Thursday 15 October 2020

John Frieda new Volume Lift

John Frieda presents Volume Lift an ultra-light formula  hair and styling range to give body and volume to thin hair from the 1st use.
Optimism does us good! By cultivating positive thoughts and good mood, we can face challenges more easily  of our daily life: we radiate energy, courage, happiness and confidence, and in the end, it makes us more efficient.
John Frieda® Volume Lift energizes your hair - and your mood. Thin, flat hair becomes strong and soft, while giving it suppleness and volume. The resplendent shape of your hair will have a positive effect on your mood.
The care and styling products of the new John Frieda® Volume Lift range have been specially created to meet the needs of thin, flat hair. Shampoo, conditioner and spray treatment detangle and condition the hair, preparing it in the best way to hairstyles with wonderful volume. The dry shampoo, the mousse, hair spray and root booster give hair significantly more body and volume. Ultra light formulas with Air-Silk technology give the hair softness, suppleness and rebound without weighing them down. For a volume that feels as much as it can be seen.

„Thin hair is very vulnerable and brushing, coloring and
successive hairstyles quickly damage them. »Most care products
 weighs down the hair fiber, which does not help thin hair
which become even weaker and flat. They are also complicated to
style: when trying to give volume to thin hair with
bad products, we get a frozen effect that is not natural. The
Volume Lift range solves this problem thanks to its innovative 
and ultra light formulas and that detangles, nourishes and styles hair without 
becoming heavier. Thin hair then takes on a beautiful natural volume. "
Andreas Wild, John Frieda® Senior Stylist

I had the oppurtunity to try the new Volume Lift range and I was really happy with the results. The new volume lift products made my haircare routine much easier. The shampoo leaves my hair full and light at the same time with a fresh and clean fragrance. Hair really felt amazing, not greasy and the volume lasted for days! My absolute favorite product out of the range as to be the Volumizing Hairspray. It made styling really easy and I like the lift it gave to my hair. The scent is also amazing and for me a true must-have product!
If you need a real volume boost you will love the Volume Lift Root Boosting Thickening Spray, it boosts hair from the roots to create lightweight lift and lasting volume with added heat protection.


Images courtesy of John Frieda

Wednesday 14 October 2020

H&M Home opens a concept store in Geneva

H&M announce the opening of its second H&M HOME Concept Store in Switzerland. In the heart of the city of Geneva, the H&M HOME Concept Store will open its doors in winter 2020 and will unveil a welcoming and contemporary design that will instantly create a must-see destination for interior design.
The new store will provide customers with a dynamic shopping experience by offering our full assortment, which includes furniture and lamps, as well as a selection of pieces from other brands.


"We are very proud to open our new H&M HOME Concept Store in Geneva 
and offer a new vision of the interior design industry. 
Our H&M HOME Concept Store emphasizes modern design and interior decoration
and offers on-site collaborations and activities as well as top-notch customer service. 
We are confident that our H&M HOME Concept Store is a solid complement 
to our digital offering and we hope our customers love it as much as we do. ", 
says Peter Klagsmark, General Manager of H&M HOME.


Images courtesy of H&M


H&M Home Concept Store

Rue de la Croix-d'Or 3


Caudalie new Resveratrol Lift with Vegan Collagen Booster

In women over 40, collagen and Hyaluronic acid production strongly decreases. Mathilde Thomas, who is always looking for the the most effective and natural solutions possible decided to continue working with the renowned Harvard Medical School and Dr. David Sinclar.
He was named from Time Magazine as "Guru of Longevity" and he is one of the greatest specialists in the world in fighting aging processes.
While generally in cosmetic products collagen of animal origin is used, Caudalie consciously choosed a vegan collagen booster to protect both skin and the environment.
Caudalie and Harvard Medical School jointly determined that the existing resveratrol + hyaluronic acid patent is twice as effective as retinol in the natural production of collagen. They decided to go one step further and to test an innovative combination of resveratrol + hyaluronic acid + vegan collagen booster. Together they applied for a new exclusive patent (FR 1555116).

Vegan Collagen Booster: firms and works at the same time on all layers of the skin
Natural Hyaluronic Acid: fills from within back on.
Resveratrol from the vines:Stimulates activity of the proteins for the youthfulness of the skin
The results are impressive: 5x more natural collagen production and 2x more hyaluronic acid production for firmer, plumper and visibly younger looking skin. A new patent has been created.

Thanks to the natural and sensory texture of the skin-thickening cashmere cream, the skin feels velvety soft, not greasy and extremely pleasant to the touch. A real cashmere feeling for the skin that also prevents premature aging in a natural way.

I had the pleasure to test the entire range and I was positively impressed. The new Resveratrol Lift goes to work on wrinkles and firming skin thanks to the effectiveness of its vegan collagen booster. 
Thanks to its patented combination of resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen booster, the Firming Cashmere Cream really corrects wrinkles, firms and replumps the skin. Face looks smoother, firmer and younger!

Composed with more than 97% natural origin and sensorial ingredients, this cream rich in phospholipids is as soft as cashmere on the skin. Skin is also left lightly fragranced with notes of basil, lemongrass, chamomile, thyme and orange blossom. The Resveratrol Lift Instant Firming Serum for me is an absolute must-have as it goes to work on restoring the complexion to a more youthful appearance. The serum contains the highest concentration of resveratrol as well as the patented complex of hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing the contours. My favourite product from the range has to be the Firming Eye Gel Cream, thanks to its formula enriched with quinoa extracts helps fighting the signs of aging. Eyes look younger and fresher.


Images courtesy of Caudalie


Tuesday 13 October 2020

John Frieda® Highlight Refresh & Shine for blonde hair

Blonde is never trivial. For a woman, blonde is a strong signature. It can be sexy, trendy, powerful or even youthful. A well-groomed blonde that sparkles in the sun is as bewitching as the reflections of light dancing on the water. Whether it's natural, dyed, or bleached: blonde hair says a lot about you.

John Frieda® now reveals this dimension of your personality in its most beautiful and vibrant facets. The new Highlight Refresh & Shine range reinforces natural and colored reflections and intensifies their radiance. It transforms dull and tired blondes into a multidimensional blonde shining with light. The result: hair that's soft, natural and rich in facets.

Avocado oil deeply hydrates hair and makes it softer, while light reflecting agents give it a wonderfully natural, multidimensional shine. For a luminous, nuanced and fascinating blonde, as rich as your personality.


Images courtesy of John Frieda

The Vampire's Wife X H&M

H&M is thrilled to announce a collaboration with cult fashion brand The Vampire’s Wife, the brainchild of British designer, model and muse Susie Cave. A fashion insider favourite, The Vampire’s Wife is known for flattering silhouettes, glamourous details and an unbridled celebration of women and the female form. The collection is progressive in both attitude and fabrication; garments are made from sustainably sourced materials. The collection will be available in selected stores and online at from 22nd October 2020.

“It is a great honor that I have been asked to be the designer 
and artistic director of a collaboration between 
The Vampire's Wife and H&M. 
H&M has done an extraordinary job of bringing 
the mysterious and sensual world of The Vampire's Wife. 
I hope this collection gives as much joy to those who wear it 
as it gave to those who created it, "
said Susie Cave, Artistic Director and Designer.

Images courtesy of H&M



 TAG Heuer presents three new Monaco models, continuing the new chapter in the collection’s history that began in 2019 – a year in which the brand celebrated the iconic timepiece’s 50th anniversary with special-edition releases.

These new, impressive 2020 models feature a powerful in-house manufacture movement at their heart, the Calibre Heuer 02, and a stunning, statement design. All three drawing inspiration from the models of the 1970s, and two are presented on a modernised metallic bracelet, recreated especially for them. Such bold stylistic choices continue to establish the Monaco as much more than a heritage piece.

Image courtesy of TAG HEUER


The world of beauty is changing! Sephora is delighted to announce its new selection of Good For products that are good for both the skin and our planet. Indeed, Good For promotes Sephora's commitment to developing more responsible beauty and makeup treatments while respecting the environment!
Good For presents products whose formulas contain at least 90% of rigorously selected ingredients of natural origin. The packaging is also respectful of our planet and recyclable. Plus, Sephora's recycling program continues to evolve! Now it is not only perfume bottles that are recycled but also glass and plastic jars as well as certain make-up packaging.
A new concept of sustainable and transparent beauty!

Images courtesy of SEPHORA