Thursday, 25 June 2020


Blue sky, 32 degrees and hot sun: the sunlight puts us in a good mood, increases motivation and thirst for adventure, and creates a general good mood. No wonder summer is the most beautiful time of year for most people. But if the sun caresses our soul, it is often a burden on the body. While we protect our skin from the sun with a cream and moisturize it with a lotion, we usually expose our hair to unprotected sun. The heat and the rays of the sun damage the hair, making it  look dull and dry. With AFTER SUN  John Frieda® has developed a new line of hydrating skincare with refreshing cucumber and mint, which revitalize and regenerate damaged hair after a sun bath. For healthy shine and supple hair all summer long!
The John Frieda® After Sun skincare line is specially adapted to the needs of hair damaged by the sun. The shampoo, the detangling treatment and the moisturizing spray refresh and soothe hair exposed to the sun. The invigorating cucumber and mint formula hydrates the hair and restores its suppleness. For strong and healthy hair, full of shine.
I love to use the AFTER SUN range not only on holidays but also after a day at the pool, lake or just sunbathing. For me they are an absolute must-have for summerdays as I feel the hair really needs that extra care after a day in the sun or at the sea.
The products are suitable for all hair types. After Sun shampoo gently cleanses and invigorates hair damaged by Sun. The cucumber and mint shampoo revitalizes and gives hair stronger and healthier looking. The After Sun detangling treatment moisturizes dry hair damaged by the sun. Based cucumber and mint, it regenerates and gives shine and softness.
The After Sun moisturizing spray nourishes and detangles hair damaged by the sun. Made with cucumber and mint, it hydrates and gives long-lasting suppleness, even after sunbathing. For silky, easy-to-comb hair.

COLLISTAR Anticellulite Cryo-Gel

Summer is here! Collistar gives us all a great hand to achieve that great Summer body thanks to the Anticellulite Cryo-Gel. From Collistar Research a new combination of active ingredients gives us a global anticellulite strategy.
This is one of my absolute favourite products from Collistar as it really gives you an immediate lifting combined with a cold effect which during the Summertime is surely a bonus.
Inspired by cryotherapy the gel formula gives you an immediate sensation of lightness and freshness particularly in the legs. The essential oils on the other hand stimulate vitality and wellbeing.
A blend of plant-based alpha-hidroxy acids instantly lifts skin and minimizes imperfections. Centella Asiatica combats loss of elasticity and ensures a progresive lifting action.
Two powerful acftive ingredients Pink Pepper and Caffeine act on fat deposits at three levels: limiting  the formation of fat cells, preventing new lipids from accumulating and getting rid of existing fat.
The gel-texture is light, fresh and quickly absorbed and is suitable for all skin types.

THE BODY SHOP New Limited Editions Cool Cucumber & Zesty Lemon

The Body Shop presents its new cooling and refreshing limited editions perfect for summer: Cool Cucumber and Zesty Lemon.
Take a cooling shower with the Cool Cucumber Shower Gel, made with juice from wonky cucumbers it smells unbelievably refreshing and it feels cool on skin. It is the perfect treat for keeping cool and cleansed all summer long. If you prefer something more zingy on your skin you really have to try the Zesty Lemon Shower Gel, made with extracts from lumpy lemons it feels seriously refreshing and clean on skin.
Get your body and skin ready for sunbathing by giving it a good scrub! Thanks to the special edition Zesty Lemon Body Scrub your skin will be smoother and softer. Feels seriously refreshing and smells ridiculously zingy. Made with extracts from lumpy lemons, it’s the perfect treat for keeping things fresh all summer.
After your shower or bath lather on a dollop of the Cool Cucumber Body Butter or the Cool Cucumber Body Yogurt they both are seriously cool and are unbelievably refreshing. They nourish skin with 48hr moisture.
My absolute favourite? The Zesty Lemon Body Jogurt, it has a refreshingly light texture and smells ridiculously zingy! Skin feels nourished and smoother for up to 48 hours.
 Give your hands a treat with the special edition Cool Cucumber Hand Cream. It feels seriously cool on palms and pinkies as well as smelling unbelievably refreshing. Made with juice from wonky cucumbers, it’s the perfect treat for keeping cool on-the-go all summer.

Images courtesy of THE BODY SHOP

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

DOSENBACH opens a new flagship store in Zug

DOSENBACH is opening a new flagship store today at Metalli Shopping Center in Zug. In the brand new flagship store you will find new highlight elements, large screens and an attractive omnichannel area for use. On a total sales area of ​​over 380 square meters fashionable shoe trends at the best prices all in a modern and appealing shop atmosphere will await customers. The wide range also includes shoes for women, men and children and a fashionable selection of bags and accessories.
For the first time, the branch offers customers the possibility of trying on shoes normally available only online. Then if you decide to buy them, you can buy them in store at the till or through the iPads of the sales staff.
Through this networking of stationary and online trade, DOSENBACH customers can choose from the entire Dosenbach range and have the articles delivered within 24 hour to your home free of charge. 
On the opening days from June 24th to 27th 2020, customers can expect attractive offers, promotions, free ice cre and other great surprises.

Sexual well-being and inner balance, with Fit Trainballs from ceylor

Beauty comes from within. Many women make it their motto and are primarily concerned with their well-being and that of their bodies. In line with this perspective, it is important for women, at every stage of their lives, to have a toned pelvic (or perineal) floor: indeed, doctors recommend doing regular muscle building exercises to prevent urinary incontinence or back pain. This is also advised during and after pregnancy. And, icing on the cake, it increases the pleasure for a more fulfilled sex life.
The sexual well-being of women is intimately linked to a positive image of themselves and a sexuality in harmony with their physical balance. The toning of the perineum is an important component: with the Fit Trainballs from Ceylor, it is possible to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles through daily training of 15 minutes, beneficial for health but also for sexual pleasure.
Daily exercises, to do everywhere and all the time Ceylor's new Fit Trainballs help strengthen pelvic floor muscles with only a daily 15 minutes training that you can do anytime even while you 
 do your housew play sports or even shopping.

Ceylor's Fit Trainballs are
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Tuesday, 23 June 2020


Neutrogena launches Curcuma Clear a new skincare range that soothes sensitive skin and gently removes impurities. Three new products containing skin-friendly turmeric give it a feeling of suppleness and refresh it.
Many young women consider effective removal of impurities to be a priority in facial care. However, sensitive skin should not be unnecessarily irritated this is why Neutrogena has developed a specific solution to overcome this problem: the new Curcuma Clear skincare line containing the trendy ingredient: turmeric.
Like ginger, turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is even said to be a natural pain reliever and to aid digestion. Nevertheless, turmeric is much more than a delicious spice for making golden latte: many beauty tutorials using the popular yellow root "are now circulating on Instagram and YouTube.
 For the first time, Neutrogena is using natural turmeric extract as an ingredient in the new Curcuma Clear skincare line. The range includes a cleansing foam, a moisturizer and a moisturizing spray. The three products soothe sensitive can while the cleaning foam gently removes impurities. In addition, their fresh scent makes them pleasant to use. The formulas do not rub off, does not clog pores and does not leave unwanted residue.
Curcuma Clear products have been developed with dermatologists to guarantee their tolerance, even for sensitive skin. The result is a skincare line that gently cleanses the skin and preserves skin hydration - for supple, radiant skin.

Neutrogena Curcuma Clear
Soothing Moisturizer

Hydrates instantly and durably all day.
Soothes stressed skin, prone to impurities.
Lightweight, quickly absorbed formula.

Neutrogena Curcuma Clear Spray

Hydrates and refreshes the skin.
Soothes stressed skin, prone to impurities.
Ultra-fine formula
To start the day fresh or at any time of the day 
when the skin needs a little boost

Neutrogena Curcuma Clear
Soothing Cleansing Foam

Cleans gently and effectively
Removes dirt clogging pores,
excess sebum and makeup.
Eliminates impurities and helps prevent their 
Soothes stressed skin, prone to impurities.

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Galderma presents: the new DAYLONG SPORT a hydrogel innovative sun protection for outdoor activities and extreme sports

Many things are different this Spring. Even is the world is turned upside down, there are things that remain the same for example a reliable sun protection. Whether on the balcony, in the garden or during a short jog, our skin is always exposed to UV rays outside. So that we can also enjoy the sun during outdoor activities, Galderma has developed Daylong ™ Sport, a hydrogel sun protection specially designed for the people who love outdoor activities. Even if the current situation challenges us, we surely look forward to spending time outside and enjoying the fresh air, while feeling the rays of the sun. After spending lots of time indoor for several months, the observation is always the same: the sun is not only good for our mood, but it is  also good for the body. However especially in spring, our skin is sensitive to the sun and needs special protection.

Most Swiss are aware that you have to protect your skin from the sun when you are outdoors, especially in spring and summer: according to a representative survey by Daylong ™ on outdoor activities and sun protection on more than 1,000 people in Switzerland, 65% of them at least have said to use sunscreen to prevent skin damage *. While this is the case for 72% of the women questioned, only 59% of the men questioned use sun protection at least occasionally. Women are therefore significantly more likely to take the protection of their skin from UV rays seriously. Moreover, people aged 40 to 49 use sun protection much more often than those younger of 30 years old or those from 50-59 years old.

It is also important to systematically protect your skin from UV rays when practicing an outdoor activity. We sweat a lot, the heart works hard and the legs too: to be able to fully concentrate on your physical efforts, it is essential to use a suitable sun protection. Daylong ™ experts therefore created Daylong ™ Sport, a protection that perfectly meets the needs of athletes, including in extreme conditions, for example at altitude or in water. Thanks to its formula, the new DaylongTM Sport offers sun protection perfectly adapted to sportsmen. During the practice of a sporting activity, it is indeed essential that the heat generated can be evacuated and the sweat can evaporate so that the body does not overheat. Hydrating lotions and oils hinder this process. That’s why sun protection with low lipid content and water and sweat resistant  are the best choice: skin is this way protected optimally, even during extreme sports. This broad spectrum anti-UVA / UVB sun protection and sun protection index of 50+ acts immediately and is suitable for all skin types. In addition, thanks to its “Fast-Absorber” formula, DaylongTM Sport allows you to start your sport right after the application. This sun protection presents itself as a light non-greasy hydrating gel, which is quickly absorbed by skin and gives it a pleasant mat effect. In addition to being very resistant to water and sweat, it does not irritate the eyes, contains no perfume, is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, which makes it also suitable for sensitive skin.

Images courtesy of Galderma