Monday 6 June 2022

LUSH: Protection, Restoration and Regeneration of West Toba Forest

LUSH supports the SOS Sumatran Orangutan Society with the aim of increasing global awareness of the wildlife paradise of West Toba. LUSH is committed to the local communities and supports them in protecting their rainforests. In 2018, LUSH funded a study that mapped the habitats of orangutans in Sumatra. The study concluded that West Toba is considered a critical area in the Sumatran rainforest for the conservation of endangered megafauna. The West Toba area is home to orangutans, Sumatran tigers, gibbons, hornbills and sun bears.

In West Toba there is a forest corridor that connects the habitat of orangutans and other wildlife in this biodiversity hotspot. Forest Edge Communities, Frontline Partners, SOS and LUSH support conservation efforts to preserve this vital ecosystem.


SOS urgently needs money to secure the long-term protection of the forests in West Toba. The funds will be spent on conservation initiatives jointly created by the local communities in West Toba, the organization SOS and local partners:
Securing a wildlife corridor between the forests to bring the orangutans and other endangered megafauna back together and secure their future.
Providing the needed tools for the forest-based, local communities in West Toba to give them the tools for sustainable management and development.

To support this project, LUSH created a limited-edition Orangutan bath bomb. All profits from this product go to support the protection measures in West Toba. The orangutan bath bomb and contains restorative Sumatran patchouli oil, which exudes an enticing, grounding scent.
Inside each bath bomb is a ticket. This invites bathers to “immerse themselves in the sounds of the Sumatra rainforest”. The ticket also has a QR code that leads to a website where customers can download a soundscape from the depths of the Sumatran rainforest in West Toba.

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