Friday 25 September 2020

THOMAS SABO: Neverending Ear Party

The THOMAS SABO Charming Collection celebrates one of the biggest accessory trends: THE EAR PARTY.

Even if we have to wait a little longer until the next real party, there is a lot to celebrate for our ears this season. The new THOMAS SABO Charming Collection offers an impressive variety of filigree and high-quality earrings. True to the motto "Mix & Match", the decorated ear trend can be fully lived thanks to the almost limitless combination options. Delicate hoop earrings and ear studs, which can be combined with one or two of the many ear charms, serve as the basis of the ear party look. Another highlight are the finely crafted ear cuffs, which enable individual ear decorations in the trendy piercing style, without any ear holes. Whether it is earrings in the cosmos trend, classic hoop earrings or stud earrings set with colorful stones: the designs are as diverse as the wearer herself. If they are put together individually, a confident look is created that stylishly underlines the personality of young girls and women.

Images courtesy of Thomas Sabo

DOSENBACH: It's real leather!

Soon the woods will turn into a colorful scene and light summer dresses and sandals give way to the new autumn fashion. Just in time for Fall, DOSENBACH equips us with the latest shoe and accessory trends made of high-quality leather. Not only for walks in the forest, but also as the perfect combination for your everyday autumn wardrobe. The evergreen shows itself with new models in different colors. Autumn brown, beige and red tones, suitable for the cooler days, whether ankle boots, boots or Chelsea boots, they can be combined just as well with dresses as with jeans and blazers.

The real leather collection from DOSENBACH is available for both women and men from October 12th, 2020 in all DOSENBACH branches and online.


Images courtesy of Dosenbach

Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto

 For 48 years, Yohji Yamamoto has stood for a timeless style that defies established ideas. While Yohji Yamamoto set the tone for the Big Bang GMT All Black, monochrome black set the tone for the new Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto, the iconic textiles of the fashion designer and his bold use of patterns.

Tagged as anti-fashion, Yohji Yamamoto's creations are designed to raise questions, and all his collections contain this message. A master of contradiction and antagonism, Yohji Yamamoto sees the camouflage motif as the epitome of paradox, present and future clashing strikingly or blending seamlessly. As well as the initial message delivered by the camouflage print, he is reclaiming the values ​​behind the clothes. The values ​​of a rebellious spirit, a strong will, and cutting-edge individuality.

“The Big Bang, which Yamamoto designed together with Hublot, takes up our common codes and implements his camouflage motif in a very original way. The contours are superimposed on the sapphire dial and vulcanized on the bracelet - a technology that Hublot first introduced to the watch industry in 2019. » Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

The Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto appears in a limited edition of 200 copies. Its 45 mm case is made of matt black ceramic, and the sapphire dial has contours that overlap and form biomorphic speckled patterns, based on the designer's camouflage pattern, whose signature can be seen at 6 o'clock. In the Big Bang Camo Yohji Yamamoto, the manufacture caliber Unico beats with a power reserve of 72 hours.

Tuesday 22 September 2020

ECCO inaugurates a new Flagship Store in Geneva and presents innovative QUANT-U technology in its Flagship Store in Zurich

ECCO is pleased to announce the opening of its first Flagship Store in French-speaking Switzerland, in Geneva. This new store, located 38 rue du Marché, 1204 Geneva, offers a wide range of high quality ECCO leather shoes, whether it is men's, women's, golf shoes as well as different types of accessories, in a spacious, modern and comfortable sales area of ​​68 square meters. In addition, ECCO is pleased to present an innovative service in its Flagship Store in Zurich: perfectly fitting bespoke shoes with QUANT-U, which will be available in the store until the end of September 2020.

The doors of the two ECCO stores are finally open, to the delight of Swiss customers, who can rediscover the pleasure of shopping. ECCO is particularly happy to open another important site in Switzerland. As the footwear brand opens a brand new ECCO store in Geneva, the Zurich team is looking forward to offering its customers a whole new experience with QUANT-U until the end of September 2020. 
QUANT-U, is an intuitive three-step process based on real-time analysis, design from a dataset and 3D printing directly in store. The end product is a custom 3D printed silicone midsole; reservations are open now.


Image courtesy of ECCO

Dr. Hauschka: Let nature enter

For Dr. Hauschka, natural cosmetics have been trending since 1967. In their current campaign magazine “L let nature enter”, they focus in particular on issues related to natural cosmetics, sustainable development, beauty and well-being.

For more than 50 years, Dr. Hauschka has developed a process allowing them to extract the precious virtues of medicinal plants in order to integrate them into cosmetic products in the form of essences. This extraction process is based solely on the rhythms of nature: light and dark, heat and cold, movement and rest. In this way, the strengths of herbal remedies can flourish on your skin.
The Dr. Hauschka skincare concept cleanses, tones, nourishes and beautifies your skin, taking into account its day / night rhythm. Targeted pulses strengthen the skin's natural strength mechanisms and help it regain its natural balance.

5 tips to keep a balance thanks to nature

Natural beauty every moment: it feels so good to be able to trust it. This is how you and your skin can both stay calm and radiate vitality:

1. Clean up your past

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing and Cleansing Milk gently and deeply frees your skin from impurities and makeup. The anthyllid, almond and jojoba oils preserve your skin's protective natural layer. This basic cleansing treatment is an ideal preparation for other facial treatments.

2. Spray the force of nature

Dr. Hauschka Toning Lotion allows you to strengthen your skin in the morning and evening after cleansing and whenever you feel like it. Its fine mist composed of medicinal plants gives our Toning Lotion its inimitable character and immediately refreshes the complexion. Dr. Hauschka Toning Lotion can also be used to refresh your makeup.

3. Wrap yourself in harmony ...

Thanks to the characteristic properties of the rose: softness and strength. Dr. Hauschka Rose Light Day Cream gently cares for your skin and helps maintain hydration. The revitalizing pulses of its medicinal plants like rose, marshmallow and anthyllid strengthen and stimulate the functions of the skin. Precious rose water, rose wax and rose extracts harmonize and revitalize the epidermis, providing a refined and even complexion.

4. Dance to the rhythm of the skin

Dr. Hauschka Night Serum allows the skin to breathe freely during the night, for a radiant complexion as soon as you wake up. The Night Serum stimulates the skin's natural cell renewal processes with extracts of apple blossom, apple and witch hazel. This non-greasy formula respects the natural rhythm of the skin and supports it in its nocturnal regeneration rhythms.

5. Play with colors

Refined composition: available in three versions, Dr. Hauschka Correcting Powder contains four different mineral pigments for a perfectly even complexion. This treatment formula combining mineral pigments and extracts of medicinal plants, including anthyllid and witch hazel, gives the skin a more regular appearance. The Balancing Correcting Powder brightens shadows and reduces redness. The Stimulating variant revitalizes dull and pale skin. The Soothing variant reduces redness and harmonizes the complexion.

The 100% certified natural cosmetics Dr. Hauschka has proven its effectiveness. On your skin, on our planet, since 1967.

Images courtesy of Dr. Hauschka


To mark the brand’s 160th anniversary this year, the TAG Heuer Carrera collection welcomes yet another addition – this time, the iconic chronograph features an elegant design reminiscent of historic models with a touch of modern flair. These four chronographs have a refined and modern look inspired by the pure style that first made the TAG Heuer Carrera iconic.
Born on the racetrack yet equally at home at a formal evening event, the new TAG Heuer Carrera timepieces exude sheer elegance and make a striking statement in any situation. They not only serve as a tribute to the collection’s acclaimed roots, but also demonstrate the brand’s expertise in seamlessly combining sophistication in design and watchmaking.

Image courtesy of TAG HEUER

Friday 11 September 2020

Starbucks announce partnership with Too Good To Go: Save coffee and snacks from waste

 Starbucks is now cooperating across Switzerland with Too Good To Go, the movement against food waste. With their practical app, users can now save food as self-collectors in all participating Starbucks stores.

Responsible use of food is a high priority at Starbucks. The company is therefore now expanding its partnership with Too Good To Go also in  Switzerland. With the Too Good To Go app, Starbucks fans can save food from being wasted in a total of 49 locations, including 40 coffee houses in German-speaking Switzerland and nine in French-speaking Switzerland. With the app, food that is left over at the end of the day can easily be reserved as a surprise parcel in two options:

Option 1 (food): fine pastries, delicious sandwiches and snacks

Option 2 (Food & Coffee): in addition to pastries, sandwiches and snacks, this option contains coffee beans, coffee capsules or instant coffee. The content of the order can vary - depending on what can no longer be sold regularly that day. The products cost around a third of the original price.

Alina Swirski, Country Manager of Too Good To Go Switzerland 

Together against food waste

After successful cooperation in six countries, Starbucks is pleased to be building on the previous initiatives to prevent food waste in Switzerland: 

“The Starbucks store managers handle their online product orders with great care and with precisely allocated product quantities for each coffee house in order to avoid waste. Any remaining fresh products that would otherwise have to be disposed of can now be easily saved from waste using Too Good To Go. " - says Bernardin Malou, General Manager Starbucks Switzerland and Austria.

Too Good To Go is also enthusiastic about the partnership: 

“We are delighted that Starbucks has joined our growing network of over 2,900 partner companies in Switzerland. Food waste has an enormous impact on the environment. Every coffee or snack saved helps to counteract this, » says Alina Swirski, Country Manager of Too Good To Go Switzerland.

RUINART: commited to preserve

In 2020, Ruinart breaks with the tradition of gift boxes, and goes further in its environmental contribution with the second skin case. Eco-designed, this envelope exactly the emblematic shape of the Maison's bottles while preserving the integrity of the Ruinart taste until tasting.

By revolutionizing packaging, Maison Ruinart is putting its spirit of innovation at the service of sustainable development: where a gift box made sense yesterday, a case made from 100% cellulose fibers, fully recyclable, is now to be preferred. Sustainable innovation, the second skin case advocates a return to nature: it aims to reduce and recycle without distorting either the experience or the taste.

Images courtesy of Hennessy

A direct tribute to the Crayères, the minimalist paper shell is combined with a soft touch and a textured surface reminiscent of the Maison's historic cellars in Reims. It suggests a new gesture, a disruptive materiality and a design adapted to a committed art of living.

"Innovative, eco-designed and authentic, the second skin case crystallizes our
lasting commitment. ”
Frédéric Dufour, President, Maison Ruinart

The second skin case will be available for both Rosé and Blanc de Blancs from September 14th 2020 for a period of one month, exclusively at Globus. Afterwards, it will be available at selected wine merchants.