Monday 30 June 2014

Get your body ready for Summer with the new LA PRAIRIE Cellular Mineral Exfoliators

I will be leaving for my holiday soon so I have started getting my body bikini-ready. One of the most important thing to do before going holiday it is to prepare the body for tanning or self-tanning. You can do this quite simply by exfoliating your body once or twice a week.
Exfoliation is important not just before tanning but also because it takes away dead skin and rejuvenates the skin after the Winter months.
That is why I was excited to try the new La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator!


The silky translucent gel is formulated with mineral-rich gem powders, Rosa Centifola, Smithsonite Extract and La Prairie's exclusive cellular complex really polishes and conditions the whole body.
La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body Exfoliator gently refines the skin by removing dead cells that can dull the complexion.
I saw immediately results with this mineral exfolation my skin is left soft and silky smooth and ready for tanning or to accept treatments benefits.
I use it once or twice a week , on moist skin , I apply it with circular movements, concentrating particularly on rough areas such as elbows, knees and heels. The body refining elements retexture rough spots and bumpiness caused by dead skin accumulation in neglected areas revealing smooth, silkier skin.


The same principle is valid also for your face , so La Prairie has created this luxurious, translucent gel, formulated with mineral-rich gem powders, Rosa Centifola and La Prairie's exclusive cellular complex for immediate long-term benefits.
This mineral enriched exfoliator brings skin perfection, helps in thighting the pores and increases radiance.
Finely-granulated diamond powder, quartz, hematite, tourmaline and meteorite dust add a skin-buffing element to the formula.
It gently refines skin by removing dead skin that can dull the complexion while delighting the senses with its rich and silky feel. 

You can find La Prairie Cellular Mineral Body and Face Exfoliators at your nearest La Prairie Counter.

IL TAVOLO - FOOD FESTIVAL , il Mercato Lunch

On Saturday, I has the great pleasure together with my hubby to attend one of the events part of the 3rd Edition of the IL TAVOLO Food Festival- Zurich's Table and more precisely Il Mercato Lunch.
The host hotels Baur au Lac, Eden au Lac, Park Hyatt Zürich, Storchen Zürich, The Dolder Grand and The Widder Hotel invited guests to the biggest "tavolata" in Switzerland, where top Swiss and International gastronomy met.
Il Mercato Lunch was held in the heart of the largest market in town, Zürich's wholesale market.
I must say the organization and the setting were absolutely spot on, quite breathtaking to see a table 200 m long!
With fresh fruits and culinary market stalls surrounding the long table it really felt like being inside an Italian market. The atmosphere was just perfect as you could freely move from one host Hotel food station to another and try out a bit of everything the Chefs superbly prepared for the occasion.
The food was all amazing but I would have to give the Park Hyatt's Chef Frank Widmer and his team a special mention as his veal with  Asparagus risotto was so delicious, I had two portions of it!
I really loved the fact that you could talk to the chefs and see the food being prepared in front of you!
It was really a wonderful event, I had so much fun meeting people while enjoying the wonderful food.

Fresh and regional products

The table goes on and on..

More products on sale at the Market Stalls

The biggest "Tavolata"

Fresh Fruit and veg stall 

The Menu

Delicious food

Veal and Spargus Risotto prepared by
Chef Frank Widmer and his team

Desserts Heaven

The Tavolata

With lovely Food Blogger Rossella

Chefs at work

Delicious food prepared on the spot

Great products offering

Sunday 29 June 2014

Sisley new Black Rose Precious Face Oil

A couple of weeks ago I had the great pleasure to be invited to Sisley's presentation of its new products in Geneva.
Three years after the launch of the Black Rose Cream Mask, which by the way became a cult product in record time, Sisley is launching a highly regenerating complete daily skin care treatment : Black Rose Precious Face Oil.

Sisley's uses this words to describe it:

"A beauty Elixir, both sensual and sophisticated, a few drops of this gentle and refined ointment is enough to restore the skin's beauty and yothfulness".

The Black Rose Precious Face Oil offers a 3-steps action:

1- Prepare: some skins are dryer than others, they are lacking in essential fatty acids. The formula integrates one of the richest oils in Omega 3 and 6 Camelia Oil ( a Sisley innovation).
Enriched in unsaturated fatty acids , the skin is enabled to fully benefit from daily skincare.

2- Action: It nourishes skin and helps combat the visible signs of dermal aging.
The formula combines 5 plants-base active ingredients which are providing the skin with the elements that are essential to its vitality and youthfulness: 
- Camelia Oil ( rich in Omega 5 ) acts with Prune Oil (rich in Omega 6)  to optimise the skin's lipid balance.
-Extract of Padina Pavonica goes to stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.
-Natural Tocopherols, reinforce the skin's natural protection system.
-Extract of Avocado, nourishes, regenerates, repairs and soothe.
-Phytosqualane, moisturises and nourishes.
Skin is replenished with beneficial , soothing and anti-aging active ingredients.

3-Outcome: to enhance and soften the skin
Extract of Black Rose, powerful and indulgebt instantly draws us into an ifusion of sensuality and softness.
Combined with essential oils of Bulgarian Rose and Magnolia it takes a full of olfactory dimension and is more than skincare, is a precious elixir of softness and stimulation.
Wrinkles and fine lines are visibly smoothed, skin is more radiant, it regains its plumpness.

Satin skin thanks to its ultra fine and silky texture, it leaaves a satin finish on the skin, nourishing without making it shiny.
Used morning or evening before your usual skincare routine, to prepare and comfort skin , 3 to 7 drops on cleaned skin but you can also use it on its own, depending on your needs.

Who is it for?

The Black Rose Precious Face Oil has been created for skin types that are genetically dry, from age 30, or for normal skin types that have become dry or dehytrated by environmental conditions. Mature skin that is lacking lipids.

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil will be available in Switzerland from September 2014 .

With Jack Daniel's through the Summer Festivals Season

When Jack Daniel's is around people just seem to gather, and where there is Jack there is music. In fact when you hear good music there is a good chance you will find a Jack Daniel's  nearby.
After all Jack Daniel's and music have long gone hand in hand. From the nights when Mr.Jack himself would entertain guests with his grand piano to today's favourite bands and musicians toasts the evening with Jack Daniel's, there is a strong connection between Jack Daniel's and music.
For this reason Jack Daniel will see you through the Summer Festivals Season with a brand new tent, so to enjoy the Festival's atmosphere together with true Jack Daniel's lifestyle visit the tent, where you will be able to enjoy  the classic Jack Daniel's Old no.7 on the rocks, but also Jack & Coke, Gentleman Jack , the Tennessee Honey or the exclusive Single Barrell.
Live Freely, drink sensibly!
You can find the Jack Daniel's tent at the following festivals and open airs:

- OPEN AIR FRAUENFELD, 10th -13th JULY 2014
- OPEN AIR GURTEN, 17th-20th JULY 2014
- PALEO FESTIVAL,  22nd-27th JULY 2014
- OPENAIR GAMPEL, 14th- 17th AUGUST 2014

Saturday 28 June 2014

STARBUCKS Bloggers Event with Discoveries Chai Latte

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure to attend the Starbucks Bloggers Event in Zürich with my hubby and Jasper! The event was held at the Sihlcity branch, really nice location and a big thanks goes to the team for the amazing work they did to host us  on the night!
The event was really fun and fashionable!
It started off as always with a coffee tasting with the great explanations of  the lovely Starbucks Coffee Master.
We tried the coffee first hot, then cold and then with a bit of icecream in it to see the difference. The lovely Coffee Master made us cover the coffee with our hands in order to inhale the smell, to see what we could think of.. to reply coffee wasn't just going to be good enough..!
She explained that you can tell if a coffee is of good quality if you can drink it cold.
After the coffee tasting the Fashion part of the event took place, special guest Clifford Lilley took the time to show us different shoes trends for the Summer. From Dosenbach to Prada the trend for sports shoes and flat sandals seem to be very much the key.
Given that the event was especially to present the new Discoveries Chai Latte, we had chance to try out a few on the spot and able to took some home! As you probably already know I am a fan of Chai Latte so I am already a big fan of it! You can now find it at Migros around Switzerland.
A nice giftbag full of Starbucks goodies was also given out to everyone to take home!

The NEW Starbucks Discoveries Chai Latte

The group of Bloggers

The lovely Starbucks' Coffee Master 

Getting things ready for the tasting 

Coffee tasting

Coffee tasting with ice cream

 Chatting away with the lovely Gaby 

Inhaling the smell of the coffee

Jasper having fun at the Event

 Clifford Lilley showing us the latest trends

Sandals and trainers for Summer!

With Clifford Lilley

Jasper & I

The lovely gift bag