Sunday 21 August 2016

MAC Lightful C Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion Spray

This lotion infused with the active marine bright formula and super-duo charged water, it brightens, softens and conditions skin. The lotion feels really nice on skin and it is very lightweight so it is quickly absorbed by skin.
I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and let m say I am hooked. First of all because it is a multifunctional products as I use it as both toner and moisturiser, at least in the summer months when my skin doesn't need extra nourishment. I love the fact that unlike most toners which can leave your skin feeling quite dry and tight with this one my skin stays soft and moisturised. I also like the fact that it doesn't cointain alcoohol as it is water-based.
Thanks to the vitamin C cointaned in the lotion it also helps a lot in keeping dark spots at bay. I have noticed my skin looks definetely brighter since I have been using it and also my complexion is more even. This lotion really has made a difference to my skin as it looks clearer and definetely softer. You can apply it using a cotton pad or just like I do by splashing a bit of the lotion directly on face and applying it with fingers.
 This product is suitable to just about any skintype and I would recommend it to anyone!

Lightful C
Marine Bright Formula
Softening Lotion Spray
is available at 
MAC stores
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Saturday 20 August 2016

L'Occitane launches two new products part of the Pivoine Pure line

This September L'Occitane will widen its Pivoine collection with two new products which will be part of the line "Pivoine Pure": the Perfecting Purifying Foam and the Perfecting Mattifying Fluid.
The Peony is a beautiful flower, a symbol of beauty with dazzling show of colours and scents which brightens every spirit.
L'Occitane has developed the Pivoine Pure complex which brings together the perfecting properties of its peony extract with the astringent and rebalancing properties of the Mediterranean lemon extract to meet the neeeds of combination and oily skin. Zinc in the meantime brings purifying properties, rice powder mattifies and glycering hydrates.
This line will be perfect as mentioned for anyone with combination to oily skin looking to keep shine at bay and have a beautiful matte complexion.
The extract perfecting Peony and astringent lemon extract, haloed with other active ingredients, give you
clean and matte skin, free of excess sebum and with cleansed pores.


This cleanser in a foamy and light texture feels lovely and fresh on skin. Thanks to its perfecting peony extracts and lemon extract it really purifies skin. Skin is perfectly cleaned, purified and free of excess sebum.
Complexion looks fresh and radiant.


This mattifying fluid feels really fresh and light on skin. It really helps to keep the skin matte while looking beautiful all day.
It moisturizes skin well so that skin feels soft and comfortable. This fluid helps to get rid of excess sebum, skin looks clearer and pores are less visible. Complexion looks fresh and radiant.

is available 
from September 2016
at L'Occitane boutiques 
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Friday 19 August 2016

MAC Brant Brothers

Peter and Harry Brant are the sons of supermodel Stephanie Seimour are young, beautiful and well and truly considered it-boys of the New York fashion scene. Together with MAC they have created a modern collection for both men and women. We all now can create sophisticated looks with neutral hues for eyes,  long-wearing lipstains, brow products and add definition to our face's features thanks to the new Pro Sculpting Cream Duo. The packaging eludes glamour with the brothers' signature in matte black on a glossy box.
My favourite item of the collection has to be the Eye Shadow Quad, in 4 beautiful nudes shades which  for me it is a true must-have item of the collection! I love to create smokey eyes looks with the palette and then use the El Dorado Kohl to bring a touch of gold to my look! The palette is so wearable it has become my signature look lately, as I find it very chic.
The skincare products also have a universal appeal: the Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, the Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Eye Cream and Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel available with the signature special shiny black packaging.

4 Pillars Eye Shadow x 4

Tryphaena and Cleopatra
Pro Sculpting Crème Duo

Eye Kohl

Eye Kohl 
El Dorado

Prolongwear Lipstain
Boysenberry Blush

MAC Brant Brothers II
Limited Edition
Available at MAC Store
 Lucerne and Zurich and

Oh my gloss!

MANHATTAN presents its latest collaboration with pop star Rita Ora who joined forces to create a gorgeous collection of lip glosses: OH MY GLOSS!
The lipglosses thanks to their gloss lock technology with Argan Oil and Vitamin E  are not only moisturizing but also give you 6 hours of colour and shine.
The collection comprises of six colours ranging from nude to pretty pinks and fuchsia has really something to please everyone!
They are really comfortable to wear thanks to their moisturizing properties and lips stay beautiful and glossy for up to six hours!
These glosses are a real must-have for all the lipgloss junkies and with this gorgeous 6 shades you will be sure to shine!

150 - Flirty Pink

160 - Pretty Pink

180 - Glamour Berry

330 - Oh So Natural

500 Mon Cherry

130 - Beige Babe

are available from August 2016
at selected department stores 

H&M reveals another look from the KENZOxHM collection and it is a stunner!

H&M has revealed another look from the KENZOxHM worn by Anna of the North. Surely this dress is a gorgeous piece and will see all of us fighting in order to get our hands on it!
Her look is a fresh interpretation of the creative directors of KENZO, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, an iconic piece designed by Kenzo founder Takada: a folk short dress with frills and various prints from the collection. Stunning!

Anna is a twenty-five-Norwegian musician who has gained worldwide attention earlier this year with her song The Dreamer. Anna is part of the look book of KENZOxHM and is one of the ambassadors of the collection along with the previously announced testimonial Amy Sall, Juliana Huxtable, Oko Ebomo and Isamaya Ffrench.
The KENZOxHM collection will be available in approximately 270 selected stores in the world and online from November 3rd 2016.


My experience with Dr.Hauschka holistic face treatment

The other day as you might have seen from my Instagram account I went for what was my very first Dr. Hauschka treatment. As a fan of the brand I was sure I wasn't going to be disappointed.
At Dr.Hauschka they believe in the "Art of touch" and promised I will be rejuvenated. Well, I went for the "Soin Plenitude" and the lovely and experienced Cynthia from Atelier Gam in Yverdon-les-Bains certainly made sure I had a wonderful experience with my Dr.Hauschka treatment.
What makes a Dr.Hauschka treatment different from a regular treatment that you might have had somewhere else is that the products are at the basis of both face and body treatments and that they use a holistic and rhytmic approach which provide stimuli that boost regeneration and wellbeing.
Cynthia started my treatment with a relaxing foot bath, the stress of the day disappeared in a flash. At the heart of the treatment stays lymphatic stimulation which the esthetician performed using brush strokes as well as some hands movements on my face.
Dr. Hauschka's rituals include some massaging with the use of brushes. Lymphatic stimulation has been at the heart of Dr.Hauschka treatments for ages. Through stimulating gentle brush strokes she goes to make our lymph capillaries relax and unblock so that oxygen and nutrients can penetrate cells and tissues are purified.
I really enjoyed the facial which followed and we certainly all know that a perfect cleansing routine is key in order to have a clear and dewy complexion. The esthetician started by removing my makeup with Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Milk and then used the Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream both products are soap free and mild. She also suggested I keep using those also at home for my cleansing routine together with the Clarifying Toner.
Then she went on with a Dr.Hauschka steam bath while the Clarifying Clay Mask was acting on my skin. My eyes were made to feel relaxed and cool thanks to cotton wood pads soaked with Dr.Hauschka Eye Revive.
At Dr.Hauschka they don't believe in exfoliating products but only in cleansing away what the skin is ready to relinquish in order not too be to harsh on skin.
What makes a Dr. Hauschka treatment special is also the knowledge and expertise that a Dr.Hauschka esthetician has. They have received training, they know the products and treatments and know how they work and this way they can choose the best products/treatment for your skin conditions. The esthetician adjusted the care programme exactly to suit my skin conditions so after the Clarifying Clay Mask she went to apply the Regenerating Mask. Pure bliss!
I left feeling completely relaxed, pampered and truly rejuvenated inside and outside!

Thanks Dr.Hauschka for the lovely treatment!

Thursday 18 August 2016

Essentiel Antwerp Pre Fall 2016

Also this season Essentiel Antwerp impresses us with beautiful prints and everyday wear as well as elegant creations. The classical pieces with minimalist cuts are made unique and exciting by elaborate details. The accessories as usual are much fun. This is Essentiel Antwerp Pre Fall 2016.

Essentiel Antwerp Pre Fall 2016

Linmatquai 70

JACK DANIELS celebrates its 150th anniversary

Time to celebrate  JACK DANIEL'S distillery is celebrating its 150th anniversary and has since then impressed  with its products the world of premium whiskey. JACK DANIEL'S - a true brand icon and one of the world most successful spirits brands is located today in peaceful Lynchburg in the US state of Tennessee and carries an impressive history with it.
 Since 1866 at the JACK DANIEL'S distillery in Lynchburg,Tennessee, the world famous JACK DANIEL'S whiskey is prepared in a unique way and with much diligence. The 150th anniversary of the distillery will be celebrated all over the the world with many events, promotions, products and of course with many traditional stories from the oldest registered distillery in America.
The JACK DANIEL'S distillery is nestled on the hills of Tennessee in the small town Lynchburg. The water for the whiskey has been sourced from the Lynchburg Cave Spring since 150 years.  Bubbles from this source are cool, pure and gives you an almost iron-free cave spring water making it the perfect basis for a particularly pure whisky. 
In its 150-year history the production process has remained largely unchanged. From the own production of the white oak barrels, to the maturation of each whiskey drop to the charcoal mellowing of JACK DANIEL'S Tennessee Whisky is still made in the same way it was then developed and perfected by Jasper "Jack" Daniel Newton. To this day, every drop of JACK DANIEL'S sold worldwide is made at the distillery in Lynchburg.

"In a world where change is a constant, keeping the same method of production of whiskey , in the same place over a period of 150 years is an incredible achievement," said Mark McCallum, chairman of JACK DANIEL'S. 
"In my opinion, our ability to stand by Mr. Jack's lifelong motto" Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can ", led to our resistance and our success. In this anniversary we celebrate our history, traditions and values, by continuing to tell  unique and powerful stories that have contributed to the uniqueness and particularity of the JACK DANIEL'S brand. "

Sisley presents DOUBLE TENSEUR instant & long-term

Sisley presents its latest gem DOUBLE TENSEUR Instant & long-term. Double Tenseur is a powerful moisturizing with ultra-sensorial lifting properties. Cointaning botanical extracts, it is effective instantly but also long-term. It has immediate lifting and smoothing effects on the skin's surface. When you apply it feels like a second skin and thanks to its fresh gel texture it feels great on skin while leaving a uniform, lifting veil all over face.
The Oat seed extract creates a continuos, stretchy and flexible 3D mesh on the skin's surface which when retracting it smoothes skin and hereby giving you an instant lifting sensation.
With continuos use the powerful combination of plant-based active ingredients Tiger Nut and Cottonseed extracts they encourage the synthesis of the dermis fibers to improve skin's structure resistance as well as making skin more resilient.
Meanwhile Rathany and Lemon extracts tonify and smooth skin texture thanks to their astringent properties.
Face is instantly firmed and features appear lifted. The lifting effect will be with you all day! Signs of fatigue are visibly faded and skin feels and looks more toned and soft to the touch.
It can be used as makeup base as it helps foundation to last even longer. Apply morning as part of your skincare routine, during the day as a make up touch up or evening for an instant beauty boost!

Instant & Long-term
is available from 1st October 2016

Chloé or Kenzo? I choose both!

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you got your outfit choise spot on but then you don't know which bag to take? Well, this is exactly what happened to me on this occasion so what did I do? Of course I worn both! I honestly couldn't decide between my new Kenzo tote and my even newer Chloé Marcie, but in any case I think they both work well with this look. I am in love with my new Chloé Marcie, it is my first bag in a tan colour and I am already wondering how I managed without a bag this shade all this time! It works well basically with any colour and I am pretty sure it will be one of my to go bag also for Fall.
The Kenzo tote of course is very summery and fun.. I liked it as soon as I saw it! It puts me in a good mood and it is also very spacious, ideal for travelling!
My holidays are getting nearer now I am sure both bags will join me on my travels!



Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sunglasses: MC QUEEN
Shoes: KENZO

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Let's bring a touch of exotic to our hair this Summer with Batiste Tropical & Wild

Summer time for holidays and travelling. Whether travelling through the Amazon, flying to Hawaii or relaxing by the local pool - with Batiste summery scents "Tropical" and "Wild" takes the exotic to your home.
Summer of course means swimming season! But often, it also means dry and dull hair.
With Batiste "Wild" and "Tropical", say goodbye to damaged hair as the dry shampoos treat the hair and guarantee a  perfect hold without the damaging caused by washing. With only a few spray the dry shampoo gives your hair volume and shine all day.
Moreover, the roots are degreased, so you can sunbathe carefree in the summer sun.
The summer fragrance "Tropical, Coconut & Exotic " it is perfect for Hawaii girls. With its wonderful scent, Batiste dry shampoo immediately takes you dreaming of far away adventures. Furthermore, the Hawaii colourful packaging guarantees to set you in a good mood. It is also available in a practical travel size (50ml). The fragrance "Wild - Sassy & Daring "proves to be the ideal choice for the daring girls who like to show their wild side. With its Eastern flavors associated with vanilla, wood, cocoa beans and a note of musk, "Wild" is the ideal companion for long wild nights.

Dry Shampoo
is available at