new level: The Famous "Scritto" lettering from Berluti adorns the case of the new Special Edition and is rounded off with Berluti's iconic, patented leather  from Berluti. This model is available in titanium or bronze with a bracelet in brown or gold Venezia Cold leather. From July 2019, the limited edition of 200 copies will be available worldwide.

"In the eyes of Olga Berluti, there is nothing more beautiful than a leather shoe, which darkens with age. Only such a shoe has a soul, she says. And that's what prompted her to create a fantastic range of colors that range from light to dark, making Berluti's shoes as unique as their owners. Translating this into the world of watches was a challenge we were only too happy to face.
It was extremely exciting, the patina and the "Scritto" calligraphy
two characteristic features of the craftsmanship of Berluti - to transfer to our housing.

Ricardo Guadalupe


Images courtesy of HUBLOT

HERBAE by L'Occitane

Our hectic pace of life can be exhausting. It does not come as a surprise that we sometimes feel the need to escape ...
This desire for escape, adventure, is something we all feel at times. It's like a fire burning in us, waiting to be released. This comes from the stories we read, stories that stimulated our imagination, and a daily life that left us overloaded and overwhelmed. At the bottom of us lies the desire to feel alive, to live life to the fullest, to challenge the needs of everyday life.
L'OCCITANE has translated this desire into a perfume that is both striking and elusive, a fragrance that seems to embody the indomitable beauty of the nature, held in a simple bottle entwined with a raffia knot. Welcome Herbae by L'Occitane.
In the heart of Provence, the plant power of wild grasses seems exLacerbated by the sun of southern France. Herbae by L'OCCITANTE is a natural extract of wild herbs mixes with detonating bramble chords, wild roses and white nettles.
Herbae by L'OCCITANE is green, fresh and floral. It's the quintessence of nature in all its authenticity.
Citrus aromas and spicy top notes with bergamot and pink pepper that open on a heart captivating wild rose and bramble that evokes the scent of a walk in the forest. The background is composed of warm and sweet vegetal notes of the natural flank balanced by the woody and amber notes of the
cashmeran. Its faceted musks are enhanced by a touch of white musk that gives a nice roundness.

"This summer parfum was inspired by the sauvage et vibrant nature of Provence,
 for wild herbs.
This is a vision of the raw, authentic and healthy nature that reveals its true beauty. "

Herbae by L'OCCITANE is a fragrance that invites you to discover your wild side. So why not be a little wilder and explore different ways to enjoy? Its vegetal and floral notes were captured in a selection of products that will let you feel wild all day long ...

Gentle Shower Gel: This soft shower gel with a light and enveloping texture reveals an addictive mix of fresh wild herbs wild that leave skin scented with vegetal and floral notes of Herbae by L'OCCITANE.

Beauty Milk:Enriched with shea butter,this moisturizing body lotion lets the freshness of the wild herbs burst and all with a plant and floral fragrance of Herbae by L'OCCITANE.

Perfumed Soap:Ideal for hands and body, this soap gently cleanses the skin and leaves it
scented with a wonderful plant and floral scent of Herbae by L'OCCITANE.

Hand Cream : This hand cream with a light texture reveals an agreement of wild fresh herbs.
Enriched with organic shea butter, this cream moisturizes your skin and envelopes it with vegetal and floral notes of Herbae by L'OCCITANE.

HERBAE by L'Occitane
available from May 2019
at L'Occitane Boutiques 
and on

Friday 3 May 2019

SISLEY: SISLEŸA L'Intégral Anti-Age news!

Sisley is bringing us two products innovations inspired once again by epigenetics and part of the  SISLEŸA L'Intégral Anti-âge range: the Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate Spf 30 and Concentrated Firming Body Cream. 
All the products in the line targets the cell's lifecycle and combats the visible signs of ageing.

The Hand Care Anti-Aging Concentrate SPF 30 is a complete anti-aging care that plumps, smoothes, hydrates, protects while also combating dark spots to treat visible sign of ageing on the hands. The active ingredients such as Persian Acacia, Lindera Extracts, Yeast and Soy Protein help to restore optimal cell life and the skin's micro-relief becomes smoother and fine lines are reduced.
Hexyl Resorcinol has a lightening action to target dark spots while Buckwheat Seed Extract helps  the skin to become more resilient to environmental aggressions such as pollution and smoking.
After four weeks of use dark and age spots appear lighter, after eight weeks skin is plumpler, fuller and suppler. Veins also appear less visible. Hands are nourished, softened and visibly more beautiful.

The Concentrated Firming Body Cream thanks to its formula that combines the power of a serum,  and the comfort of a cream gives you the results of a firming product while giving you a unique sensory experience. The active ingredients in Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Concentrated Firming Body Cream act on the supporting tissues to strengthen the dermal structure and visibly reduce skin slackening. 
Soya fiber extract enhances collagen pro - duction to boost the supporting tissue’s resistance. Dill extract targets elastin synthesis to boost the skin’s elasticity. Padina pavonica extract reinforces the hydric layer of the dermis. Lastly, toning and slimming active ingredient Cedrol targets the hypodermis to encourage the drainage  of the excess fat that negatively impacts skin firmness.
Spirulina extract (a micro-algae rich in trace elements, vitamins and amino acids) was selected for its nutritional and revitalising properties. A quenching complex (plant-based sugar and Biosaccharides solution) continuously traps and retains water for optimal and in - stant hydration, all day long.
It produces an immediate lifting effect after application. Oat seed extract, an active ingredient that forms a “3D” elastic mesh on the skin’s surface, gives an instant “lifting” feeling. This tightening effect is further enhanced by Rhatany extract.
Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge Concentrated Firming Body Cream redensifies the skin of the entire body to improve its tone and firm particularly in the most susceptible areas.
After 4 weeks, the loosest areas are tightened. Fine lines in the décolleté are smoothed. The skin is visibly firmer and more beautiful. Its youthful fullness, shape and contours are restored.

Natural freshness for the whole body with Dr. Hauschka deodorant care

Sporting activities, high temperatures and all the challenges we face every day often make us sweat a lot. That's a good thing! Sweating not only regulates body temperature but promotes blood circulation, helps to move toxins and sebum through the pores to the skin surface and has a positive effect on the organism and metabolism. Nevertheless, a refreshing body care for the well-being is important. The deodorising care products by Dr. Hauschka refresh naturally and support the healthy skin environment.


A day in the office, a quick shopping session or after work workout - we want to be able to rely on our deodorant. As a discreet daily companion, it has to do a lot: After all, we have two to three million sweat glands that do their work over the entire body and heaped in the armpits and cool us down. By the way, the sweat itself is odorless. The typical smell only arises when bacteria decompose it on the skin. 
Since the skin in the armpits is very sensitive, a deodorant should not only avoid unpleasant scents, but also be skin-friendly and with no aluminum salts. The low-alcohol roll-ons have a very good skin tolerance, have a long-lasting effect and leave no stains on the clothing.
The creamy Rose Deodorant contains carefully matched ingredients with a mild deodorizing and nourishing effect. Rose water, for example, adds an elegant-delicate fragrance, while an essence of lady's mantle helps gently regulate moisture processes.
The non-greasy Sage mint Deodorant contains two essences of sage and witch hazel, two naturally-acting antimicrobial and astringent ingredients. The deodorizing interaction of the spirited mint fragrance with the naturally bitter bouquet of sage promises a long-lasting freshness.

 Silk Body powder

The Silk Body Powder provides reliable protection, nourishes and softens the skin. The composition of genuine powdered pure silk, enriched with medicinal plant extracts of sage, gentian and oak bark unfolds on the skin a slightly deodorizing and anti-itching effect. The natural skin flora is stabilized. The fine powder composition is very well tolerated. The body skin is naturally matted, even sensitive skin protected in a mild way.
After showering or bathing, apply to cleansed and dry skin. The Silk Body Powder is very versatile and can be used as body and foot powder, gentle deodorant, face powder on oily skin, dry shampoo, for baby care, or against soreness.

Deodorising Foot Cream

The Deodorising Foot cream refreshes the feet. Natural silk and rice starch bind directly and long-lasting excess moisture. Protective it covers the foot with a fine layer of powder and prevent friction and pressure points. The composition with essential rosemary oil, sage and goldenrod has a sweat-regulating effect. This creates a healthy foot climate, which prevents unpleasant odors.

Wednesday 1 May 2019

DAIMONDI GENEVA: the art of sublimating diamonds

The young Maison Daimondi unveils an innovative way to wear diamonds thanks to a finely thought-out design: the stones, freed from their metallic setting, finally reveal their soul and brilliance in all their facets. Daimondi revisits the fundamentals of jewelery and thus proposes a new vision, aerial and alive of the jewel. The gem breathes freely and twirls within a nest finely crafted protection.
The new Maison Geneviève, founded by Karim Hourie, has created a piece of art that is the result of the excellence of the greatest jeweler's masters, Italian design and Swiss finishing. It is for lovers of beautiful gemstones, but also for people who want to wear elegant and refined jewelry. The jewel, in its authenticity and timelessness, remains a sure value that it will be possible to transmit to loved ones, and this, over generations.
Daimondi welcomes its guests by appointment only, to offer them a personalized and unique experience. The brand also offers a tailored service to customers who wish to use this service.

Images courtesy of DAIMONDI