Wednesday 27 March 2019

Celebrate La vie en ROSE with L'Occitane

L'Occitane loves the rose and it has paid tribute to her by capturing its essence that we can now find in the new Rose fragrances collection. The collection celebrates the legendary queens of flowers with three different fragrances that you can wear depending on your mood: Burst of Cheerfulness, Burst of Relaxation and Burst of Vitality.
Burst of Cheerfulness Rose Fragranced Water is a mood-lifting fragranced water. Luminous and floral, it can be worn alone or mixed with the Rose Edt for a truly personalized scent.
Burst of Relaxation Rose Fragranced Water is a floral fragrance with aquatic notes that will take you for a relaxing break. With soothing tones of fresh fruits and delicate white Peony, Rosa Centifolia and essence of Chamomile and Lavender this fragrance exudes serenity.
Burst of Vitality Rose Fragranced Water is a mood-lifting fragrance with an invigorating floral and joyful cocktail that thanks to its fresh and citrus notes will give you a boost of energy.

Rose Fragrances Collection
available now 
at L'Occitane Boutiques 
and online

Zadig&Voltaire This is Her! This is Him! No Rules

Zadig&Voltaire introduces This is her! This is him! No Rules an energetic duo that is even more rock and even more desirable, a true chic revolution as well as a declaration of independence from the perfumers who composed the original scents. These two new fragrances shape a new story, two uprecedented trails for a fashion forward eternal couple.
Reinvent chic basics, break away from the rules – even the imperatives of modernity: that was the challenge 5th year design students at Penninghen art school in Paris were set by Cecilia Bönström, the label’s creative director. This performance celebrates 20 years of visionary fashion and love of art. Forever young, eternally rock. The six-month creative workshop involved ongoing exchanges between the school and the studio. Military jackets, cashmere, biker leathers, Tunisian necklines... a manifesto of contemporary design, this collaboration took the label’s emblematic trademarks, adding some original twists and slogan tags. The team’s unique, irreverent spirit is evident across the board, from fashion to fragrances.
The artiest fragrance duo in French fashion This is Her! & This is Him! throw two new grenades in the name of freedom-fighting. The bottles are contemporary, monoliths of fractured glass, two frontline fashion bombs hacked out of rock. Their pink and khaki camouflage prints exert a mutual attraction, yearning to intertwine. Light shines through the transparency of the glass, filtered through a whimsical graphic, ready to surge from the industrial chic brushed-metal cap.
This is Her! It is a woody solar fragrance by Sidonie Lancesseur and Michel Almairac. The Zadig woman steps as lightly as jasmine wafting on the breeze while bringing a new solar breath to the rebellious sensuality of This is Her! With an unmistakeable vanilla/chestnut cream accord: sparkling bergamot and bright Sambac jasmine uplifted by the smooth milky notes of sandalwood and warm sand accord.
This is Him! It is a citrussy woody scent by Nathalie Lorson. The Zadig man virile yet sensitive carries off the spicy note of This is Him!Brilliantly augmented by the refreshing force of grapefruit. It's buttonhole flower for the modern man, a geranium freshened by the breeze and a few sprigs of lavender. The fragrance trail bears an incense signature loaded with the tang of cedarwood and smoky vetiver.

Images courtesy of Zadig&Voltaire

Tuesday 26 March 2019

LEVI'S x JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Fresh Leaves Capsule Collection

The city of Memphis and its music are connected. From the kings of rock 'n roll, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, across the R & B Grooves by Otis Redding and Isaac Hayes, this city has really molded the sound of the 20th century. This heritage, the great influence on the music and style of the Memphis born Justin Timberlake are not be missed in the new Levi's® Justin Timberlake Fresh Leaves Capsule Collection for Spring 2019.

"Memphis and music have always been an important part of me," says Justin Timberlake
"They are also part of this collection, for which I went back to the places  from my childhood. "

The collaboration with the name "Fresh Leaves" is entering its second season, this time with Memphis inspired designs for a fresh look of popular Levi's® classics - like fresh leaves on a tree - at the same time familiar and new, timeless and contemporary. Moreover the collection acts as a guide through Justin's hometown. The collection contains nostalgic references to his favorite places of his youth: t-shirts with graphic design show the "Zippin Pippin" roller coaster in the old East End Park, the "Skateland" roller-skating rink or the Tigers basketball team from the University of Memphis, and his version of a trucker jacket is called Tribute to his musical idols. Despite the nostalgic concept, the styles and silhouettes are modern and create a look that is just as typical for Justin from tradition, hip-hop, rock and streetwear stands.

Images courtesy of LEVI'S


ELIE SAAB introduces GIRL OF NOW FOREVER a brand new adventure of the GIRL OF NOW gang. In 2017 the GIRL OF NOW GANG revealed its enchanting radiance with a trail of Ormond flower, a unique flower created exclusively for ELIE SAAB blending Almond and Orange Blossom. Since then, their vital youth, magnetic beauty and eternal friendship have left their mark on the street of Paris. Now they are back for a new adventure.
GIRL OF NOW FOREVER is dazzling with radiance, leaving the French capital for Ibiza where it's already Summer on the world's best party island. The new fragrance is infused with good vibes and bold optimism.
With a refreshing wave of Lebanese lemonade, an hommage to its designer in which Lemon Zest and Raspberry notes mingle. Rosa Cassia and Rose-blackcurrant co-distillate express an elegant and joyful feminity while unforgettable Patchouli nestles with sensual Cashmere and Vanilla.
GIRL OF NOW FOREVER  is adorned with a new Coral flower at its neck, matching the colour of the fragrance. Fresher, more colourful and more fun GIRL OF NOW FOREVER is more than a fragrance its an ode to youth, friendship and life!
GIRL OF NOW FOREVER brings also a brand new gang of irresistible girls. Kristine, Hannah, and Jasmine: three models with auras that transcend simple beauty, whose complicity is captured against a blue sky, filtered with pink, and dappled with the vibrant colours of the ELIE SAAB collections. A series of unique and spontaneous snapshots, a Girl of Now manifesto... Forever! 

Monday 25 March 2019

BOMBERG unveiled its novelties at Baselworld

BOMBERG, launched in 2012, is a company deeply rooted in the world of Swiss precision watches, and distinguished by its strong and unconventional design. The brand reinterprets and completely reverses the rules of classical watchmaking to create unusual timepieces.
On the occasion of Baselworld 2019, the watch brand unveiled the exclusive BB-01 Automatic, a mechanical watch combining precision, design and provocation. Equipped with a Swiss movement, both urban and sporty, modern and original - thanks to its crown at 2 o'clock - the BB-01 Automatic caresses with insolence traditional watchmaking. In addition to this exclusivity, BOMBERG presented its timeless pieces like the BB-01 Lady Skylighter, a colorful jewelery timepiece for women's wrists. The BB-68 model wears the crown and pushers at 12 o'clock, a typical brand design while the Bolt-68 Racing is displayed in size XL and can be transformed into a gusset watch with a medallion and a chain. In a special edition, BOMBERG unveiled the Bolt-68 Maya, inspired by Maya art while the Bolt-68 Jaguar is created in the image of this cat, considered in Mayan mythology as the protector of sovereigns.
In addition to offering watches, BOMBERG also offers various models of bracelets and accessories. The latter make it possible to transform the Bolt 68 and BB-01 Chain models into a pocket watch in a flash while the jewels are a nod to the famous skulls that regularly adorn BOMBERG watches.
Available in Switzerland in Berne, Zurich, Interlaken, Lucerne, Solothurn, Geneva and Lausanne. 

Image courtesy of BOMBERG

The Body Shop special edition Cactus Blossom

Just in time for Spring The Body Shop is launching yet another wonderful special edition body care line: Cactus Blossom.
A line of body care products with the flowery-fruity scent of the cactus, perfect if you are looking for a new version of one of their classics.
This line is made of 5 products that can be used either individually or as part of a care program to build up the scent on the skin.
The flowery-fruity, refreshing notes of the line complement each other perfectly moreover these products moisturize the skin and envelop it with an invigorating scent.
Each of the formulas is made with cactus extract from Morocco and are enriched with several community trade ingredients.
The power of three products from the line can really build up the scent of on your skin: Cactus Blossom Body Scrub, Cactus Blossom Shower Gel and Cactus Blossom Body Yogurt.
I have used these three products combined and really seen the benefits on my skin as well as the build up of the zesty and uplifting scent on my skin.
I started by revealing new skin and made it smoother and softer with the Cactus Blossom Body Scrub. Enriched with an exotic blend of cactus flower extract from Morocco, Ethiopian Community Trade honey and gently exfoliating raspberry seeds it has an uplifting fruity-floral scent that really stays on your skin.
Then I felt just like if I jumped into an exotic waterfall with the fresh and fragrant Cactus Blossom Shower Gel. It leaves your skin perfectly cleansed and refreshed. After showering I applied the Cactus Blossom Body Yogurt on damp skin for skin that feels smooth and not sticky with a zesty, exotic scent of cactus blossom. The formula is very lightweight and it is instantly absorbed by skin providing moisturization for up to 48 hours. The gel cream is 100% vegan.
Part of the line are also the Cactus Blossom Handwash and Cactus Blossom Body Butter.

Special Edition
is available now
at THE BODY SHOP stores
and online

Thursday 21 March 2019


Following the lenghtening and curling Phyto-Mascara Ultra-Stretch, the thickening and strengthening Mascara So Intense and the curling Mascara So Curl, Sisley's Laboratories have now created So Volume. An ultra-volumizing mascara that gives an oversize effect while making eyelashes denser, stronger and more beautiful.
So Volume Mascara gives you triple beauty action: voluminous, curled and perfectly defined lashes.
For the first time Sisley has combined two types of volumizing ( Polymeric microbeds and Silica microspheres) to coat and thicken lashes, giving them instant, uniform volume from root to tip.
They are covered in sheating Carnauba wax film to create a curled effect. Meanwhile the volumizing polymer creates an enveloping film-forming texture that instantly boost lashes.
The So Volume formula incorporates a cocktail of beneficial active ingredients to give stronger, longer, denser and more beautiful lashes after only two weeks of use.
The So Volume maxi mascara brush has been designed to boost the formula's effectiveness and enhance lashes size from the very first coat. Thanks to its rigid fibres it perfectly separates lashes for a clump-free, flake-free HD effect.

For Spring/Summer 2019 Sisley gives us l'Orchidée Corail, an highlighter blush with White Lily extract that unfurls its petals in a new palette of warm and radiant shades. A luminous palette of three new warm and luminous shades to sculpt the face and illuminate the complexion. Thanks to its micronised pigments it ensure pure and luminous colours: a bright coral pink interwined with an apricot orange against a rosy peach background.
The texture is airy and silky and as it glides on becomes one with the skin thanks to a complex of esters and pearlescent particles.

available now at
your SISLEY counter

Wednesday 20 March 2019

A colourful Spring at Starbucks

Coffee and tea lovers beware! At Starbucks, Spring is going to be colorful and above all extremely tasty. The Starbucks coffee and tea range will see two refreshing new additions, the Vanilla Matcha Tea Latte and the Coconut Mocha, just in time for the start of the Spring season. The fine creations are now available as hot or cold drinks throughout Starbucks Coffee Houses in Switzerland.
A true feast for the senses, the two new beverages invite you to dream. The days are getting longer, the sun warms us and the world is getting a bit more colorful. At Starbucks Spring has already moved in. And for those who dream of Summer, vacation, and far away places, Starbucks now offers the Coconut Mocha. It makes us feeling just as if we were a under palm tree in a hammock, sip by sip and cup by cup conjures the Coconut Mocha holiday feeling. The renewed milk alternative coconut, whose refined recipe makes the enjoyment of coffee and tea drinks a true treat, provides for the extra portion of summer and sunshine feeling.

Vanilla Matcha Tea Latte

The Vanilla Matcha Tea Latte is frothed with milk or milk 
alternatives such as coconut, soy, oat or almond milk and 
refined with vanilla syrup and vanilla bean topping. 
The Vanilla Matcha Tea Latte adds a touch of Zen to all Matcha lovers. 
The vanilla Matcha Tea Latte also tastes great iced.

 Coconut Mocha

The newly developed and improved milk alternative coconut makes 
the Coconut Mocha with its slightly sweet note to a truly tasteful experience. 
If you prefer a refreshing yet full-bodied, you can also enjoy the Coconut 
Mocha iced.

L'Occitane new Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask

L'Occitane  is always looking for ways to exploit the benefits of its natural treasures. One of these treasures is the Réotier source where water has shaped the most curious forms creating a formation that resembles a mythical creature emerging from the surrounding mountains. But beyond the supernatural appearance of this source is a water like no other.
For centuries this water has traveled underground rocks collecting minerals and absorbing the heat from the depths of the earth. The result is an incredibly rich calcium spring water, an essential mineral for healthy skin.
The new Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask is an ultra-hydrating mask made with this mineral-rich Réotier water, hyaluronic acid and water-binding molecules to immediately quench skin. It can be used in two ways: as a night mask or as a 10 minutes hydration boost whenever your skin is thirsty.
The texture feels great on skin as it is very light, fresh and non-oily. As you put it on your skin really wakes up and skin feels recharged with moisture, supple and comfortable.
If used together with the Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel or Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Cream the hydration effect is even more impressive. In fact hydration levels are about 15% higher when used combined.

Aqua Réotier Mineral Moisture Mask
available now
at L'Occitane Boutiques
and online

Issey Miyake presents: L'Eau d'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar

Issey Miyake presents its latest feminine fragrance: L'Eau d'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar.
At the source of L'Eau d'Issey there is a drop, just rare precious water symbolized in its purest form. In 2016 this drop inspired a new era in the olfactory odyssey initiated by Issey Miyake in 1992, the scent of water reinvented with the : L'Eau d'Issey Pure Nectar de Parfum. A second chapter in the L'Eau d'Issey's perfume history.
In 2018 the drop of dew turned into nectar with the blooming flower of L'Eau d'Issey Pure Nectar de Parfum. 
Now in 2019 with L'Eau d'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar Issey Miyake reveals a new moment of pure poetry. A drop falls from an open flower.. and this way nectar turns into a blossoming garden.
L'Eau d'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar is the most luminous version of the floral gourmand creation in a sheer Eau de Toilette as fruity accords of pear mix with honey dew and rose aroma.
The shape of the bottle of course takes inspiration by the shape of a drop of water is signed by American designer Todd Brecher and is a reflection of the pureness of the fragrance.

L'Eau d'Issey Pure Pétale de Nectar is a sweet, aquatic floral fragrance that gently blooms with the aroma of Spring. A delicate explosion of sweet springtime scents.

Monday 18 March 2019

H&M presented its Studio SS19 collection via an immersive theatre experience in Sedona

From March 11th to March 13th H&M presented its H&M Studio SS19 collection through an immersive theatre event in Sedona, Arizona. A global audience of ambassadors and media were invited to participate in a scripted narrative based on the collection’s muse, “The Glam Explorer”. The guests experienced unique collection performances such as a water ballet spectacle by the Aqualillies, an acoustic performance by The Staves, a fictive camp site and a BMX stunt show. 
The final scene consisted of a special dance performance followed by an intimate concert by Maggie Rogers. H&M’s customers and fans could follow and be part of the event through interactive activities on social media #HMStudio. 
The collection will be sold in selected stores and online from March 21st 2019.

“Our ambition was to take the fashion template and revolutionise it using an entertainment mindset. The unique format of immersive theatre allowed our guests, customers and fans to step into a fully realised world of the SS19 collection"
Kattis Bahrke, Head of Creative Marketing and Communication at H&M

“With H&M Studio we are always inspired by the idea of effortless glamour. 
We wanted to show how the SS19 collection could suit any glamorous explorer –
 it’s just about choosing pieces to suit your personal adventure,”
Pernilla Wohlfahrt, Design Director at H&M

Images courtesy of H&M

Suívie: try the taste explore the benefits

The Swiss-Brazilian brand Suívie presents its assortment of hot teas blends which are ideal for the winter season.
The entire Suívie product range is based on local ingredients from its two original markets, Switzerland and Brazil. These tea creations do not fail to bring their share of health benefits either through vitamins or by that of antioxidants. All, without exception, are 100% natural, low in calories, without flavor enhancers or preservatives. This unique assortment of hot, healthy teas also goes hand-in-hand with an exceptional taste experience.
These different kinds of teas seduce by their harmonious taste and their specific health benefits.
The exquisite aromas of Erva Mate subtly combined with the typical bay of jabuticaba, hibiscus, cardamom or the fruity sweetness of apples from the orchard in Valais. Like the assortment of Suívie cold teas, the collection of hot teas is formulated with Brazilian green tea Erva Mate, harvested from the forests of Rio Grande do Sul. Other ingredients, such as hibiscus, cardamom or jabuticaba fruit, all come from sustainable crops grown on small local farms. The four kinds of tea blends nevertheless have positive impacts on our body and our well-being:

Erva Mate, Hibiscus Flower & Sweet Wood Root
Erva Mate, Jabuticaba & Cardamone
Erva Mate, Mint & Chamomile
Erva Mate, Cinnamon,  Star Anise & Dried Apple

My favourite? Definitely  Erva Mate, Cinnamon, Star Anise & Dried Apple with a fruity and slightly sweet flavour the infusion has a gentle stimulating effect and is perfect to be enjoyed before or after a meal.

The four tea blends are available now online.

Fresh and fruity the new treaclemoon shower foams are here!

The delicious treaclemoon shower foams are back with two new scents: "Iced Strawberry Dream" and "Sugared Grapefruit Sunrise". Make room for freshness and a summer atmosphere, well at least in the shower!
Spring is coming and, thanks to treaclemoon, a summer wind is already blowing in the bathroom.
 A true concentrate of freshness, the treaclemoon shower foams with a lovely fruity scent and an incredibly delicate texture are a caress for the skin and awake all senses.
The new iced strawberry treaclemoon shower foam brings a daily dose of good mood. The sweet and sugary scent of this must-have fruit is a cure against the gloom and brings vitality. Ideal to start the day and take life on the right side. The new sugared grapefruit sunrise scent will awake even the most grumpy one from the first hours of the day. Its toning action makes you quickly forget the summer heat. Indeed, the fresh and intense aromas of grapefruit stimulate and refresh instantly in contact with the skin. No wonder that is knowa as the king of citrus. Few fruits contain as much benefits and energy.
The range also includes "My Coconut Island" and "Happy Melon Sorbet".


In recent years, the waistband for women's jeans has moved up and in the summer of 2019, this trend will reach its absolute peak: with 30 cm the new Levi's® Ribcage is the highest waistband that Levi's® has ever produced. Last week I attended the Levi's® Ribcage  event where I picked my pair of #levisribcage and now I am definitely ready for Spring! I went for a straight ankle style in light denim which is just perfect for Spring/Summer and has already become one of my must-haves!

"The Levi's® Ribcage has the highest waistband of any of our jeans 
this season, and the authentic Levi's® feel, inspired by the 501® of the 90s
 and featuring a modern, extra-high waistband, flatters the figure, whether high or low . " 
Karyn Hillman, Global Chief Product Officer at Levi's Strauss & Co.

A waist that reminds of the 30s around the time of Katherine Hepburn. The jeans are perfect for capturing the look and spirit of women's Levi's® of the past, but also for today's stylish women who wear their oversized Vintage 501s® for a high-waisted look. This is how the casual look of the 20th century, hip 90s grunge and current streetstyle meet - all in one look.

Thanks to their special silhouette, these jeans feel fresh and contemporary without going too far away from the classic Levi's® 501® aesthetics. Available with a straight leg and as a pleated drop, the Levi's® Ribcage offers a flattering fit for hips and buttocks - and plenty of personality through the ultimate straight leg. With this model you get the classic Levi's® look with a dash of ultramodern styling.

Images courtesy of Levi's