Tuesday 22 February 2022


For 7 years, the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships have been rewarding the best sparkling wines in the world. This year, Maison Ruinart is pleased to announce that Dom Ruinart Rosé 2004 in magnum format has been crowned the best Champagne in the world.

Rosé champagne has a special place in the history of the House. Indeed, its creation dates back almost 260 years. In 1764, Ruinart was the first champagne house to market a rosé champagne, then called “oeil de perdrix”.

Consecrating the finest harvests, the Dom Ruinart cuvée gives pride of place to Chardonnay, the emblematic grape variety of Maison Ruinart. Always vintage, it was born in 1959 and has since known only 26 vintages. Raised with care and patience in our Crayères for almost 10 years in perfect conditions, this wine is then stirred and disgorged in the pure Champagne tradition. Its rosé expression is even rarer because it is made from the base of Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs from the same year (about 80%), and blended with Pinot Noir vinified in red from the same year. The year must therefore be both exceptional for Chardonnay and Pinot. Only 20 vintages have been marketed since the first in 1966. 


Proof of the challenge of time, it is the Dom Ruinart rosé 2004, 14 years old already, which invites itself to our end-of-year celebrations to close 2021 in beauty and in magnum, with its title of Best Champagne in the world. Time continues its work.

This cuvée was crowned by the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships, a benchmark international competition. This global wine competition, launched in 2014 by internationally renowned specialist writer and author Tom Stevenson, aims to provide consumers and professionals with the annual guide to the best champagnes and sparkling wines in the world. The jury is exclusively made up of champagne and sparkling wine specialists and the tasting is completely blind.

The 2004 vintage is marked by a complex and delicate aromatic palette, which brings together in this blended rosé, flavors of crunchy red fruits with smoky and spicy notes. The texture is supple, elegant. It accompanies a length in the mouth carried by a fresh and tense Chardonnay that time has not attenuated but more firmed up thanks to aging in magnums.

The magnum format is the one that best preserves the freshness of the wines. Thanks to a longer ageing, its volume allows the development of more intense notes. 

Images courtesy of Ruinart

Dom Ruinart Rosé 2004 75cl is available for CHF 369 at misterchampagne.ch.


Button closure, straight leg and red tab may be the basic blueprint, but every year Levi's® comes up with a new, slightly modified fit of the Original 501® jeans, in line with current fashion trends.
This year it's the Levi's® 501® '90s jeans. It comes with a more relaxed fit through the bottom and leg, reviving the feel-good vibe that so many associate with things of the late '90s. To celebrate the past, present and future of this iconic icon loved around the world, Levi's® has teamed up with seven visionaries whose stories embody the spirit of the Original 501®.

Part of the campaign are hip-hop pioneer, actor and producer Kid Cudi; artist, designer and cultural facilitator Tremain Emory; musical pioneer and founding member of the legendary Beastie Boys Mike D; fashion icon Nathan Westling; model, creative director and style pioneer Gia Seo; Stylist, clothing trendsetter and first Black woman to style a cover of Vogue magazine, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson; and model, musician and member of the punk band The Paranoyds Staz Lindes.

Images courtesy of LEVI'S

Monday 21 February 2022


COLLISTAR launches Pure Actives taylor-made skincare solutions for real and visible results. It is a complete line of targeted and effective skincare with specific ingredients in order to give skin exactly what it needs. They can be used on their own or combined with each other to meet specific needs. Our skin changes according to seasons, climate, time of the day therefore our skincare routine need to respond to those changes. Our skin needs a taylor-made routine and the COLLISTAR Pure Actives come to our rescue to achieve beautiful, healthy and radiant skin. 

I don't know you but I love when the formulas are simple and essential. Pure actives cointain selected active ingredients in pure form and optimal concentration to meed different needs of the skin. Every formula is designed to be highly effective without overloading by giving skin only what it needs.

Skin ageing is a complex biological process triggered progressively by a series of factors both endogenous(from within the body) and exogenous (environmental). Together they cause gradual structural changes to every layer of the skin, eventually affecting its outward appearance. A fall in the quantity and quality of collagen is one of the reasons for these changes.

Collagen is the primary structuralcomponent of skin tissues and the most commonly found protein in the body. Synthesized by the fibroblasts, which release it through the cellular membrane, Collagen organizes itself into insoluble fibers to build the scaffolding that supports the skin. After the age of 25, however, the fibroblasts slow down Collagen production; the overall content falls by around 1% every year, becoming increasingly sparse, irregular and disorganized. To prevent the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin, Collagen must therefore be delivered from the outside.

Thanks to Collistar Clean Research®, the new formulas for Attivi Puri Collagen are the ideal way to support and tone all skin types. The secret is an integrated firming, antiwrinkle action: delivering Plant-based Collagen and energy from the outside and stimulating Collagen in the skin while preventing it from deteriorating. To complete and boost the effect, Plant-based Collagen is combined with specific supplementary active ingredients for individual Attivi Puri drops and creams.


Collagene + Glycogen Anti-Wrinkle Firming

Concentrated drop treatment with Amino Acids from Plant-based Collagen for an intense anti-age, firming, antiwrinkle effect, plus Glycogen to boost fibroblast cell metabolism and support Collagen production.

I have tried the drops I am already a fan, skin looks smoother and more toned, even after the first few applications. With regular, continued use, the skin becomes even firmer, more elastic, stronger and resilient. Wrinkles and expression lines are minimized, and the contours of the face are gradually redefined.  It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested and nickel tested.

Collagen + Malachite Cream Balm

Cream-balm treatment with Amino Acids from Plant-based Collagen, for an intense anti-age, firming, anti-wrinkle effect. Plantbased Collagen is combined with Malachite,that’s a precious ally against skin ageing, thanks to its high copper content and antioxidant, anti-glycation properties (the degenerative process that causes Collagen fibers to harden and lose their function).

The skin is nourished deep-down, compact and toned. Over time, the skin benefits from extra support, wrinkles are reduced and the contours of the face are more defined. The texture is light, enveloping and easily absorbed. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Particularly recommended for normal to dry skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid + Ceramides Aquagel


Cream-gel treatment with 4 molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid that act on the different layers of the skin, for an intense, multi-level action: hydrates deep-down and smooths the surface. Hyaluronic Acid is combined with Ceramides, part of the intercellular lipid matrix in the stratum corneum, essential for a correctly functioning, healthy epidermal barrier, to retain moisture and prevent it from evaporating. Inulin, a natural prebiotic, helps preserve the skin’s microbiome, making the epidermal barrier healthier and stronger.
Skin is instantly nourished, protected and strengthened. Over time, fine wrinkles and signs of dehydration are minimized, and the surface of the skin is softer and more toned, as if lifted. 
Texture is fresh, comforting and quickly absorbed. 
 Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Particularly recommended for normal to combination skin. 

Hyaluronic + Polyglutamic Acid

Concentrated drop treatment with 4 molecular weights
of Hyaluronic Acid that act on the different layers of the
skin, for an intense, multi-level action: hydrates deep-down
and smooths the surface. Hyaluronic Acid is combined with
Polyglutamic Acid: this biocompatible active increases hydration 
levels thanks to its excellent capacity for retaining
water, as well as inhibiting hyaluronidases, the enzymes that
cause the Hyaluronic Acid found naturally in the skin to deteriorate.

 Skin is intensely and constantly hydrated, softer and smoother, 
more toned and elastic. Day after day, even fine wrinkles and expression lines are minimized, and with continued use the face appears more polished, as if lifted.
 Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin; also recommended after non-ablative aesthetic treatments. Dermatologically tested and nickel tested*. 

As well as Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, the Attivi Puri line also includes Vitamin C and Glycolic Acid-based products, in optimum concentrations to guarantee complete effectiveness, a targeted action, and exceptional safety.

The aim of Collistar Clean Research® is to create pioneering treatments that truly respect the skin and the environment. The Attivi Puri Line draws on highly skin-friendly formulas and eco-designed packaging: the bottles for the drops are made from 100% recyclable glass, and the dropper can be separated from the tube, also made from 100% recyclable glass. 

Friday 18 February 2022

New Dr. Hauschka MED Haircare

Relaxed scalp, well groomed hair. The new Dr. Hauschka MED haircare - specially designed for dry hair and sensitive, itchy scalp prone to atopic dermatitis.

Ice Plant Shampoo, Rhassoul Cream Shampoo and Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask are specially designed to meet the needs of dry and sensitive scalp prone to itching, dandruff and atopic dermatitis , and bring it balance. Like all Dr. Hauschka MED products, this new product line is fragrance-free and is also suitable for people with intolerance to fragrances as well as children.

The Ice Plant Shampoo gently cleanses as well as caring for sensitive scalp every day. Made of moisturizing crystal ficoid, regulating juniper berries and refreshing cider vinegar it protects the sensitive scalp from drying out and conditions the hair without weighing it down. It preserves the skin's natural barrier and it is suitable for colored hair. Fragrance-free, silicone-free, vegan. It is perfect for people with dry, sensitive and tense scalps, people with a tendency to atopic dermatitis and people with fragrance intolerance

Rhassoul Cream Shampoo

It gently cleanses, balances itchy scalp with naturally cleansing Rhassoul, ice plant, juniper berries, vegetable oils and sugar surfactants. It gently cleanses and soothes itchy scalp quickly (immediate effect) and it alleviates feelings of tightness and skin dryness. Also suitable for colored hair, deliberately unscented, without silicones, vegan. It is suitable for people with dry, sensitive, tight scalps and people with a tendency to neurodermatitis as well as people with fragrance intolerance

The Pumpkin Seed Scalp Mask nourishes richly, soothes itchy, irritated scalp with strengthening pumpkin seed flour, ice plant, juniper berries, olive, jojoba and avocado oil as well as organic waxes. For selective application of particularly irritated, itchy areas on the scalp. The scalp is immediately soothed. Also suitable for colored hair, unscented, without silicones and vegetarian.It is ideal for people with very dry, tight, itchy, scaly, irritated scalp and people with a tendency to neurodermatitis.

Thursday 17 February 2022


The TAG Heuer Connected has established itself as the world leader in luxury smartwatches and the next generation of the series offers two models, each highlighting an aspect of the brand's Connected identity.

Building on the long tradition of TAG Heuer in the world of sport, the most imposing model with its 45 mm reinvents an impressive sporty look.
The 42 mm model offers a more refined look designed for more elegance. In addition to TAG Heuer's own mastery of design, the technical improvements made guarantee that the new generation of Connected watches will retain its position as world leader.

Image courtesy of TAG HEUER

Wednesday 16 February 2022

COMPOSITION - the new B5 format hardcover notebook from LEUCHTTURM1917

The format designation Composition by LEUCHTTURM1917 refers to a common standard size that we know from the USA.

As it is slightly larger than the well-known notebook in A5 and handier than the larger A4 format, it adapts to the current tablets as a multifunctional format. Practical and elegant thanks to its size can be stowed away in a handbag or work bag.

219 pages of modern lifestyle in a hardcover binding that connects the analog and the digital world and offers more space for notes, thoughts and plans.

Available in 9 colors at a recommended price of CHF 31.50, see www.leuchtturm1917.ch.

Image courtesy of LEUCHTTURM1917


Hublot loves crypto! The Swiss watchmaker today presents the Big Bang Unico Ledger, an epoch-making watch co-developed with Ledger. Ledger is the world's leading and most secure platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, already trusted by more than 4 million customers worldwide. The watch bridges the gap between premium crypto technology and traditional watch craftsmanship.

The Big Bang Unico Ledger package includes three essential elements: the watch, a limited-edition Ledger Nano X crypto wallet, and a special sapphire crystal watch box.

The watch is based on the Big Bang Unico, which features a 42mm black ceramic case and an in-house skeletonized automatic chronograph movement. A real eye-catcher is the starkly contrasting gold bezel, cast from solid 'elektron' or 'electrum', a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver mined in Lydia around 580-590 BC. BC the oldest known coins were minted. For the watch, Hublot's research and development department specially developed a version of the alloy that is resistant to discoloration and consists of half gold and half silver. The Latin Bitcoin motto "Vires in numeris" - strength in numbers - is embossed six times in the outer edge of the bezel. Together, these themes capture the spirit of both the world's oldest and youngest currencies. The Ledger logo and the respective number in the limited edition of 50 pieces are engraved on the case back.

Image courtesy of HUBLOT

Included is the Ledger & Hublot Nano X, a limited edition crypto stick that will only be available with the watch. The Nano X is Ledger's signature digital asset wallet, a market-leading Bluetooth-connected hardware device for securely encrypting, storing, managing and growing cryptocurrency assets. The Nano X features a matte black finish and bears the Ledger and Hublot logos.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger will go down in history as a game changer - namely as the first wristwatch that perfectly fuses high watchmaking art and premium crypto technology. Be First, Unique, Different. 

Erborian new Centella Cleansing Balm

Erborian is launching its new Centella Cleansing Balm which joins Centella Cleansing Oil and Centella Cleansing Gel to complete the Erborian Makeup Remover Cleansing Range for effective and simple cleansing.

Time to change your make removing makeup routine and make it an ultimate ultra-sensorial as well as effective experience. It's a solid makeup remover with a balmy texture that transforms into an oil to gently and effectively removing makeup from face and eyes. Its secret ingredient Centella Asiatica also known as "tiger grass" is renowned for its soothing properties. It literally melts on contact with skin, turning into a delicately perfumed milky  lotion. The formula's precious active ingredients as well as botanical oils work together to clean and soothe skin.


Tuesday 15 February 2022

Hublot partners with the Polar PodExpedition to explore the Southern Ocean

Hublot becomes a partner in the Polar Pod Expedition. The Polar Pod is a zero-emission watercraft developed by polar explorer Jean-Louis Etienne to explore the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. This ocean is one of the largest carbon sinks on earth with an extremely high level of marine biodiversity that has so far been little known. Research of this kind is a first in this ocean.

As part of its HUBLOT Xplorations program, the Swiss watch manufacturer is entering into a new partnership with the Polar Pod Expedition. The zero-emissions watercraft Polar Pod, with which the waters of the "Mad Fifties" are to be explored, was invented by the French polar explorer and environmental activist Jean-Louis Etienne, who became the first person to reach the North Pole alone. The Angry Fifties nickname for this area of ​​the Southern Ocean refers to the strong winds and high waves that prevail in this region. In order to withstand all weather conditions at sea, the Polar Pod is designed as a kind of vertical ship with a height of 100 meters (with a draft of 80 meters), stabilized by 150 tons of ballast. It has no propulsion and is designed to float with the ocean currents around the South Pole; Six wind turbines provide energy.

The project fits well within the framework of the Hublot Xplorations programme, which now has three main themes: outer space, with the development of components for SpaceX's Mars robot ExoMars; the earth, with the support of the association SORAI for the protection of rhinos and other endangered species; the sea, with Antikythera and now Jean-Louis Etienne and the Polar Pod Mission – a project to which Hublot seeks a 360-degree commitment. The new partnership reinforces Hublot's social responsibility.

Image courtesy of HUBLOT

Monday 14 February 2022

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series even more personalised thanks to a new update

The new software update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series is now available. The new features help with training, sleeping and checking heart activity. In addition, users have the opportunity to design their watch even more individually.

Samsung announced a new update for the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic. Users will get improvements to health and fitness features. This includes modern interval training, a sleep coaching program and insights into your physical condition. Galaxy Watch4 users have more options to customize the look of their watch with watch faces and a new choice of straps.


«We want the Galaxy Watch4 to become an important accessory in the everyday life of users. With the new update, Samsung has committed itself to providing the wearer with the best possible support in every situation in life," says Dario Casari, Country Manager at Samsung Switzerland. 

«The Galaxy Watch4 helps to successfully implement health, wellness and individual goals. With the new functions, it is possible to tailor these goals even more individually to the personality in order to guarantee maximum success.»


The motivation to keep moving

With the Body Composition update, users can keep an eye on their health progress. It creates physical condition plans and sends tips and reminders on the Samsung Health app, powered by Centr. This app is curated by actor Chris Hemsworth, among others. The digital fitness program also provides insights into the physical condition. In addition, Galaxy Watch4 users get a 30-day free trial with unlimited access to Centr.

 Samsung's new interval goal feature allows runners and cyclists to pre-set the duration, distance and number of sessions for their training. Then the Galaxy Watch4 guides you through a tailor-made intensive unit and makes the training effective and goal-oriented.

 The latest Galaxy Watch4 update is designed for the best running and resting experience. Runners measure the amount of oxygen uptake (% of VO2max) in real time. The Galaxy Watch4 then recommends the amount you drink. It is based on sweat loss determined during the training session. The Galaxy Watch4 monitors the recovery heart rate with data recorded up to two minutes after the end of the workout. The Galaxy Watch 4 continues the successful collaboration with leading apps such as Adidas Running and Strava to support users in their training.

 Promote a better sleep

The new sleep coaching program of the Galaxy Watch4 series supports users to develop better sleeping habits. The smartwatch monitors sleep patterns over seven days. The program then assigns the user one of eight animal sleep symbols. This represents the sleep type. The program then accompanies a five-week exercise program to achieve better sleep quality.

 A peaceful and quiet environment is an important prerequisite for healthy sleep and waking up refreshed. The Galaxy Watch4 detects when the user falls asleep and automatically turns off Samsung SmartThings. The smartwatch thus creates better sleeping conditions.

 More details for a healthier heart

The Galaxy Watch4 is equipped with advanced BioActive sensor technology and the Samsung Health Monitor app. The smartwatch measures blood pressure (BP) and creates an electrocardiogram (ECG). Users can use it to monitor their heart health anytime, anywhere. The Samsung Health Monitor app is now available in 43 markets worldwide. Larger selection of bracelets and watch faces

The new Galaxy Watch4 update also makes the wearable experience better aesthetically. Users customize their watch face with additional colors and digital fonts for the dial. This makes it unmistakable. There are new strap colors, including burgundy and cream, and a new fabric and link strap.

 More compatibility in the Android ecosystem

In 2021, Samsung and Google introduced the Wear OS™ operating system, developed jointly and operated by Samsung. It connects Android devices more smoothly and allows seamless access to more apps via Google Play. Thanks to an upcoming update, users will be able to enjoy their favorite artists while training without having to take their phone with them.

 In the coming months, Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch4 series. This gives users access to Bixby and Google Assistant and gives them a modern language assistant function for a wide variety of needs.

Users install their preferred smartphone apps in a tab on their Galaxy Watch4 during the initial configuration.

Galaxy Watch4 software update availability

The Galaxy Watch4 Software Update will be available via the Galaxy Wearable app on the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic starting February 9th. The new watch straps will be available from the end of February.

Images courtesy of Samsung

New Limited edition Dr. Hauschka makeup palette

Corrective Compact Powder, Bronzing Powder and Highlighter. Three favorites in one makeup palette.Well protected in a small practical bag and in organic quality, the new Dr. Hauschka make-up palette slips perfectly into a handbag, a sports bag or your desk drawer. Its powder brush of excellent craftsmanship allows a simple application of the products.

A radiant appearance.

Here's how to have a glowing complexion in the blink of an eye: Corrective Compact Powder for an unified complexion: it brings light to shadows, masks redness and gives your skin a touch of freshness.

A summery appearance thanks to Bronzing Powder: it gives your skin a natural tanned complexion. Can be used as a bronzer or as a blush. Applied to parts of the face that should visually fade away, it creates a well-defined contour.

The highlighter gives your face a natural glow: reflective pigments add a touch of shine and impart a radiant complexion. Used as eye shadow, it illuminates the eyes. Its formula based on silk and extracts of witch hazel and black tea allows it to take care of your skin.

Let nature in.

Like all other Dr. Hauschka make-up products, these new products are also composed of natural ingredients that blend visually with the skin and thus highlight your assets. Each of our products is based on the benefits of medicinal plants and nourishes the skin.

Makeup Palette with Pouch, 9g RRP CHF 45.00 

Images courtesy of Dr. Hauschka 

Friday 11 February 2022


Sephora Collection presents its new mascara Big by Definition.
Big (by definition) this mascara separates the lashes with its multidimensional brush and reveals them one by one, for a multiplied effect volume and a + 135% full lash fringe.
Its strength lies in its vegan formula based on waxes of vegetable origin which provide a smoothing and conditioning benefit for a complete definition of the eyelash fringe.
Its multidimensional brush captures all sizes of eyelashes, even the smallest... because every eyelash counts!

Images courtesy of Sephora

Discover the new products now available at Sephora corners at Manor, on manor.ch/sephora and at Balexert and Silhcity stores.


The Alpina Gstaad: Restaurant Megu presents its new Head Chef

 The Japanese restaurant Megu at The Alpina Gstaad hotel presents its new Head Chef: Cristian Asato is settling in Gstaad and bringing his long experience of Japanese gastronomy, his passion for fusion cuisine and a good dose of creativity.

The Japanese restaurant Megu, with 15 GaultMillau points, offers authentic and surprising Japanese cuisine, which has already earned it the title of best Asian restaurant in Switzerland. Cristian Asato is now at the helm to perpetuate the culinary heritage of this exceptional establishment.

Cristian Asato, who has dual Peruvian and Japanese nationality, took over from Tetsujiro Ogata. In his luggage, we find the refinement of classic Japanese cuisine with a touch of modernity and a penchant for Japanese fusion cuisine.

Chef Cristian Asato

Image courtesy of The Alpina Gstaad

When tradition and modernity meet

"My cuisine is made from fresh ingredients and offers a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine", explains the 34-year-old Chef. His creativity is reflected in his signature dishes: sea urchin and crispy nori tempura, hamachi kama (grilled flounder), cold soba noodles with sesame or half lobster tail and its Japanese pepper and yuzu sauce feature prominently on the menu. .

The Megu menu retains its emblematic dishes and is enriched with the creations of the new Chef. These are inspired by his rich and varied culinary journey: from his native Peru, his career has taken him to luxury establishments in Japan and Hong Kong.

Japanese culinary culture and Mediterranean inspiration

During his professional career, Cristian Asato was able to familiarize himself with the culinary culture of Japan, its traditional cuisine and its various techniques: Nikkei cuisine on the one hand, a unique blend of Japanese and South American cuisine, the Washoku, which favors natural and local ingredients such as rice, fish, vegetables and edible wild plants and which is based on traditional techniques for preparing and presenting dishes, or even Hokkaido cuisine, one of which typical dishes is a broth made from seaweed with an umami flavor.

Cristian Asato also made a detour through Spanish gastronomy. After working as a Chef in a Spanish restaurant in Tokyo, he joined the kitchens of a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona. Most recently, Asato served as sous-chef at The Aubrey Madarin Oriental in Hong Kong, where he served fine Japanese cuisine.

The culinary art of Japan at its peak

It is now in our regions that the talent of Cristian Asato is expressed. Inspired by Swiss specialities, he is keen to integrate them into his cooking: "My objective, which also represents a challenge, is to offer Japanese dishes made with local products, for example milk or cheese from the region".

He is supported in his task by sushi master Tsutomu Kugota. Together, they elevate Japanese cuisine to the rank of art. A blessing for customers and gourmets, in the true sense of the term since Megu means “blessing” in Japanese. 

Find the perfect Valentine's Day gift at LALIQUE

Still looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? Well, look no further as LALIQUE has everything you can wish for to make this V-day one to remember. Why not treat the man of your life with the seductive LALIQUE WHITE IN BLACK ..and make it even more special by writing with chalk  a special love message on the matte black bottle. Take your partner to an olfactory exotic destination with a fragrance from the BENTLEY BEYOND COLLECTION. For her Love is in the air.. simply L'Amour de Lalique or the delicate NOIR PREMIER PLUME BLANCHE scented candle.Of course LALIQUE has much more to offer, discover a selection of charming scented candles and refined perfumes, crystal homeware and elegant jewellery instore and online.

The matt black surface can be written on
 - with a love message or a name to make it personal.


The three Bentley Beyond fragrances - olfactory journeys to exotic destinations.


Noir Premier – Plume Blanche

Images courtesy of LALIQUE


AYALI, this brand which, in Arabic, means "my imagination" is dedicated to the creation of eau de parfum with a strong personality, to be layered and combined with each other, whose rare and precious ingredients of natural origin come from all over the world. Based on a passion for the Middle East, all have in common an inspiring attitude, a sophisticated simplicity and a unique way of celebrating the original notes in an unbridled way!

Divinely decadent, stimulating and daring, this fragrance armored in sex appeal leaves in its wake the irresistible notes of amber resin, vanilla from Madagascar, black cherry, honey from Provence, tobacco and citrus leaf, Centifolio and Damascena roses, wood of sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin.
Seduction in a bottle, no more, no less.

Images courtesy of SEPHORA

The new KAYALI is available at SEPHORA Balexert and Silhcity,at Sephora corners in Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Shopville, Bale and Chavannes as well as on manor.ch/sephora.


With the launch of House of Rituals in the city centre of Amsterdam two years ago, Rituals Cosmetics has launched a holistic shopping and lifestyle concept. A shopping experience in which people can find refuge from the frantic pace of everyday life and discover a place where the body can relax, the mind feels calm, and the soul can find satisfaction. Now more than ever, we need our homes to be our sanctuary, a place to pamper our bodies, listen to our thoughts, or find that precious moment to pause. So, this year Rituals is bringing the House of Rituals World to the rest of Europe.

To create this feeling of luxury and indulgence all over the world, Rituals is introducing "House of Rituals Worlds". A selection of House of Rituals' finest products brought to your local Rituals retail store. Let House of Rituals Worlds inspire you to make your home into a space that is uniquely you. From finding a signature scent for your living room, creating a spa-worthy experience in your bathroom, or upgrading your night-time routine with silky soft pyjamas and velvet kimonos,  the three ranges, Home Deluxe, Bath & Beyond and World of Sleep will guide your way to a heavenly home experience.

The Home Deluxe range is an eclectic curation of accessories designed to infuse your home with personality. Fill it with rich fragrances, handcrafted pieces, and exquisite colours. Surround yourself with our ultra-soft velvet cushions and get lost in the flickering flames of our mesmerising scented candles. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves, invite your guests into a space that is uniquely you.

Indulge yourself in the world of Bath & Beyond and transform your bathroom into your own mini retreat where you can cherish those precious, uninterrupted moments. Add some elegance with some premium brass soap dispensers and give your skin the luxury it deserves with cotton bamboo towels and super soft robes. Lock in your relaxed state with our luxury laundry detergent and let the calming scent accompany throughout your day. 

Find your moment of tranquillity with the World of Sleep. Featuring products infused with sleep-enhancing ingredients and luxury bedroom décor, this collection will help you create a serene space to unwind from the stress of the day and find that place of calm. Slip into the silky textures of our luxury pyjamas and wrap yourself in a super soft velvet kimono. Create your own serene sanctuary and discover the bedroom routine of dreams

Images courtesy of RITUALS

Thursday 10 February 2022

Björn Axen presents the new SPORT COLLECTION

Björn Axén launches with SPORT an innovative line of products, specially designed for all sport enthusiasts. Thus, it is possible to fully practice your sport on a daily basis without damaging the hair and scalp. All products will be available from February 7, 2022.


An active lifestyle helps the body stay healthy, but regular exercise also means frequent showers, which can be very taxing on the hair and scalp. The new products of the Björn Axén SPORT line gently cleanse the hair and soothe the scalp thanks to the active ingredients.

Images courtesy of Björn Axen

Björn Axen's SPORT line consists of three products: Shampoo, Conditioner and Salt Water Gel, an entirely new product. Like all Björn Axen products, the SPORT series is unisex and suitable for both long and short hair. The products are also vegan and dermatologically tested.

“Thanks to wellness trends we have identified an opportunity in 
the professional hair care segment.
 We therefore wanted to create professional hair care specially 
designed to minimize the impact that an active lifestyle can have 
on the hair and on the scalp,” 
explains Johan Hellström, owner of Björn Axén.


Kure Bazaar nail polishes know how to give style to every occasion and for the beginning of the year 2022 which begins on February 1 in the Chinese horoscope, the nails are adorned with blue and green tones to represent the Water Tiger. Kure Bazaar offers Stone Wash and Green Love colors.

The Water Tiger, a courageous, fiery and independent animal announces a landmark year. In Chinese culture, the tiger is known as the king of all beasts and therefore shows a symbol of power. Every six decades, according to Chinese theory, the zodiac sign is associated with one of the five elements, this decade water.

Stone Wash is a discreet shade of blue, and slightly glittery marks this festive time of the year. Green Love is the color that represents nature, and this light shade of green recalls the transparent tone of clear waters.

The "Stone Wash" and "Green Love" nail polishes are available on www.kurebazaar.ch

Image courtesy of Kure Bazaar

Lolipop V-Day

Things are getting sweeter this V-Day! The Lolipop range has the right sweets for everyone with a sweet tooth for a nice date with the love of their life. Popcorn for an evening in front of the TV or sweet rubber hearts for a lavishly decorated candlelight dinner.

Image courtesy of Lolipop

Wednesday 9 February 2022






Dr. Hauschka new natural sunscreen

The winning trio. Mineral sun protection. Refreshing care. Soothing regeneration.

Sun Cream Face SPF 10 and Tinted Sun Cream Face SPF 30 protect with mineral sun protection and help the skin get used to the sun. Face Sun Cream SPF 10 is suitable for everyday use in low sunlight and can be combined with Dr. Hauschka day creams. Tinted Face Sun Cream SPF 30 offers increased protection in the event of greater sun exposure. Its soft tint gives radiance and glow.

The famous After-Sun Lotion goes on a new, more durable packaging in PCR plastic and is integrated into our face care with a yellow identification strip. The capacity has been slightly increased to 150 ml. Its proven formulation remains unchanged. The Revitalizing Mask from the existing assortment regulates and refreshes the face after the sun. If the skin is very stressed and irritated, the ampoules of the Intensive Day/Night Cure for Sensitive Skin are ideal for soothing it.

Sun Cream for the Face SPF 10.

Light protection and gentle care Its composition based on apricot and prickly pear activates natural hydration. The Sun Cream preserves the balance of your skin and evokes a vacation by the sea. In addition to antioxidant ingredients, UV filters protect your face against the sun's rays, and thus against skin aging due to light.

Our Sun Cream supports your skin's natural ability to fight the sun and can be used alongside a Day Care if needed. Its delicate texture is quickly absorbed and makes it easy to apply make-up.

› Lightweight everyday protection

› Suitable for people with low sun exposure and pre-tanned skin‚

› Can be combined with all Dr. Hauschka day creams

› Penetrates quickly - ideal as a make-up base‚

› Suitable for sensitive skin

› No white marks

› Vegetarian

Tinted Face Sun Cream SPF 30.

A bright and radiant complexion – as if you have just returned from your summer vacation. Our Tinted Face Sun Cream works for a fresh and beautifully tanned complexion. It also protects against powerful UV rays and prevents skin aging due to light. Its composition based on extracts of medicinal plants strengthens the skin from the inside out. Water resistant, the Tinted Face Sun Cream accompanies you throughout the day. Its rich texture gently pampers you and activates natural hydration.

› Ideal for intense sunlight

› Soft and luminous shade

› Rich texture for intense care

› Water resistant

› Suitable for sensitive skin

› No white marks

› Vegetarian

After-sun care for the face - Revitalizing Mask.

A perfect talent. Our after-sun for the face – the Revitalizing Mask visibly soothes and refreshes sun-damaged skin. Based on high quality vegetable oils, jojoba, apricot kernels and wheat germ, it helps the skin to preserve its hydration.

After Sun Lotion - new format, sustainable packaging.

Cooldown for the skin. Ultra nourishing, our After-Sun lotion helps your skin recover from the stress caused by the sun, compensates for the loss of hydration and gives it a pleasant feeling of freshness. This light treatment penetrates quickly and offers a soothing effect. In addition, regular use prolongs your tan for a long time. The after-sun lotion is now available in a 150 ml size, its proven formula remains the same. The tube is now made of durable PCR plastic


 For the LVMH Watch Week 2022 TAG Heuer presented two novelties:

Aquaracer Professional 200

TAG Heuer returns to the reborn Aquaracer Professional Series with the Aquaracer Professional 200, a bold, stylish, all-terrain luxury tool watch that continues the rich legacy of the historic Swiss Manufacture’s high-functioning sports watch, which began four decades ago.

The Aquaracer Professional 200 will be available with either a 40mm or 30mm stainless steel case. Every model will have a uni-directional rotating bezel with twelve facets, water resistance to 200 metres, and either an automatic mechanical or quartz movement. The Aquaracer Professional 200 is a robust but sophisticated tool watch for life’s many challenges.


The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer is releasing three new TAG Heuer Autavia models in 2022. The collection debuts a flyback chronograph and the first-ever three-hand GMT within the Autavia collection.

TAG Heuer pays tribute to the Autavia, a legendary collection created in 1962, with three new models. The Calibre Heuer 02 COSC Flyback manufacture movement brings the flyback function to the Autavia collection for the first time with two new chronograph models, while the Calibre 7 COSC GMT movement drives a brand-new three-hand GMT model – another first for the Autavia collection.

Image courtesy of TAG HEUER





The spritz is not just a drink to be enjoyed in the summer…. CHANDON Garden Spritz, with natural orange peel extracts and a unique blend of herbs and spices, created by CHANDON, arrives in conservatories, ski resorts, bars, rooftops and restaurants. restaurants.

This season's drink, revealed by Ana Paula Bartolucci, creator of CHANDON Garden Spritz, is now served over ice and accompanied by a slice of dried orange and a sweet cinnamon stick to celebrate as it turns out. owes this end of the year.

The creator of the CHANDON Garden Spritz, Ana Paula Bartolucci, said: "CHANDON Garden Spritz is the perfect companion for evenings in a chalet, by the fire... With friends, winter is the warmest time of the year. "

Images courtesy of CHANDON


A cinnamon stick in a sparkling wine aperitif? Absolutely. CHANDON likes the unexpected, it's in our nature. Since our founding in the 1950s, in Mendoza, at the foot of the snow-capped Andes, we have always done things a little differently.

While our botanists have identified approximately 250 different species of cinnamon bark, Ana Paula has selected the Cassia variety with the greatest care. With its complete lack of acidity, cinnamon soothes and flatters the palate by creating a sensation of sweetness, despite a hot, pungent and bitter flavor profile. A bark with bite.

Ana Paula added:

“Cinnamon is my favorite winter spice. Warm and aromatic, it recalls the flavors of yesteryear. I love it for its subtle peppery nuances that enliven the recipe for Garden Spritz by CHANDON. This spritz is perfect for times spent with friends and family. Add a sumptuously caramelized slice of dried orange and a cinnamon stick that turns into a magic wand and voila, pronto: you have THE winter spritz of your dreams »


150ml Chandon Garden Spritz

Ice cubes

1 stick of cinnamon (Cassia)

1 slice of dried and caramelized orange

The Chandon Garden Spritz is available for CHF 24.90 (recommended retail price) on Flaschenpost.ch


Starbucks starts the new year with fine vegetarian and vegan product innovations. More precisely with three tempting oat latte variations: Strawberry & Vanilla, Dark Cocoa & Orange, and Honey & Hazelnut. In addition, a new vegetarian and a vegan sandwich are waiting for the guests.

Creamy, creamier, oat latte

Milk alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. Oat drink is particularly suitable for creating a perfect, creamy caffe latte foam that perfectly complements the gentle, slightly sweet Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast aromas. The unique blond blend combines beans from Latin America and East Africa. The Latin American coffees ensure a round, smooth taste, while the East African coffees allow fine lemon, orange and caramel notes to flow in. This results in a coffee with a light body, mild acidity and light roasted nuances that invigorates the senses.

Strawberry & Vanille Oat Latte

The velvety Caffe Latte combines deliciously creamy oat drink and the gentle Starbucks Blonde Roast with fine notes of vanilla and the wonderfully ripe, invigorating aroma of strawberries.

Dark Cocoa & Orange Oat Latte

Rich, dark aromas of cocoa and the light, juicy taste of oranges give this oat latte its special aroma. 
The creamy texture of the oat milk rounds off the drink wonderfully.

Honey & Hazelnut Oat Latte

Starbucks Blonde Roast meets creamy oatmeal and the warm, familiar notes of fine honey and the taste of intensely roasted hazelnuts - simply a heavenly combination.

The Oat Latte range is part of the ongoing journey towards a greener, more resource efficient offering. Part of the Starbucks experience is offering guests a variety of options to meet their individual needs and preferences. This also means that you can design and personalize your drink in a million ways, for example by choosing a milk alternative.